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October 13, 2008

Dear Peacemakers,

I wish you peace and good health. Happy Columbus Day to our Americans friends and Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating Succot. I want to share improvements on our site and ask you to help us plan for the future.

Improvements on
1. We now support OpenSocial - On your page under your photo click "Add Applications"
2. We have new sub-menus - hover over our tabs to see new choices
3. We interface with the iPhone - the address is

My palestinian partner and I are planning ahead, and we need your help. Will you answer these three questions:

1. What is possible for mepeace 5 years, 1 year, and 90 days from now?
2. How would you describe mepeace in one sentence?
3. Where might you be able to help us?

Please email me your answers or add to the discussion.

September 28, 2008

As the Jewish new year renews, we are approaching 1,200 peacemakers. Let us renew our commitment for Middle East peace. Please invite your friends to join us.

And in the spirit of renewal, visit our re-designed and enjoy these new improvements:

1. INBOX and messages are now inside our network, see 'Inbox' link under your name on the right
2. MY FRIENDS feature is also inside, under the 'Inbox' link. Add friends to message them privately.
3. CHAT feature is on the left under our profile pics, which are smaller to feature more
4. MY PAGE is better organized, with the editable title in the center
5. Layout and navigation is improved with standardized text sizes

Blessings: To our Jewish friends - Shana tova u'metuka. To our Muslim friends - Kol amwa antem bkhier bemonasabet ael al feter al saeed. For everyone - peace, joy, health and renewal.

September 21, 2008

Dear Peacemakers,

Today we celebrate International Peace Day. Will you join us invite your contacts to We are more than 1,000 peacemakers. If each of us will bring ten friends who will bring ten more, we will be more than 100,000 for peace. Please join us and use our INVITE feature to invite your contacts.
Good news: In honor of today I have introduced CHAT on Try it and chat in real time with someone new (on the right of our site). And help us keep the conversations respectful and peaceful.

On a personal note, I am currently participating in the Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum conference in Pisa, Italy. I am inspired and believe we can and must continue to work together for peace.

Your feedback is welcome and I look forward to chatting with you.

September 13, 2008

Dear Peacemakers,

On this day fifteen years ago, the Oslo accords were signed on the White House lawn and we dreamt of peace. Let us renew our commitment to bring about true peace.

We are more than 1,080 peacemakers and growing on Please join us and use our site. At the beginning of this week, mepeace held its first live international chat. We discussed our new values and guidelines which you will soon see. To the peacemakers who participated in Israel, Palestine, the United States, Germany and Australia, thank you. I am committed to more chat for peacemaking.

On Friday, September 19 at 19:00, mepeace will host "Food for Thought" – a Muslim Iftar and Jewish Shabbat meal for families of all faiths. We will meet at the Talita Kumi in Beit Jalla, where we held our second Peace Café last month. To participate, email Anas at soon. Space is limited.

Here is my photo album from the recent Sulha project.
And here is a fantastic 5 minute Sulha video.

Ramaddan Karim, Shavua Tov, and a good week to all. I look forward to meeting you soon.

September 2, 2008

Isn't it beautiful how different faiths and calendars can come together?

As we begin September, we wish our Muslim friends peace and happiness on Ramadan, may his blessings shine upon you - كل عام و انتم بخير بمناسبة شهر رمضان الكريم. And as the month Elul begins today, we wish our Jewish friends a good month - חודש טוב.

On this occasion, I present you a gift - a calendar of birthdays on See it on our homepage on the left and in our Calendar tab on the bottom (birthdays will no longer appear on personal pages). Please send other peacemakers a happy birthday message or comment and help us develop our community. Thanks to Hiba, Noa and Roni and all the others for making this possible.

On a personal note, today I fly to Italy with Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers as part of a Universal Peace Federation conference. I am look forward to dialog and action and will share my experience. Email me If you know of a peacemaker I should meet while it Italy.

August 24, 2008

We enjoyed our second Peace Café two days ago in Beit Jalla. Palestinians, Israelis and internationals discussed practical projects, the internet, education and personal stories. Thank you Hiba, Neri, Nohar, Noa and Max, Roni, Amal, Anas, Rami and Kosta for organizing, and to all the peacemakers for supporting our efforts.

