I found it very inspiring

I hope every one can see it in local cinema

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Hi Jafra,
funny you should send this today, I woke this morning from a dream in which I found myself in a huge stadion with tens of thousands of people. I was asked to lead a little meditation by a group of a few dozen people. Trying to arrange the space for that to happen, I became aware that more and more people joined half consciously and actually the whole huge crowd was kind of waiting for some unifying action to happen. I realized that a microphone would be needed for this. I only found one that was good for a small space but not a whole stadion. I thought, if I use this and start to chant the OM, and if people around me will pick it up and join me, then the whole crowd could eventually swing into this sound and be unified in it.

Unfortunately I woke up before I had a chance to try it out. I immediately thought of this mepeace website, which I only yesterday discovered, making friends with Donna just a few minutes before she removed her profile here, and following a bit the ensuing discussion about some rules to ensure the safety and quality of the website atmosphere....
Anyway, thanks for offering your friendship,
Hi Uta, guten Morgen :)

since I read your post, I tried to think about new explanations of dreams, as I know the science is not able to explain this phenomena in depth.
If people on earth do the following experiments:
When they walk up, they would notice down their dreams in ONE data-base
From first analysis, I am sure, we would have huge intersections ,where our dreams are similar and some times the same.
This would make believe their is hight communication language between people, spread in the air. It is the high interconnectivity of our information-systems? Is it consciousness-energy or cells-radiation?
We can not only see this movie

We can do our movie

We mast do our singing movie

Thank you for the link and idea



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