I thought about a nice way to really make peace-in a game.
I don't want to make any problems about understand the game(and I don't really want to think too...) so I'll write everything in Hebrew, and you will translate it to English or Arabic or anything else you'll want, send it to me and I'll copy it to here.

אוקי, המשחק הוא ככה:
הכנות: מתחלקים לשתי קבוצות, כשאחת מייצגת את ישראל, והשניה משתנה- סורים, לבנונים, פלסטינאים וכו'- כל פעם בוחרים מה היא תייצג.
רצוי שמספר המשתתפים יהיה שווה בכל קבוצה, או לפחות כמעט שווה.

המשחק: כל קבוצה צריכה לאסוף מידע על המדינה שאותה היא מייצגת ועל היחס שלה למדינה השניה (וגם על קבוצות פנימיות בכל מדינה), ומגבשת לעצמה מטרות ונקודות עליהן היא יכולה או לא יכולה להתפשר. כששתי הקבוצות מוכנות מתחילים במשא ומתן- כל קבוצה מציגה את העמדה שלה ואת הדרישות שלה, ומנסה להשיג כמה שיותר מהם עם כמה שפחות ויתורים, אבל בלי לשכוח שהמטרה היא, בסופו של דבר, שיהיה הסכם שלום.

ניצחון: המשחק נגמר כשמשיגים הסכם שלום. בשביל לתת אופי של משחק חייב להיות מנצח-אבל איך מחליטים מי ניצח?
הניצחון הוא לא קבוצתי אלא אישי. כל קבוצה בוחרת משתתף אחד מהקבוצה היריבה שעשה לדעתה את המאמץ הגדול ביותר, או את הצעד המרכזי שקידם להשגת הסכם שלום, ובמילים אחרות-מי שיכול לעשות לפוליטיקאים שלנו בית ספר.

הערה: יכול להיות מאוד נחמד, ומאוד רצוי, שישראלים יהיו בקבוצה הערבית וההפך-במשא ומתן חשוב מאוד להבין את הצד השני. כשאתם נרשמים, גם אם לקבוצה של ישראל, תכתבו איזו מדינה אתם מעדיפים שתהיה הקבוצה הלא ישראלית. עד שנבחר מה היא, היא מיוצגת בסימן שאלה. תזכרו שבסופו של דבר נגיע לכל המדינות.
נ.ב. קיים כבר משחק כזה? אם כן תגידו לי, וסליחה שפתחתי סתם

O.K. th games goes like this:
Create two groups, one represents Israel, the 2nd the Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians etc. (changeable). It is advisable that the number of Players will be equal in both groups or at least nearly equal.

The Game:
Each group needs to collect information on the country it represent and about its relationship with the negotiating country so it will select goals and issues, on which it can or cannot compromise. Information collected must also include internal groups of each country. When the two groups are ready the negotiation starts.
Each group presents its positions and demands and tries to accomplish the maximum achievement with minimum concessions, without forgetting that the goal is a peace agreement.

The game is over when you reach a peace agreement. But it won't be a game without a winner. Who wins? Not groups! Every team selects a winner from the opposing team, according to the efforts this person did or a crucial step that helped reach the agreement. In other words, the winner is the one that can teach our politicians a thing or two.

Important remark:
It is desirable that Israelis will be in the Arab groups and vice versa, as it is important to understand the other side.
When you sign up for the game please state on which team you prefer to be. Country selection will be made once the participants list is full (at least 10 members per team).

P.S. is there such game exist? if yes please tell me, and forgive me to start this for nothing.

Shaii Ki

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It's terribly frustrating not to be able to understand your post (and a reminder that I should resume my hebrew lessons). I had started working on the design of a "peace game" myself a couple of years ago, and I'm really interested in seeing what you have created.
All JC wrote applies to me as well, except I have never tried to design a peace game. :-)

About Language: it is advised that people who better express themselves in Arabic or Hebrew will write with their own language. We ask people who can translate to help the others:

Shai is going to high school next year (~14) and she interested in D&D etc. This is an invitation to join a game. here is the English translation:

O.K. th games goes like this:
preparations: two groups, one represent Israel, the 2nd the Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians etc. every time choosing what (the 2nd group) she will represent. It is advisable that the number of Players wo;; be equal in each group or at least nearly equal,

The Game: every group need to collect information on the country it represent and about its relationship with the other country so it will select goals and issues about them it can or can't compromise. when the two group ready we start the negotiation every group represents its positions and demands and try to accomplish the maximum achievement and minimum concessions without forgetting the goal is peace agreement.

Winning: the game is over when you reach peace agreement. to give some character to the game we must have a winner, so how do you decide who wins? the winning is personal and not of the group. every team select one from the other group that did the most effort or did the crucial step that brought the agreement. in other word the one that can teach our politicians

Remark: it can be very nice and desirable that Israelis will be in the Arab group as it is importent to understand the other side. when yo sign in to the game write down which is the preferred non-Israeli country group. till we select what it is going to be it will be marked with question mark. remember that we will select all countries at the end.

P.S. is there such game exist? if yes please tell me, and forgive me to start this for nothing.
There's a similar one you can find on the net:PeaceMaker
Check it out.
The one I started working on (and never found the time to pursue it) was more about individuals and less about geopolitics.
I find both PeaceMaker and another one, Global Conflicts - Palestine, interesting. But neither is much like Shaii's proposal for a sort of model negotiation between two teams.

Shaii, I think your idea is brilliant! A great educational tool - I hope you can enlist your teachers and fellow students to try it out at your school.

I haven't been to any of mepeace's Peace Cafes (since I live in the USA), but I could imagine your game being a wonderful way to begin one of those, say for the first 1.5 or 2 hours, followed by discussion.

I bet the negotiations within each national team would be as interesting and difficult as the negotiations between the teams!

So my game is special?
I like to hear it!
but there won't be something special, or game at all, if you won't join!
so please join!
You want a group of us to play it on mepeace? How will that work? How do I join?
Everyone can join.
You only need to write in which grop you are, and if there's a country that you prefer for the non-israeli grop.
Ok, if you are able to find enough players and organize a game here, I'd be happy to participate. I'm not picky about which side I'm on, or what the non-Israeli party would be. If you want it to be a country, that's fine, but it could just as well be Hamas or the PA or Hezbollah or the Arab League.
intersting idea-I didn't think about it.
I hope that many peoples will join
I heard about this game- but is it a network game?
because if it isn't, so my game is different, because playing with people is completely different, and this is the idea of the game-playing with people



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