If Palestine gets back to pre-1967 shape, how does it affect Israel territory?

Is Palestine ready - politically, economically and especially in terms of security - for freedom?

Are relationships between Gaza and West Bank enough good to unite?


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Dear Friend,

I am sure we need to have a Palestinian state ASAP for ending the Naqba and shifting into the build and good life phase of the Palestinians.

I am not sure it can come from outside, we need to solve internal conflicts, in Israel and in Palestine to make this shift successful. this is combination of internal change in both societies can must be supported from outside, but also can be misguided from outside

I agree.No one can help us, if we can`t help us by ourselves.

I sincerely wish that Palestinians would have their own place to live and not being subordinate by someone...but here is not like in old saying - sheep is alive and wolf is fed.

Are You ready to take responsibility for Your own state and is Israel ready to loose territory???

I do not think Israel will loose territory while a peace with a palestinian state is much more important for Israel future and stability. So we will gain a lot from a Palestinian state.


Territory is not the prime risk, the ability of the two societies to live together in peace is the challenge and for that we must build trust between us as people.

For getting there is must evaluate the two societies and see for the conditions for political stability. Would you think that the Palestinian people are able to block Hamas and other extreme violent groups from abuse the situation and act against Israel? How can they, as a society, be responsible to Gaza ?


Israel need to do more then just give territory, Israel society internal conflicts exist and settlers activity as other against-agreement initiatives can build up power for the same aim Hamas and other extreme violent aim - the destruction of our proved abilities to live together.


Peace is not equal to territory, its much more then that.

 Thank You for Your point of view.The main problem is relationships...I guess, it is common for people to judge about all by one that stands out & it`s totally wrong.Why should You be killed just that You look like one from Hamas?

Isn`t there ANY possibility to somehow "block" or "supress" acivity of these radical groups,or it can`t be done because they are extremely vital for Palestinians?OK,it won`t change much, but...

More, thanks for getting my oppinion more clearer - only thing what could create a bridge between these 2 extremes are such projects as Mepeace, CFP, and others look alike.I don`t know if my vote in this petition will do some help, but creating one more Jewish-Arab project certainly will.

With all of my heart I wish You and beloved ones peace and enough strength, because You are part of that bridge,which in form of peaceful co-existence is the right foundation not just for freedom of Palestine...



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