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i'm sorry to read what Jacqueline O wrote on September. Every voice, every view, every supporting thought helps.
Organizations do not run on money, alone. There is no organization without people who believe in one united cause.

What can i offer? i can read others' thoughts, respond if i'm moved to do so, spread the words found here to others who do not click onto the site.

That's what i can do and what i will do.
hello everybody... i humbly try to work on the global 3R principle... reduce reuse recyle and try apply it to everything. so today i like humbly ask if you would share in the mepeace volunteer group any feedback you may have on how we might all unite within the teams that Eyal has set up there and his request for team leaders. only... YOU have already been providing support... and already have valuable experience and so i would humbly like to encourage you to share here so that we are forever always moving forwards in the same direction.... towards improving communications and the valuable exchanges that are made possible through this network. thanks, with love shel
Hello Eyal
You want to spread your idea of peace in the Middle East؟
Well great
I'm also and the people around me want to spread peace
and you traveled to many Arab countries And you saw how the Arabs are simple and good We are not such as provided by the American press
and we want peace
But what specifically you want to say about peace in the Middle East؟
Only that we are a group of peace-loving people and we want you to share with us or do you want to say to the Arabs this letter there Asirailin good and we want to live together in peace
Do you want the truth؟I do not think that the Arabs will believe that all Alasrilin are good may be it is abeginning to the Arabs know that there is a voice in Israeli loving peace and want it
But it is a long way Eyal To convince the Arabs in this idea
Until they see the results On the ground Do not spread in the Middle East, Start in Isral make Israelis believe in peace
Even before the spread in the Middle East, the Arabs will feelit
and if you do not believe me I tell you like an Arab live in an Arab country How can I believe the peace wen I was watching on TV I see Israel, Even kill and break into Al-Aqsa Mosque؟
Before you write about peace Makit And do the campaign against the al-Aqsa mosque attacks Then you will meet the spread in the Arab media And spread the idea of peace

שלום עלינו ועל כל העולם
hi Omnya... thanks for your reply... could i please ask you to join discussion also in mepeace volunteer group under 'bridges and shells comments' .... only i am not in Middle East... and i would really value your opinions and feedback in this area... like... what are we doing here and are we helping? cause to me and many others... words hurt and wound

for i... like many i have met in this network i have struggled emotionally to comprehend why people who have advertised they want help me in my life actually have not and in some places of my life those that tried to help me hurt me the most... only the person not hurting can never understand is what i feel inside... that pain in my heart, that terror of misunderstanding, that fear that worse is to come, that i am not respected and listened to with empathy... no-one wants to have an onlook make judgement or criticism or interrogate them about their life but do humbly i feel need someone acknowledge hurt and try help heal it... my war if like was spiritual war... between my will and mind and those around me... on top of this in this area of world people also have added terror of physical war

love and blessings shel
Hi Omnya

when did Israel brake in the al aqsa mosque?

The Al Aqsa mosque is doing just fine under Israeli oversight.
It is not threatened. It is not being attacked.
Claims that it is being attacked by Israel, or was undermined by a tunnel that is in fact not under it,
are just a way that certain politicians manipulate public opinion for their own private purposes.

This photo is from two weeks ago.
صد يقي ايال السلام عليك والسلام لكل ابناء ادم وحواء
يوجد لدي الكثير من الافكار والمساهمات والمقالات التي تهدف الى صنع السلام
واريد ان ان اناقشها معك او مع اح صانعي السلام ارجاء منك توجيهي كيف
Aloha Eyal :))
The more i studie your website the more i do like it.
I might be able to support your cause with
Please feel free to check it out but...please keep it low key for now because it is not official yet.
If you want to use it for fundraising events i can offer you a profit margin of 300 %.
But way more importantly right now can we help Emelia Marcovich and Or Ben David ?????
If you have a good idea i am willing to listen.
Hope to hear soon from you
OOOPS..... I thought that my reply was privat....
well.......first timers mistake....LOL
Love will always prevail, no more war, no more fighting over land that belongs to everyone and no one. If we stay separated we are trapped. OO PEACE FOR INFINITY OO



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