You can follow and join our discussions in our Peace Café 2 group.
Enjoy photos of the Peace Café in our photo album.
We will meet again at Sulha, the annual peace festival, beginning tomorrow in Latrun. Come if you can (more information at

On a personal note, from the Peace Café I went to the Occupied Territories and the Deheisha Refugee Camp, where I spent the night. I continued yesterday to Bethlehem and to Ramallah. I want to experience Palestine.

Knowing the other strengthens our resolve to resolve the conflict. Please visit us online and get to know the other.

August 17, 2008

We are celebrating more than 1,000 peacemakers on To each of you, thank you for joining and contributing to our growing peace community.

We offer interaction, information and inspiration to advance peace in the Middle East. Help us grow by inviting your friends to join us.

We want you and your friends to visit our platform, participate in our discussions, start a blog, meet new people... Share yourself, your photos, videos and music.
Join a team
to help us develop: Interaction, Information, Strategy, Promotion, and Resources.

I am pleased to introduce"">Hiba Hamzeh - my Palestinian partner in this important work.

Please be assured, we will continue to create opportunities for Palestinians and Israelis to connect - online and on the ground. Our next"">Peace Cafe is happening this Friday morning in Beit Jalla.

Thank you for your support and feedback. 1,000 peacemakers. Congratulations.

August 12, 2008

We are almost 1,000 peacemakers and we have new teams and responsibilities. Will you help us? Email me at if you will be on any of these teams:

Team Information- Post info, translate content, manage calendars
Team Interaction – Moderate discussions, welcome new members and create events
Team Technology – Improve the site and troubleshoot issues
Team Strategy - Draft the vision, goals and plan for the organization
Team Promotion – Develop marketing, media and online connections
Team Resources – Fundraise for our work

Each team will communicate with me and my new Palestinian partner, Hiba Hamzeh.

August 6, 2008

Our community has more than 980 peacemakers and we will soon surpass 1,000. I thank each of you for your personal participation and contribution to our growing community. We have grown together and made peace possible by sharing values and respecting one another.

I wish to clearly communicate our values and guidelines to ensure a productive, peaceful and respectful environment for our peacemakers going forward.

Our Values:

We believe peace is possible
We promote solutions based on dialogue, not violence
We respect the right of all individuals, regardless their religion, culture, faith and custom, to exist in a non-threatening and humane environment

Guidelines for use of

1. Honor the people and vision on and be a contribution to our community
2. Share honestly and openly. Add your photo and complete your profile so people know you
3. Be respectful and sensitive in your communication with others
4. Respect others' privacy. Ensure that peoples' pictures and information stay on the site
5. Treat everyone here with respect regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, or any other factor

This is a platform for peacemakers advancing peace. While free speech is important, we will not tolerate abusive communication or harassment. We do not sanction ideological or political agendas and spamming or advertising unrelated to peace is not permitted here. We reserve the right to ban any member or remove any content from the site at our discretion. If you see any abuse of our values and guidelines on, please report it to us immediately by clicking "Report an Issue" on the bottom of the page.

Thank you for being a peacemaker in our community, and for adhering to our values and guidelines.

July 28, 2008

We returned Amman, Jordan, and we are busy planning our next Peace Café. You are invited to join us - Israelis, Palestinians and interested others...

What: Our second Peace Café
When: August 22nd at 10:00 am
Where: Beit Jalla (a ten minute drive from Jerusalem) in the Evangelical Lutheran College "Talitha Kumi"

This will be a social gathering for dialogue based on mutual respect and understanding. Thanks to our peacemakers Noa Diamond, Hiba Hamzeh, and Max Shallcross for organizing. 40 shekels will cover the cost of room and refreshments and filming of the event. RSVP by email to to (space is limited).

Find out more on this event and others on our calendar and on our Facebook group.

View our photo album of "Making Things Possible" in Amman.

Read my personal diary from Jordan.

July 20, 2008

This letter is coming to you from Amman, Jordan, where peacemakers have come together to create a better future. We're excited to do this with you.

Why Amman? When mepeace hosted its Peace Café in Tel Aviv, Donna Qawasmi, our partner in Jordan, was interrogated and turned away from Israel and returned to Amman. Donna could not come to Israel, so we have come to Jordan.

We are Israelis and Palestinians, Jordanians and Americans. We are Muslims and Jews, Christians and Druze. “Making Things Possible” is the title of our conference at the Amman West Hotel.

