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Thank you Eyal for the usefull informations, hope to hear from you more , varda
I think that for the pursue of peace between the two nations, we both need to work on our respective societies. Both our societies should mature to be less violent and more trustworthy as to their human values. I find in our society lots of disrespect to basic human life and dignity. Unless we Israelies will be able first of all to respect each other's lives and human dignity we won't be able to be credible partners for peace.
I feel there are a lot of problems in the professional ethics of the law and order people and as the outcome of their omition of duty, they support the ongoing violence toward innocent citizens. Violence became a natural normal conduct between and toward people..The law and order being like a privately owned company acting to serve the rich and influential "untouchables". They are above all the existing laws and they are the people who integrate crime in the judicial system and make the system nonrelevant for the purpose it was created for.
First we need to clean out our system from all the obvious corruptions. Make the communication services serve the need to better our culture and make it more human instead of satisfying their thirst for blood , by creating frictions between people and incite people toward improper conducts . The communication services desensitize people, dehumanize people and create a rude and violent greedy society where the only value they appreciate is money and they will do anything for it.The communication services complete the set of the corrupted system owned and operated for the well being of the rich and powerfull Mary Antoinette'type whose entertainment is beeing fulfilled by toying with human lives . Our society needs to grow up and acquire the ability to make better choices of the things that should be done and should not be done,to know the differnce between good and bad, the ability to make better choices for leadership, to be able to control the influence of the communication services so that they won't transform them to a herd driven to selfdestruction. That the boundaries between the good and bad will be clear cut and not overidden by greed and its human values will be applied equally for all people.
Only a society with proper human values with an ethically proper system will be able to provide for peace and trusted for its longterm viability.
Sorry I did notice, hope it won't cause too much trouble. I am still not literate about where to post things here .
Also about your question I have no idea how to change the background colors.



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