Peace cannot be achieved between the Israelis and Palestinians through violence, unrealistic demands, and political posturing. However, after nearly twenty years of work, there exists a plan that will work.


Society today is disconnected from complete reality and from the needs and desires of each other. As a result, whenever progress is attempted, there is a period of negative steps taken to reach a single positive. I.e. we take several steps back to move forward one step.


Like an alcoholic, you cannot change the status quo until rock bottom is hit. Similarly, society cannot change until an environment exists where people as a whole feel as if they have reached rock bottom. It is at this time throughout human history that people rise to challenge the status quo and gain a following to change the direction of most if not all societies.


Today we are within an environment where the status quo is ready to change. However, unlike the past when a change began in one geographic and political location, today those who are trying to initiate change are doing so in a global society connected through technology. Unless done correctly, it will fail.


There is a way to initiate change in today’s world that will result in progressive change and move the world in the right direction.


As in most cases, the solution to the most complex problem may present itself in a simplistic way. I present the following as a place to begin:


  1. Presentation of a peaceful solution between the territory of Gaza and the nation of Israel that may lead to security for Israelis on their western border and the eventual elimination of the current Gazan regime of Hamas.
  2. Implementation of a plan that will rebuild the infrastructure of Gaza that will bypass outdated technology resulting from the Industrial Revolution allowing for the correct, efficient, and successful application of new, sustainable technology.
  3. Rebuilding of the infrastructure throughout Gaza will assist in creating jobs and new industries, as well as serve as a focal point for global advancement in both peace and technology.
  4. Possibly, as a bonus, we should take advantage of the newly designed and constructed region by creating a campus that will facilitate the sharing of research and information among those who are working toward a cure for the world’s diseases and disorders.


In the end, the goal is to facilitate a lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israelis by starting in Gaza, job creation, economic stability, and advancement in the cure for the world’s diseased and impaired.

Hydrogen and Oxygen, in their pure form separate from one another, are extremely explosive. But together, mixed correctly, they give us one of the foundations and necessities of life, water. In a similar manner, the four items I presented in this outline provide for a possible explosive environment when approached separately without a plan. But done correctly and with a plan full of contingencies and great ideas, the four can be combined in ways that will result in positive outcomes that will create a new way to look at the future.

I always say that world peace will never be achieved and poverty will always exist. This is not a plan to prove that statement incorrect, as it is a firm reality.  However, peace and prosperity can be created and controlled regionally and duplicated throughout the globe.


Jeff Richards

Founder and President

Mundus Novus Solutions

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Sounds like a great idea, if it was not for the fact that the Hamas charter calls for the murder of Jews and destruction of the State of Israel.... Until Hamas accepts international demands to stop terror, recognize Israel and agree to uphold previous agreements, there is really nothing to talk about, by definision. One can not negotiate its own destruction. If you need more proof look at the dozend of rockets being shot into Israeli cities with teh goal of killing as many civillian Jews as possible....



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