During the last three days, we laughed and cried, discussed, debated, dreamed and created a future together. We shared our personal stories on Friday. On Saturday, we established goals for and for our community. Today, we realize new responsibilities.

We will post more information on the website in Hebrew and Arabic. We will also post discussions, photos and videos of our work in Amman and we look forward to your feedback and partnership. We need your input and help to achieve our objectives and we thank you for your support.

With blessings from Amman,

Eyal Raviv, Donna Qawasmi, Bassam Aramin, Hiba Hamzeh, Walid Khalili, Mo’min Al Zyoud, Abed Alsalam Tahayni, Anita Ayoub, Haithem Nasser, Roni Segoli, Lemuel Melamed, Neri Bar On, Amal Abu Zidan and Scott Cooper.

Here is the above letter in Arabic:

نبعث لكم بهذه الرسالة من عمان، الأردن، حيث جئنا نحن صانعوا السلام معا للعمل نحو مستقبل أفضل ، و إننا لسوف نكون سعداء بعمل ذلك معكم جميعا.

لماذا عمان؟ عندما قام أعضاء mepeace بعمل و استضافة السلام كافي في تل أبيب، تم استجواب شريكتنا دونا قواسمي التي كانت قادمة من عمان و من ثم تم إعادة إرسالها من حيث أتت إلى الأردن. (لقراءة المزيد عن الموضوع الذهاب إلى الرابط التالي): )
دونا لم تستطع المجيء إلى إسرائيل لذلك قمنا نحن بالذهاب إلى الأردن.

نحن عبارة عم مجموعة من إسرائيليين، و فلسطينيين، و أردنيين، و أميركيين، مسلمين، و يهود، و مسيحيين، و دروز. "جعل الأمور ممكنة" هو عنوان المؤتمر الذي قمنا بعملة في فندق "عمان ويست هوتيل".

في خلال الثلاثة أيام الماضية ضحكنا و بكينا، ناقشنا و ناظرنا، حلمنا و حققنا مستقبلا معا. يوم الجمعة شاركنا معا قصصنا الشخصية. في يوم السبت قمنا بوضع الأهداف لموقع و لمجموعتنا، اليوم قمنا بادراك مسؤوليات جديدة لنا جميعا.

سوف نقوم بوضع المزيد من المعلومات عن الموضوع على الموقع باللغتين العبرية و العربية، أيضا سوف نقوم ببدء نقاشات، و وضع صور و فيديو عن العمل الذي قمنا به جميعا في عمان حيث أننا نتطلع إلى ملاحظاتكم و مشاركتكم معنا، نحن بحاجة إلى مساهماتكم للمساعدة في تحقيق أهدافنا، و لكم منا جميعا جزيل الشكر لجهودكم المبذولة.

لكم منا التقدير و الاحترام من عمان ،

ايال رفيف، دونا قواسمي، بسام عرامين، هبه حمزة، وليد خليلي، مؤمن الزيود، عبد السلام طحاينة، انيتا أيوب، هيثم نصار، روني سيغولي، ليمويل ميلاميد، نيري بارون، أمل أبو زيدان، و سكوت كوبر.

زورونا على موقعنا:

July 15, 2008

Dear Peacemakers,

Please view this email as part of my commitment to update and improve your experience on These improvements will make mepeace more personal, enjoyable and easy to use:

1. You can now re-arrange your page by dragging and dropping profile boxes on your page, and
2. Our welcome box on the top of the page features:
My Friends – See, search, or sort your friends, or send them a message.
Inbox – Access the message center to see and send private messages
My Settings - Modify details for your account, profile, privacy or email
Quick Add – Click and quickly add a blog post, discussion, music, photo and video, and invite friends

Yesterday I returned to Israel. I am recharged and excited about our future. We exceeded 900 peacemakers while I was in the US. Thank you for joining our community and for being committed to Middle East peace.

Eyal Raviv
Founder - mepeace

July 7, 2008

I write you this update from the US, where I am promoting and fundraising for mepeace. I met wonderful peacemakers in New York last week. Today and tomorrow I will meet with our supporters in Washington DC. If you know of someone I should meet, let me know.

I will return to the Middle East next week - retooled, relaxed and recharged. We have important work to do. I look forward to it.

Twenty five peacemakers joined us since my last update. Welcome and enjoy us.

June 25, 2008

On this day exactly one year ago the community of mepeace was born. On that day my friend Lemuel Melamed joined mepeace.

