Hi everyone,

Some may remember that a while ago I told you about our project - well its been a long time coming, but we have completely redesigned the site, and now we are asking people to participate!

Basically the idea of Hotpeace is that it is a peace process that anyone can contribute to - and you get to do so by talking to people from the other side of the conflict, and trying to reach an agreement with them. Its a really cool idea so have a look and sign up. Let's get the first few agreements going!

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(in reply to you earlier question)

I have been thinking about that.

First, I would want input from Mazin on how he thinks this can be done. I don't want to assume I know exactly what he wants.

But for the sake of this conversation I'll throw out a few possible objections:

- It could be that Mazin does not believe that a structured dialogue (where you talk about issue A, then move to issue B etc.) is a good idea. In that case I don't think there is too much to be done. Similarly, if Mazin's objection is that we don't need to talk with people who feel differently then us about ways to solve the conflict, because we already know who is right and who is wrong - well again I can't do much about that.

- However, if the objection is to the fact that a person who joins hotpeace needs to "choose a side", well the reasoning for this was that when discussion groups will be formed, there will be diversity in the groups - i.e. not everyone will think the same thing (since in that case you don't need dialouge at all).

So instead of making people 'choose a side' perhaps we can ask them initial questions in the sign up form - for example "Please rank the following statements from 0-10, where 0 means you don't agree at all and 10 means you agree completely" and then provide some statements about the conflict for them to rank - so that way we can have a group with a diverse set of initial statements.

Let me know what you think about that idea...

- If Mazin's objection is that the site encourages a two state solution over other alternatives, well I just don't think that is the case (except perhaps from the initial "choose a side" question which I proposed to modify above) but I would be happy to hear how I am wrong and what can be done about it.

-If Mazin's objection is that the I/P conflict cannot be solved without first addressing the conflict between Israel and the Arab world or between Jewish Israelis and Muslims - well that point can certainly be made in the context of the site. But I would also add that the fact that everything is interconnected does not negate the fact that you need to start somewhere.
OK, I changed the sign up process a little bit, let me know what you guys think!
this is "working for Peace" thank you :)
I think the idea indeed is if there is diversity it is not Israeli vs Palestinian. So if you create a questionaire that is encompassing and then we can discuss specifics of the areas where tehre are dissagreement. For example, the right of refugees to return to their homes and lands is supported by many Israelis and Palestinians (and international) and is opposed by some individuals (political Zionists). That can form a basis of a fruitful discussion.

In fact if we divide along some issuesm, we could indeed get somewhere. But sometimes issues are interconnected. For example talking about targeting civilians (by state and non-state actors) would be difficult to deal with in isolation from the colopnioial structures/ethnic cleansing etc.
Mazin thanks, have a look at the site sign up process and let me know what you think.
OK, I want to start the first group going this weekend, so please sign up if you haven't yet



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