has grown quickly from Eyal's dream to become his and others' reality. People are now doing good things. It is time to take stock and try to find out publicly whether and how could better serve ALL of our aspirations. I know that some groups of people here are now considering some solutions. for improving To identify appropriate improvements (solutions), we must first really identify what the facts (problems) really are. To help, please answer the questions below.

All honestly expressed responses are valid. And so please do not discuss or question any replies. However, you should ask for clarification if the intended meaning is not clear. If you do not want to post publicly or you want your responses to remain private, please send a private message to me or one of these people:


1) Why did you join

2) What did and do you expect from

3) What did and do you expect to do at and for

4) How can better meet your aspirations?

5) What aspect(s) of do you just HATE?

6) What aspect(s) of do you just LOVE?

7) What other general comments do you have?

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1) I lived in Israel for many years and like most, did nothing to contribute to co-existing with our Palestinian neighbours. I am currently doing an MA in conflict studies and concentrate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I wanted to find Palestinians to do joint papers, studies or research to analyze the issues from the mainstream perspectives of both sides.

2) A meeting ground for ideas. I want to understand what motivates Palestinians. If I understand Palestinians, I might understand how to better deal with Palestinians.

3) I didn’t have any great expectations towards activities. I was pleasantly surprised to find Palestinians who want to work with Israelis towards a better future for both peoples. I am willing to do anything positive that helps my people.

4) Concentrate information better for people like me who just want to understand what each side wants and why they do they things they do.

5) The debates on facts. How each debate spins into 100 sub-debates as if we are going to convince each other ‘I am right and you are wrong’. And no one notices that no one is really listening to each other.

6) This is the first forum I have seen with a large Palestinian and Israeli membership.

7) I am afraid that this site will turn into another pro-Palestinian or Pro-Israel forum depending on which group ends up being stronger. I am interested in creating understanding and conflict prevention. Any forum that only speaks for one group or to a small percentage of the population (who is already convinced) I don’t find useful. Actually, I think groups that advocate only for one side are keeping the Conflict alive.
I think, the confilct by time is disapear, many palestinian are still working Inside Israel, many of those workers has had stories about the good relation that they creat with thier Isreaile boss's, I maight ask my self " Is that Realy Happened ?" Yes , why not - we are all still human have a beautiful thing that all of us share Sense,feeling and love.
I responded to the 1st 2 questions a week ago, but I guess Paul wants me to answer the rest of the questions. I can only hope and pray that there may be some semblance of peaceful coexistence between the Israeli's and the Palestinians and that mePeace might just provide a starting place for that to happen.

4. MePeace can surpass my aspirations if it suceeds in accomplishing whatever degree of friendly living conditions in that volital climate in the MiddleEast.

5. Maybe I don't understand the question, but I don't HATE any aspect of mePEACE.

6. As I have said I love the thought of people getting together with thoughts other than War. I also like the possibility of friends from many lands.

7. I will be 93 years old next week so there is not much I can contribute to mePEACE except to offer whatever encouragement I can.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Earl. your contribution comes from your wisdom of long living.It is very important for this fast changing world.
May you have many more in health and happyness. Dvora
) Why did you join
To learn more about the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, to meet other peacemakers who are promoting peace in the Middle East, to help these peacemakers do something to promote peace.

2) What did and do you expect from
To learn from others and to network and meet others who are peacemakers in the region.

3) What did and do you expect to do at and for
Well, I expected to do a lot more than what I have been doing. I haven't been very active on this site for many reasons, mostly because I have been busy with work, school, and finding a job. (Not good excuses, but it's the honest truth!) Hopefully, I can do more in the future.

4) How can better meet your aspirations?
I don't think needs to do anything to meet my aspirations. I need to be the one to find the time to come on this site and do more.

5) What aspect(s) of do you just HATE?
I can't really answer this question because I am not on this site enough to find anything I hate.

6) What aspect(s) of do you just LOVE?
Meeting other peacemakers from different regions around the world. As an American, it is really important for me to reach out and learn from others what is going on in their countries and cultures.

7) What other general comments do you have?
I still think that this site is great and has great potential. I hope to contribute more in the future.
1) To learn more about the problems in the region and to get my information from sources other than mainstream media in the UK.

2) I expect a mix of discussion about relevant topics and a healthy dose of action...

3) My knowledge of the region is limited so I can't realistically add much to the debates, but I bring ideas about sharing information and knowledge that might help in some way.

4) You have an interesting mix from all over the world, regular contributors, lively discussions and very knowledgable members.

5) I don't HATE anything....I do find the discussions seem to go round in circles or repeat themselves quite a lot mind you....not helped by agent provocatuers....

6) The fact that tangible events like the Peace Cafe come out of it.

7) You've got a wonderful set of people here which can help achieve something...
1) well, the reason I joined is because i want to be more exposed to people who still have some hope in peace and to meet Palestinians first hand and not through the media. It's very easy to relay on what they show in the media about "the other side" but I think it's wrong to do so.

2) My expectation is to have communication with Palestinians so I'll have a first hand understanding of everything not through the movers and shakers of the media. I hope it will be the other way around too.

3) First I want some time to comprehend what's going on, to be more on the passive side so I can form a more solid opinion and understanding of things.. than maybe I'll start thinking of actions.

4) I still can't answer that.

5) I can't answer that either... I have a slight feeling that everything here is very sterile... Not sure

6) It shows me that there are still people on both sides that believe in something that a lot of people around me have stopped believing in: trust.

7) still sniffing around...
1. I joined mePEACE because I like to be amongst like-minded people
2. To make new connections and help promote an awareness of the Power of Love
3. I would like to help unite all the efforts of peace-makers in this world
4. By being just what it is :-)
5. -
6. It was the first network I joined - and it opened to door to meeting new and wonderful people
7. I have discovered a number of other sites that also promote the message of peace



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