You see, for months mepeace was me, a social network of one. I created mepeace and didn't tell anybody because I was afraid they would laugh... Middle East peace? A platform for peacemakers? Are you crazy? Aren't you naive?

I am still afraid people will laugh, but I continue to invite. Here is what happened in this year:

* 303,118 page visits (since we started counting in August)
* We have been visited in 2872 cities in 140 countries
* you joined us, along with 865 others (thank you!) and created new possibilities for peace

The lesson: Be optimistic, go beyond your reasons and live the life you want to live. Most importantly, invite others to share what is possible. Thank you for sharing this possibility and keep up the good work,

Eyal Raviv
Founder - mepeace

June 20, 2008

I write to update you as part of my commitment to keep you updated. We are now 860 peacemakers. I appreciate your commitment to peace and ask you to visit us and see what is new on

Following the success of our Peace Café, a group of us has started to meet on Fridays. Today we brainstormed ideas for new events. I encourage you to meet with your friends and brainstorm for peace. We are stronger as a group.

I will fly to New York in ten days to raise support and strengthen our community. Let me know if you want to meet me or know someone I should meet. And you can always support our work by making a donation on To see how else you can help us click here.

June 10, 2008

Our Peace Café was inspiring! Jews, Arabs, Christians met for discussions on peace. The people were wonderful! We had a great atmosphere and came away with new ideas and new friends. See a video from our Peace Café here.

Last time I wrote, we had 780 peacemakers. Today we are 818 and growing... Please help us reach 1000 this summer by using our INVITE link to invite your contacts.

Finally, I invite you to read my re-posted interview with our newest "Featured Peacemaker", Founder of IPCRI Gershon Baskin:

June 1, 2008

Our Peace Café is happening today. I integrated the Peace Café as a group on our site at Please join and participate in these discussions online:

Q. How will we build the community of peacemakers?
Q. Where do we start making peace? A philosophical discussion...
Q. Do we need politicians to make peace?
Q. Can the international community help?
Q. How do we get the media to help us?
Q. How will we connect between Israelis and Palestinians?
Q. How shall we use the internet to advance peace?
Q. What events do we want in the future?

Thank you to all of you who have made this evening possible. Have a good day, week, and month, and look forward to news from our Peace Café.

May 18, 2008

We have more than 750 peacemakers on and more will join as we are prepare for our first event - the Peace Café. Will you help me welcome new peacemakers by leaving them a friendly message on their comment wall? Click on "Peacemakers" to see who recently joined and say hello.

The Peace Café will happen exactly two weeks from now: Sunday, June 1, in Tel Aviv. During this fun and colorful evening every table will have a discussion about peace and our peacemakers will move from discussion to discussion.

You can participate in our Peace Café even if you are not in Tel Aviv. How? Go to and find the discussion titled "What should we discuss in our Peace Café?" Reply and tell us what you think. Our Peace Café discussions will be based on your suggestions! We will then integrate our discussions into our forum and you will be able to participate in those discussions on

Here are the details for the event in Tel Aviv. Will you be able to join us?

What: Peace Café
Where: Tel Aviv, Bet Hasofer: Kaplan 6 (near Ibn Gvirol)
When: Sunday, June 1, 19:00
Why: To build a fun community of peacemakers
Who: You, me, and other peacemakers

We will charge 30 shekels and offer drinks and refreshments.
Space is limited. RSVP by emailing me at

May 11, 2008

Thank you for being part of mepeace. We have recently exceeded 700 peacemakers. In the past 60 days we have gotten 111,496 page views. Peace in the Middle East is what we want and here is an update on our progress.

Our organization: This past week, we met to establish an amuta, a non-profit organization in Israel. Next we will develop a board of advisors and we will begin to raise funds to support of our work. Please let me know if you want to help this effort. I wish to recognize our founding members: Rabbi Meir Azari, Saeed Azbarga, Elad Dunievsky, Lemuel Melamed, Roi Schachaf, Vicky Myers and myself. Thank you also to Eyal Liany, Gadi Kenny, Hod Ben Zvi and Neri Bar On.

Testimonials: Would you help us with a testimonial? I am collecting testimonials on mepeace because we will be raising support and people will want to hear what our users think of mepeace. How has mepeace helped you? Can you share a short story about your mepeace experience?

