I share this news story regardless of my refusal to such initiatives but I would love to read your comments and views with respect to "One-State Solution" for Palestinians and Israelis



Senior Fatah officials  call for single democratic state, not two-state solution



New initiative would allow Palestinian refugees the right of return to 'a state of all its citizens.'


Calling the two-state solution unrealistic, senior Fatah members issued a document Wednesday calling for the establishment of one democratic country in the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

The initiative, which was the culmination of two years of discussion, coincided with the 65th anniversary of the Nakba ‏(“catastrophe” in Arabic‏) − the forced exile of more than 700,000 Palestinians in 1948 and after and the dispersal of the Palestinian people between different countries and regimes.

While the Palestinian Liberation Organization held a small procession in Ramallah to mark the Nakba on Wednesday, some 20 men and two women congregated in a hall in the El Bireh municipality to sign the document called “the popular movement project for one democratic state in historic Palestine.”

It states that “the racist Israeli policy of separation and segregation” has made the two-state solution ‏(based on pre-1967 borders‏) unrealistic. Therefore, the most desirable option left for the Palestinian people and the one that will allow the right of return is: “a democratic state for all its citizens, which will be based on a democratic constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and will guarantee freedom and equal rights, without discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender, skin color, language, nationality, political opinion, social origin and place of birth.”

Most of the participants behind the initiative are identified with Fatah; a minority are members of other organizations in the PLO. They include Fatah member Radi Jarai, the former deputy director for prisoner affairs; Munir Abushi, the former governor of Salfit; and Prof. Uri Davis from the department of Israel studies at Al Quds University. When asked by Haaretz whether the intention was for “one state of the Palestinian people and members of the Jewish religion and others,” Davis responded that members were still discussing different concepts and definitions, and that he personally supports “one state for two peoples.”

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you practically promote the idea of violent war here


You are a big layers not only Jews accepted partition the where responded by wars.

I am a peace maker and I would love you make peace not hat ..

Salaam, Shalom, Peace

you are wrong this is what some settlers suggest to have one state and let the arabs citizenship.
You are so sweet and so talented and so bright and so passionate. How can you direct you passion to lead Palestinians to a peaceful and easy solution. Let's not stir the pot of hatred .

Let us see if we can get beyond the hysteria, to looking at things by comparison.

First of all, Israel will not be committing suicide.  It has been there for 65 years, it is not going anywhere.  The "Israel will be committing suicide" is the favorite rallying cry for the intermarried, acculturated, and assimilated American Jews.  The sociological name for this is "Gershom," because he was the son of Moses and the daughter of a Midianite priest.  The "Gershom" American Jews have a lack of knowledge about Judiac law and practices.  So they make up for it, by espousing radical right-wing support of Israel.

Many of the mechanics for a two-state solution are already in place.  The Palestinians have a constitution, and national assembly in Ramallah.  The Palestinian Authority gets border and excise taxes on everything that crosses over from Israel into the Palestinian territories.  But Israel collects these taxes, and hands them over to the Palestinian Authority.

The Arabs did not agree to the 1947 United Nations' General Assembly vote on the partition of Palestine into an Arab state and a Jewish state.  Mahmoud Abbas himself, says it was a mistake.  But the given is Israel has an Arab minority, and an independent Palestine will have a Jewish minority.  So this returns us back to why have a two-state solution?  Cannot there be a Belgian-style federation.  Well, look at the Belgian-style federation, and see if this can be applicable to Israel-Palestine.  But I remind you that both the Flemings and Walloons in Belgium have applied for European Union membership, and as the debt crisis in Belgium increases, it will be easier for them to break apart, and be accepted into the European Union.

In 1948, the Arab armies were poorly equipped and trained.  The British thoroughly armed and trained the Jordanian Legion.  According to the British, the Jordanian Legion was to be the Arab equivalent to the Haganah.  Both were needed to throw the Vichy French out of Lebanon and Syria, and to keep the Middle East free from Axis control.  In fact, Moshe Dayan lost his eye fighting the Vichy French in Lebanon.

Now the fastest growing sector in the Palestinian economy is high technology.  It is growing faster than agriculture.  The Palestinian economy is now very much in line with the Israeli economy.  Merge the two together into one, yes it can be done.  Have Palestinians return back to their farm fields.  Even that is tying in with the Israeli economy too.  Israel has more advanced technology in agriculture, and shared that with Gazan farmers at the Eshkol Agricultural Expo.

Compare Israel to South Africa.  No, South Africa was just changing voters' rights and political representation.  Also, it changed where people could live at in South Africa.  But it did not change land ownership, and the Bantu presidents of South Africa made sure that did not happen.  That did not want to see the fiasco that was done in neighboring Zimbabwe.  The only way Israel would resemble apartheid South Africa, is if the Arabs living there were not allowed to vote.  But Arabs living in Israel have the lowest voter turnout, and the Palestinians have not had a national election since 2006.  The one scheduled for May 2012 was cancelled.  Israel really is not a tax-haven, it is just that members of the Knesset cannot be extradited to foreign countries to stand trial.  So if they performed not paying their taxes in France, and are wanted in France for tax evasion, they cannot be extradited to France to stand trial over it.

Tim- u missed the point completely - the flooding of refugees into its electorate would be political suicide for the jewish state

Also, it would not be possible for Israel to absorb them.  It is like how did Calcutta have Mother Teresa's "poorest of the poor."  After the partition of India and Pakistan, a huge number of people came into Calcutta, and the city did not have the infrastructure to absorb them.  If a huge number of Arabs came into Israel, the country would not have the infrastructure to absorb them, and Israel could end up like Calcutta.

They should simply be absorbed by the countries they have been living for 65 years in some cases 3 generatiosn were born on these countries.... they are their home.  Just sad for political gain no country would absorb them, how sad even teh west bank and Gaza controlled by the same Palestinains keep them in refugee camps, ever ask why?

The families of the Palestinians who were evicted by Israeli Jews want their land back. They do not want to live in any other country. 

It is not sad for anyone but Israel that they will be returning. This is what those people want, and have the right to.

You have a point there, in none of the surrounding countries, were any of them granted citizenship.  Just exit visas to leave and return to the country.  Lebanon did not do this until 1993.  In Syria, they have all the benefits of Syrian citizens, but not citizenship.  So really they have not been absorbed by the surrounding countries, and many of these surrounding countries, their government within a government has been a source of conflict, in particular with Jordan and Lebanon.

If there is a 2 State resolution, a new factor will come into play.

The families of Arabs who were forcefully removed from their homes in 1948 & 1967 have no intention of ever living anywhere except where they lived prior to the military expulsion by Jewish militias and the IDF. They intend to return to Israel.

If the 2 State peace deal is successful, the Arabs who were evicted from Israel in ’48 & ‘67 will create mayhem along the entire border. 

Sussan the only refugees left from the 40's are Palestinians, that should say enough...

Pity had the Arab accepted Partition who knows what kind of world we would live in



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