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 I am happy to share with you some information about our work in the same filed at Dar Al-Salaam Organization (DASO) – The Dar Al-Salaam Organization (DASO), or “House of Peace”, is an indigenous Yemeni NGO focused on conflict resolution and countering violent extremism through engagement of tribal and religious leaders. Based in Sana’a, DASO has grassroots networks and trust relationships throughout the country. Led by a Sufi t

ribal sheikh, DASO has developed 250 grassroots Peace Committees around the country with over 4000 tribal, religious, youth, and community leaders as members.DASO’s work focuses on tribal mediation, religious and sectarian dialogue, conducting youth peace building workshops, and engaging religious leaders in reducing violent extremism.

DASO’s approach employs traditional tribal mediation practices, emphasizing the role of Islamic principles in reducing violence, preventing revenge killings, and promoting peaceful coexistence among different sects and identity groups. The organization conducts training workshops with influential citizen leaders (e.g. religious preachers, counselors, academics, tribal leaders, and members of local government) to promote peace and coexistence in their communities. Some workshops, for example, have brought together Yemeni Salafis, Ismaili and Zaydi Shias, Sufis, and members of the Muslim Brother

hood and
Houthi movements to raise awareness of the Islamic basis for peaceful coexistence and social diversity, to equip participants to transmit these values to their communities, and to counter political and extremist manipulation of religion.

 would like to inform you that what Some of the most important successes achieved through DASO:

1.    Establishing 250 Peace Committees across Yemen.

2.    Persuading many young people affected by the culture of extremism and terrorism to exchange this for a culture of peace .[here for more information]

3. During the years 2011-2012 and in partnership with international backers, training 360 trainees in the construction of peace, tolerance, and conflict resolution. [here for more information]

4.    Leading several mass rallies calling for peace.

6.    Securing the peaceful release of many abducted foreigners.[here for more information]

7.    Stopping many executions through various interventions.[here for more information]

8.    Resolving many disputes, including those involving the marginalized minorities, Jews, and the Somali community.[Here for more information ]

9.    Carrying out several awareness campaigns against weapons and armed violence and extremism. [Here for more information]

11. Receiving a favorable review from the government DASO , its international experience, its peacemaking activities for conflict resolution, and it reconciliation procedures. [Here for more information] 

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Thank you Ahmed. 
People are doing so much harm and injustice in the name of God and of religions....It is very good to read about this event, which call for peace in the name of all religions.



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