Blogs on mepeace: Recently I shared with you some of the interesting forums discussions on mepeace. This time I want to share some blogs entries on mepeace which you can also access on our home page. You can also write a blog, or read and comment on:
1. My bittersweet reflections on Israel at 60
2. Lost justice in the age of power
3. Israel at 60: A light unto the nations?
4. A right for a Palestinian
5. Encountering Peace: Next year in Palestine

Our first event: As you know, we have decided to create events on the ground. Mark your calendar: Our first event event is scheduled for Sunday, June 1, in Tel Aviv, and you are invited!

Let me know if you can come and if you wish to help.

May 2, 2008

Welcome to our peacemaker community and thank you for your participation and commitment. This mail update is part of my commitment to updating you from time to time.

I received your responses in the forum discussion "What events would you like to see". I am committed to events for peace. We have 256 discussions on Participate in one of these (or start your own):

1. Is peace possible
2. Normalization - Israelis and Palestinians working together
3. Jewish-Muslim dialogue
4. How can we meet? How can we overcome borders and checkpoints?
5. What would you like others to know about your own religious tradition?

New feature: Invitations have been improved and from now your invitations will be in HTML and will tell more about and your participation. Click on invite, import your contacts and invite your friends to join us.

Statistics on mepeace: Since the start of March we received 105,187 page visits. Our community has 691 peacemakers, and has shared more than 1,000 photos and 220 videos, and 266 music tracks (enjoy our music and add your favorite songs).

We have new guidelines for using mepeace (in our FAQ): Honor the people and goals of this community. Be respectful and positive. Share yourselves openly. Respect the privacy of others. Ensure that peoples' pictures and information stay on the site. Add your photo and edit your profile so people know who you are! Communicate in English so everyone on the site can enjoy and understand one another.

We are making peace here. No harassment will be tolerated. Do not use this site to advertise anything not related to peace. This is not a place to push an ideological or political agenda. This is a platform for peacemakers advancing Middle East peace.

April 25, 2008

I want us to start meeting in person. Events will help us make peace real. The internet is super and we can communicate and share our dreams on Just in the last month we enjoyed more than 50,000 page visits in 100 countries.

But we can do more. So we will. We must meet in person. This will be challenging and we will need to be resourceful. We will start by meeting in Tel Aviv. We are currently planning our first international seminar - in Jordan.

On our home page, I started a discussion called: "What events would you like to see? Please reply with your ideas." Share with us your thoughts.

I am establishing a non-profit organization to enable our way forward. We will need to raise the resources if we want to establish a movement. Your contributions and ideas will be welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy holidays,

Eyal Raviv - Founder,

PS. Our motto is "Interaction, Information and Inspiration for Middle East Peace". Now you will see this motto and "Platform for Peacemakers" in English, Arabic and Hebrew as part of the redesign of

April 15, 2008

We have more than 650 peacemakers and I thank each of you for being part of our community. I encourage you to visit us again and enjoy it. Enjoy our discussions, groups, and blogs. Meet new people and make new friends.

The best way to make new friends is to use the comment walls to reach out to someone you don't know. Leave them a friendly comment. I write this message to all our peacemakers. Continue to invite one another's friendship and take advantage of our 'private messaging'.

To share with you some recent statistics on us: In the past five weeks, we have received on average more than 15,000 page visits per week. During this time, mepeace was visited in 99 countries and 1,149 cities around the world. Keep up the good work.

On our home page you can now find the first television interview about the mepeace community, which featured last month on Israel's Channel One (in Hebrew). In the interview, I describe mepeace as a place for interaction, information and inspiration for peace.

Thanks for contributing to our discussion on how we can improving mepeace experience. I appreciate your ideas and invite you to continue to share your suggestions and feedback.

As our site continues to improve, it sometimes runs into technical difficulties. This happened last week. I appreciate your understanding and thank our members who sent feedback which helped us quickly get back to speed.

Eyal Raviv
Yafo, Israel

April 5, 2008

I want to hear from you. On our home page I started a forum discussion called: "How can we improve mepeace. Please reply with your ideas". I need your help to make mepeace better for you and for our community.

What do you think:

How can we serve you better?
What works for you. What does not work?
What can we do to improve our feeling of community?
How can we use mepeace to achieve our goals?

Will you share your ideas. This will make mepeace better for everyone. I am committed to serving you and your help will be appreciated.

