I share this news story regardless of my refusal to such initiatives but I would love to read your comments and views with respect to "One-State Solution" for Palestinians and Israelis



Senior Fatah officials  call for single democratic state, not two-state solution



New initiative would allow Palestinian refugees the right of return to 'a state of all its citizens.'


Calling the two-state solution unrealistic, senior Fatah members issued a document Wednesday calling for the establishment of one democratic country in the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

The initiative, which was the culmination of two years of discussion, coincided with the 65th anniversary of the Nakba ‏(“catastrophe” in Arabic‏) − the forced exile of more than 700,000 Palestinians in 1948 and after and the dispersal of the Palestinian people between different countries and regimes.

While the Palestinian Liberation Organization held a small procession in Ramallah to mark the Nakba on Wednesday, some 20 men and two women congregated in a hall in the El Bireh municipality to sign the document called “the popular movement project for one democratic state in historic Palestine.”

It states that “the racist Israeli policy of separation and segregation” has made the two-state solution ‏(based on pre-1967 borders‏) unrealistic. Therefore, the most desirable option left for the Palestinian people and the one that will allow the right of return is: “a democratic state for all its citizens, which will be based on a democratic constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and will guarantee freedom and equal rights, without discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender, skin color, language, nationality, political opinion, social origin and place of birth.”

Most of the participants behind the initiative are identified with Fatah; a minority are members of other organizations in the PLO. They include Fatah member Radi Jarai, the former deputy director for prisoner affairs; Munir Abushi, the former governor of Salfit; and Prof. Uri Davis from the department of Israel studies at Al Quds University. When asked by Haaretz whether the intention was for “one state of the Palestinian people and members of the Jewish religion and others,” Davis responded that members were still discussing different concepts and definitions, and that he personally supports “one state for two peoples.”

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This was proposed by Yasser Arafat, when he spoke in front of the United Nations' General Assembly in 1974.  Base Israel-Palestine on the South African model.  When we look at the South African model, South Africans of non-European descent were allow to vote for the first time, and hold national public office.  But it did not change land ownership in South Africa, where 86% of the land is still owned by South Africans of European descent.  The reason why was because when land ownership was changed in neighboring Zimbabwe, the economy just fell to pieces, and inflation increased by 231,000,000%.  If all these Palestinians returned to Israel, the country would not remain at the status it is now.  Not that the country would lose its "Jewish character," what if something stringent was not done like what happened in South Africa?  Not changing land ownership, it could end up like Zimbabwe, where both Jews and Arabs would be living in economic despair.  Also, many Palestinians still hold deeds to their homes in Israel, and if they came back with those deeds, only to find out their home is now an industrial park, how would these deeds be honored?  For Israel to pay for compensation, it would take all of Israel's GDP for four years to pay them off.  Once again, putting both Jews and Arabs into economic despair.  Also, would such a move decrease extremism on both sides?  It did in South Afica, where the extremist Boer parties, who wanted a white-only homeland.  But none of these parties were in the coalition to rule apartheid South Africa.  When the Inkatha Freedom Party, ran by the Zulu royal family, threatened to break off Natal, and make it into an independent Zulu kingdom, it was only through negotiations that such actions stopped.  So we have gone full circle, and are back to negotiations again.

Why would Israel ever want to do that to itself?  It would be suicide, in no time at all a muslum state would be born and rob everyone of their rights... Israel is current, by far, the most vibrant and open democracy ofr both its Jewsih and Arab citizens, look at its neighbors.  If anything I think the best way to go about it would be to make an Arab and Jewish state as partition originally proposed and include Israeli Arabs as part of their state so it will decrease conflict and friction.

It is not Israel that will ever agree to a single State. That is beside the point.

A single State will come, sooner than any of you imagine.

When the state of Israel was born, it robbed every Arab living in Palestine of their rights. There is nothing democratic about what happened in 1948 in Palestine.

It is too late for the original 2 State proposal, it will be a single State, with the return of every refugee.

In 1947 it was the UN who declared partition and the Arabs who rejected it and started a war.  The Jewish State gave their Arabs citizenship while Jordan and Egypt took over the rest of Palestine and kiccked all the Jews out

Israel will never allow for a single state because it is national suicide and will rob all citizens of their rights, let the refugees live a typical Arab dictatorship that could not cre less for the peopel and let Israel and its citizens live in peace.

The Jewish state expelled 90% of the Arab population, and the remainder were kept under military rule for more than 20 years. There is nothing democratic about that.

The Jewish state also invaded the Palestinian side of the Partition, forced Arabs on that side out of their homes, and prevented those Arabs from returning TO THE PALESTINE SIDE OF THE PARTITION.

Israel will lose control of USA and  will be forced to accept a single state resolution. And yes, it will be the end of a Jewish state. The country will become a combined Jewish/Arab country.

Susan, enough already... we all know that Arabs citizens in Israel have more rights under the Jewish State then any muslim in a Muslim state. Jews accepted Partition Arabs rejected.  Arab armies Invaded Israel when it declared a state.  There were not even Palastinains then, they were the Arabs of Palestine and I am done arguing about the "focrced out" propaganda you keep pushing.

Arabs have be threatening the destruction of Israel for the last 65 years, its getting old and its not gonna happen, learn to deal wit hthat....

Jews did not accept partition. They started ethnicly cleansing the country of Arabs from about March 1948, and they pushed over the border before any Arab armies invaded, and even then, it was known by all that the Arab armies were not real armies, but only a few troops, poorly trained and with very few weapons.

Re-write history if you must, because that is all you have. Arabs should learn that they need to accept the fact that there is a Jewish state and if they want their own Arab state they have to learn that Israel will not commit political suicide, not allow them to flood our country with Arabs and will not allow them to have an army, once that is understood tehre is what to discuss...

Everyone knows Israel will never AGREE to commit political suicide.

That said, the Arabs will return, and they will claim back all the territory and houses that were taken. They will rebuild their homes and farms and businesses.

The day is coming when the UN will insist that this happen, because otherwise the viability and the UN is at risk. The UN also will not commit political suicide.

The EU and USA will not accept it being shown how culpable they are in the atrocities that have occurred in Palestine.

No one is talking about that not even teh Arabs.... Arabs will never enter Israle they will have to be settles in the places they have been living for the last 65 years just like Jews from Arab countries have done.

Anyway, Arab and democracy does not work... Go take you "help" and deal with some real tragities  like teh Arabs killing Arabs, in Syria, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Libya ...

Israel will go in the same way that South Africa went. One day it will be there, and the next, it will still be there, but the Arabs will have all walked back in, and they will stay put, in the areas where their families came from. And that will be it.

You forget that Israel is not a proper democracy. Israel is like a military state in many ways, and it is also a tax haven. 

Israel is an open liberal democracy, Jews like Arabs have a single vote, can run for office and work freely as well as have all human rights. Arabs will stay in their countries and continue to kill each other and subjegate their people while Israel will continue to prosper...
TAX HAVEN, WHAT?!?!?! you just make things up dont you... so sad



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