Israel and Hamas should not talk about "Victory" and celebrate it .. Hundred and sixty two Palestinians and Five Israelis were killed ,, houses were demolished by air raids and hundreds of families became homeless ,, Palestinian missiles reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and Israel killed Ahmad Al-Ja'bari .. The children of Gaza were crying ,, others were killed during the latest military actions while the world was celebrating the "International Children's Day" ,, Israeli children and their families were in the shelters out of fear to protect themselves from the missiles .. Hopefully to have long-term agreement of ceasefire between the two sides this time .. Give our children the chance to live in peace, enjoy and play rather than crying and living in danger and fear

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Hi Siddeley, I said you talk like an ignorant invader settler.

Of course Eyal Raviv does not see a resolution to the conflict in the same light as I do, and nor would Waleed. Everyone, EVERYONE, has a different perspective. However, we all know what peace looks like.

Peace in the Holy Land is going to involve everyone sharing the available resources equally. EVERYONE includes ALL FAMILIES of the original Arabs who were living in Palestine at the time of the mandate. They now number about 5 million refugees who will have to be accepted into Israel. The majority of these refugees have claims to land and houses that will have to be returned. Everyone of the 750,000 refugees who were forced out of Israel in 1948 lived in a house and had work at the time they were forced to leave. 

The place is in such a mess there will be a default to a single State, which will most likely have an Arab majority, not that it should make any difference which group has the majority. the complications occur only in countries such as Israel, which favour one group at the expense of others.

Dippity Doo. I presume that you will make sure that Israel commits suicide. Right. Or will the UN do it for you. Let me tell you the facts and nothing but the facts.

ISRAEL will never let in FOREIGN ARABS into Jewish Lands as the British did. That is a fact.

Neri may allow you to call people names or denigrate Jews and Israel,  but I ,my dear ,do not think that highly of Arab propagandists who claim that they are simply Humanists and Socialists or "peacemakers". I would reply in kind but I would not stoop to your level. It is way too low for my taste.

Israel never let in foreign Arabs, neither did the British.  You can say the Byzantine Empire did, but at the time that the Byzantine Empire existed, it did not patrol its borders.  What brought the Arabs in was raiding caravans, and today's Palestinians are descendants of caravan raiders.  But we cannot go in and negate history.  The Jews were expelled in 70 C.E., the Palestinians moved in there in the 7th century C.E.  Jews were returning back there as early as the 16th century C.E., and during the 19th century C.E., they were not just coming from Europe either.  Many were coming from the Ottoman Empire to another part of the Ottoman Empire.  The British did not take possession until 1917.  Today we have two groups of people living there, who are not living with each other harmoniously.  The task is to make them live together harmoniously.


EVERYONE includes ALL FAMILIES of the settlers


Siddeley Redanwan,

When some one from any side try to put "full and complete stop" it actually seek aggression to quiet and delete the other side voices. So I am not sure you are open for discourse.

While israel keep its Settlements projects and other restriction over the Palestinians who do not have state it may lead for long development process, also ideas as Sussan's that suggests that the Zionist project will fall and all what the Palestinians need to do is resist and wait are on the same line where there is no recognition of what the Israelis done.

The Palestinians were never a state and never had collective ownership on the territory, worst then that due to historic political economical system their "ownership" many times were of the kind that Serfdom in Feudal system but all of this is history, the Palestinians deserve and need to have a state that is self sustained and owned where person identity can have roots and economy can evolve healthy, 

The use of words as "terror" where it is also "resistance" from the other side and "occupy" where it is also "selt protection" from the other side are just words to capture the audience. our reality here is complex and painful as the last cycle of violence and its ending showed. 

Hamas wants the European Union to drop it from its list of terrorist organizations.  The European Union refused to install Turkey as a member, unless it admits to the Armenian Genocide.  It is hoped the European Union will not perform this action, until Hamas recognizes the State of Israel.  It is Hamas' way of getting more international recognition.  The criticism against the European Union over Turkey, was that it did not want a predominately Muslim member.  Hamas could used that has an excuse.  But irrespective of religion, the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize, so the European Union is held accountable to human rights (the Armenian Genocide) and coexistence (Hamas recognizing the State of Israel).  But the given is, more international pressure from all sources must be applied on Hamas.  It is so ironic that Hamas recognizes the pre-1967 borders, but not what is beyond it.

The European Union has just announced that they will not remove Hamas from the list of terrorist organizations.  But will only do so, if Hamas recognizes the State of Israel.  This is exactly the international pressure needed on Hamas to do so.  Good move European Union, you deserved your Nobel Peace Prize.



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