March 25, 2008

Congratulations: We are celebrating our first birthday today. In December we celebrated a year since the idea was born and was registered. In June we will celebrate a year since our first peacemaker joined. Truthfully, we need to celebrate good things in difficult times. Enjoy this day, and feel free to share feedback on your experience with

Exactly a year ago I built mepeace social network. I was so full of doubt that people would use it that for the first three months I was a social network of one. I was simply afraid to invite friends. Finally, my Lemuel Melamed joined mepeace and then each of you. Thank you for making this year so meaningful, powerful, wonderful. 613 peacemakers have joined mepeace this year. I thank each one of you. Because of you we have been visited in 118 countries. Together, we offer interaction, information and inspiration for peace.

Keep up the good work. Visit us online often. Leave others friendly comments. Add them as friends. Invite new friends to join us.

News: Our recent redesign will improve your user-experience and enjoyment. Our calendar is larger. Photos and videos are more prominent, blog entries and forum discussions are easier to read. On your page the profile questions are front and center to use space better and almost every page has been redesigned. Look forward to more improvements. I want our network to be user-friendly and look good.

See my recent Israeli television interview about mepeace here.

March 20, 2008

Thank you for joining our community and being a peacemaker on More than one hundred people have joined us since Ha'aretz wrote about us last week (the links are below). Our new peacemakers have brought us new life, stories and discussions.

Our platform enables people to share, to meet and to know one another. Sometimes, people are shy to say HI to people they don't know. I need your help. My request is for you to choose three peacemakers you don't know, and leave a comment on their comment wall. I am asking everyone to do this.

Introduce yourself to people who are not from the same ethnic, religious or national group as you. Your help will strengthen our community.

A few facts about us: We have exceeded 100,000 page visits on We have been visited in 118 countries. Most of us are Israeli, Palestinian or American, but we have been visited also in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Iran and across Europe and South America. Help us grow. Tell your friends about us and invite them to join.

New feature: After adding a "Blogs" tab last week and seeing the beautiful blog entries on our site, we will link to other blogs. Please let me know of any blogs related to peace in the MIddle East peace so we can link to them. Look forward to our improved site design, coming soon...

March 12, 2008

We got good news. Ha'aretz has just published a wonderful article about our community of peacemakers. The article calls us a "Facebook of peace" and helps us communicate our message of hope, peace and co-existence.

More than 50 special people have joined us in the last twenty four hours and more continue to join. Please welcome them on Add people as friends. Read their beautiful profiles and leave a comment on their page. Our community will be as strong as our communication.

To each of you, thank you for joining and contributing to our community. Join groups, start discussions and express yourself. Communicate, connect and share. Our community has surpassed 500 peacemakers. Ask your friends to join us. If each of us will bring 5 friends, we will exceed 3,000.

We have an exciting feature improvement on "Blogs". The new "Blogs" tab in our navigation bar will feature every blog on You are encouraged to start a blog and to add your comments on the blogs of other peacemakers.

Meet our newest Peacemakers of the Week, Libby and Len Traubman, who have inspired Jewish-Palestinian dialogues for more than 15 years. Read our interview in my blog on the home page.

Remember to invite your friends. Use our invite feature.
If you have a question on using our web platform, see our FAQ:

Read our English article in Ha'aretz here.
Read our Hebrew article in Ha'aretz here:

Please get in touch with any idea, question or feedback.

February 24, 2008

I follow our visits with an analytics program and I want to give you more details.

In the past 30 days, visitors have accessed in 564 cities around the world, including Tehran, Beirut, Damascus, Kuwait and Cairo. As usual, most of our visits, come from Israel, the US, and Palestine.

On average, visitors visited 5 pages and spent more than 6 minutes on our site. The most popular page on our site (after our home page) was our 'Peacemakers' page. Which peacemaker's page was visited most? Donna Qawasmi.

We have new features: After making it easier to upload photos and videos, we have an improved music player. Enjoy our music. You can now loop playback, shuffle song tracks and listen to music in a new window. You can add up to 100 songs at one time. Try it and share your inspiring music on

Yael Patir is our first Israeli Peacemaker of the Week. Yael is a young woman who shares responsibility for the cooperation of more than 120 Israeli and Palestinian organizations in the 'Peace NGO Forum'. Read about Yael, her story, work, and inspiration - on our home page. And leave a comment with your thoughts.

We have grown to 435 peacemakers. The usefulness of our site will largely depend on your input. I encourage you to post your pictures, videos, songs, thoughts and comments.

February 13, 2008

We have 420 peacemakers and we continue to grow. We have been been visited in more than 100 countries. Next time I write I will share details of these visits.

Our popular discussion "What do you think about the Israeli West Bank Barrier" has surpassed 100 responses. Thank you to each of you who has contributed to this rich discussion, and to others. Continue to use mepeace and invite your friends.

We have improved the mepeace platform. Last time, I shared with you our color-coded calendar. Now, it easier for you to add your photos, songs and videos on our platform. You are able to upload up to 100 photos or 100 songs at one time. You can also add 30 videos at once, and we have improved video quality. Next time I write I will share more improvements to our music player. Share with us your photos, videos, and favorite music.

Finally, meet Bassam Aramin - our first Palestinian Peacemaker of the Week. Bassam, co-founder of Combatants for Peace, is an inspiration to me. Indeed, he is an inspiration behind the creation of This week, Israelis, Palestinians and others gathered to dedicate a playground in memory of his beloved daughter Abir. Bassam sat with me for an emotional interview which you will find on the mepeace home page.

January 24, 2008

Our community has surpassed 400 peacemakers. I am of our accomplishment! Thank you for being part of it. I am committed to offering you interaction, information and inspiration for peace.

Isn't 400 great? More people means more peace so please tell your friends about us and ask them to join. Use our improved "Invite" feature to invite your contacts. If each of us will bring 4 people to our site, we will be more than 2,000 people strong.

NEW FEATURES: Our calendar of peace events has added new colors! Events in Israel are blue. Palestinian events are green. And international events are red. I color coded peace events to make them easy to find. Click on any colored label and event details will pop up. Try it and let me know what you think. And email event details to to see them on our calendar.

Finally, take a moment to be inspired by Donna Qawasmi, our Peacemaker of the Week. Donna is a brave young woman making peace in Jordan. Read about Donna in my blog on our main page.

As always, get in touch with any idea, question, suggestion or feedback. We are making peace...

January 13, 2008

This update, our first in 2008, is a bit more personal than usual. First, I thank you for your commitment to our community. I look forward to our progress. And I am excited by what is possible for us in 2008.

My grandfather, Harry Mostysser, is a survivor of the Holocaust and a great inspiration for me. Tomorrow he will celebrate his 92nd birthday. I thought of my grandfather when Earl Prignitz recently joined mepeace. You see, Earl, a retired minister in America, is 92 years old. As he writes in his profile, "I am a pacifist for well over 70 years..." Today, Earl is actively sharing himself with us, contributing to discussions, and making new friends on

Inspired by Earl and our other peacemakers, I created "Peacemaker of the Week", a new feature on our site. Every week we will feature a new peacemaker. I want you to be inspired by who we are. Read my interview with Earl, our first "Peacemaker of the Week", in my blog on our home page. Also in my blog, learn about Palestinian-Israeli Theatre Activist Group and read a positive take on the recent visit of George W. Bush.

I recently encouraged you to use our improved invite mechanism to bring your friends. I wish to recognize Jeff Rudy, who used the new Invite tab to send 187 invitations to his friends - all with one click! I thank each of you for inviting your friends to join our community. This is how we grow.

December 31

Today marks exactly a year since I registered Thank you for joining our community and contributing to our peacemaking. I will write to you from time to time to keep you updated on our progress. I am proud of what we have together accomplished. A year ago, I did not know what exactly what I would do with this domain. Now I know! I want to offer interaction, information and inspiration for peace in the Middle East.

On, we offer interaction on our comment walls, our message center, commenting on blogs and discussions, and through the sharing photos and videos. We offer information in these discussions and blogs and on our calendar of peace events. And with interaction and information you have inspiration for making peace. We need funding to expand our peacemaking efforts in 2008. We are working for non-profit status to support this effort. If you wish to contribute to our cause, please get in touch with me.

We have reached great milestones this year. Here I share with your our numbers, which I began to track on August 8:

We are 360 peacemakers and every one of us is receiving this email. Since August 8, we have had 61,887 pagevisits on mepeace. They have come from 745 cities in more than 90 countries around the world. You might wonder... how much time do people spend on the site? More than 5 and half minutes on average. Who has visited us the most? Israelis - 7,770 times. On average, the Israeli spends 4:14 minutes on the site visiting 3.88 pages. Importantly, the Palestinian spends 10:41 minutes on the site visiting 7.77 pages on average. Who spends the most time on average? The answer is our visitor from Syria, who visited once and spent a whopping 1:21:13 on our site.

Who is our site's most prolific contributor? Lemuel Melamed, who has shared with us 52 videos and 248 photos. Our most popular forum discussion has 57 comments (see "What do you think of the West Bank Barrier?" started by Sroor Abood). All together, you have contributed 85 songs, 86 blog posts, 109 forum discussions, 142 videos and 664 photos on our site. Thank you!

Thank you for making this experience so meaningful and wonderful for me and for our community. We will accomplish great things together in 2008 and beyond. Remember to share our community with your friends and feel free to stay in touch with me,

The "Invite" feature has been improved. Use it to invite your friends.

How can you use our “Invite” tab? Well, just like before, your first option is to enter email addresses manually. You can invite one person at a time, or multiple people by separating the addresses with commas.

Now, you can also invite people from a web-based email address book directly on this page. Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and AOL mail are all supported. Just enter your information and click the "Import Address Book" button.

By default all of your contacts are checked and ready to invite, but you can uncheck contacts one at a time, or all at once. You can also search for specific contacts.
Once you're made your selections, just click "Invite" and you're good to go. If a contact is new to the network, they'll receive an invitation, then be automatically added as your friend upon joining. If a contact is already on the network, they'll receive a request to be your friend.

If your contacts are stored in a desktop application like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Address Book, you can use the third option to upload a .csv or .vcf file into your network. Just export the file from your desktop application, click the "Choose File" button and select the exported file on your computer. Then just click "Upload." You'll land on a screen identical to the web-based friend selection screen. Just choose the people you want to invite, then click the "Invite" button.

If you frequently add people to your web or desktop-based address book, you can simply return to this "Invite" page any time and repeat the import process to send invites to the latest contacts.

Help us grow. Invite your friends to join us!

We now have a calendar! Front and center, this calendar will feature peace events. Activists will be able to find peace events of many different organizations in one place, here on If you have a a peace event you would like to publicize, email the event details to

I am pleased to present you the mepeace music player. Enjoy the music player on the main page AND on your page! And please upload music inspiring peace.

The mepeace music player features:

* MP3 playback.
* Share and rate tracks
* Upload, edit, and order your tracks right in the player
* Embed your music player and playlist on any blog or MySpace page
* Decide if you want songs to autoplay or not. (It defaults to no autoplay)
* Add tracks from other members' music players with one click (the Add to Mine button that you'll see when the person enables it)
* Display highest rated or most recent tracks from across the network on the Main page. (Feature specific tracks coming soon)
* Edit track information: track title, artist, artwork (displayed on the player), album name, genre, year, label, artist website, host website (for external tracks), label site, license (including copyright or any of the most popular creative commons options), explicit lyrics flag
* Choose the option to display MP3 download links to other members
* Add external hosted playlists via RSS (podcast), XSPF, and M3U.

Using the music player is intuitive, and I think you will manage well. If you have any questions about using the music player, look for answers on our FAQ (frequently asked questions).


Thank you - for being a contribution to our growing community. I will write once every couple of weeks to keep you updated on us.

Our statistics - Our community has more than doubled in size in the last month. During this time, 19,166 pages on have been visited in in more than 30 countries!

New Features on our site:
1. Latest Activity - See what is new on the site and on your page. Stay updated!
2. Facebook Integration - Put our photos and videos on your Facebook profile.
3. New Links - Read About Us, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), News, Forum, Help us, Invite, and Feedback. Share your feedback with me.

Your help - We need your help to grow. Help us in the following 3 ways:
1. Use the "Invite" tab on the site. Upload your address book and invite your friends and colleagues to join us.
2. Do you a journalist who could tell the story of mepeace? We want media coverage!
3. I am looking for a partner. If you know someone that is inspired and capable, let me know.

Blessings - I bless you with peace and happiness. To our Jewish friends, Shana Tova. To our Muslim friends, Ramadan Karim.

We are making peace,
Eyal Raviv

PS We celebrate the first article published about us: "New Social Networking Site Promotes Peace".

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Eyal ~ that's wonderful. Let's hope the membership goes up hugely when people read the article. Keep on keeping on!
Love and abundant blessings
Jane :)



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