Another Arab lie: "martyr" Mohammed al-Dura exposed as hoax

Another Arab lie: "martyr" Mohammed al-Dura exposed as hoax
March 11, 4:42 PM ·
Paul Kujawsky
LA Middle Eastern Policy Examiner

There is an important fact in the Arab war against Israel which is underappreciated: To put it bluntly, the Arabs lie much more than the Israelis. Whether or not this is the religiously-sanctioned technique “taqqiya,” or a natural consequence of the lack of democracy in the Arab world is not an issue for today. The point is that the Arab side exaggerates and prevaricates as an integral part of its strategy against the Jewish state.

It’s a harsh fact. It’s an unfortunate fact. It’s a regrettable fact. But since it’s a fact, we have to face up to it.

How is the untruthfulness manifested? Leave to one side the Holocaust denial, the promotion of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” and other anti-Semitic fantasies. Here are some recent examples of Arab lies concerning Israel:

* The Jenin “massacre.” In April 2002, after a horrific campaign of suicide bombings murdered dozens of Israelis, Israeli military forces entered the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank/Samaria to kill or capture terrorists. Palestinians claimed that much of the camp was leveled, with a death toll of 500, or perhaps 3,000. A subsequent United Nations investigation revealed that only 52 Palestinians died, more than half of them terrorists.

* 2006 Lebanon war. Hezbolla launched the summer 2006 Lebanon war by kidnapping two Israeli soldiers. Again, casualty figures were inflated. For example, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said that Israel had deliberately massacred 40 people in the village of Hula. This was duly reported. He later admitted that there had been only one death. The systematic use of doctored and staged pictures gave us the word “fauxtography.”

* Gaza shortages. After Hamas violently took control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, Israel closed its border crossings with Gaza. Hamas exaggerated the effect of the closures. An almost comic example is the self-imposed blackout. The media published photos of a “candlelit” meeting of Parliament, despite the fact that sunlight was peeking through the heavy curtains!

There are no comparable Israeli lies about their Arab adversaries.

One of the most serious Arab falsifications is the “martyrdom” of Mohammed al-Dura. Al-Dura was a 12-year-old Palestinian boy who supposedly was shot by Israeli soldiers while his father Jamal tried to shield him. His name became a byword for Zionist brutality.

From the start, there were doubts, ballistic evidence indicating that Israeli bullets could not have hit al-Dura. Now, a documentary on German television has shown that the entire al-Dura affair was a complete swindle.

Philippe Karsenty, a French journalist who heroically pursued the truth of the al-Dura case, summarizes the evidence in the documentary as follows:

Thanks to a biometric analysis of the faces, it has been proven that the boy who was filmed by France 2 is not the boy presented at the Gaza morgue and buried later. The eyebrows and the lips are very different.

The German TV used the lip-reading technique to read the father's lips. They discovered that Jamal al-Dura gave instructions to the people who were behind France 2's cameraman during the filming of the scene.

The boy filmed by France 2 moves a red piece of cloth down his body for no specific reason.

In France 2's news report, there is no blood - neither on Mohammed nor on Jamal al-Dura's body, whereas the two were supposed to have received 15 bullets altogether.

The boy shown at the funeral as Mohammed al-Dura arrived at the hospital before 10 am, whereas France 2's news report was filmed after 2:30 pm.

In short, not only did Israel not kill Mohammed al-Dura, he doesn’t seem to be dead.

The press has a lesson to learn. In order to do accurate journalism, as opposed to simply repeating whatever they’re told, journalists will have to acquire the habit of doubting Arab stories regarding Israel. Journalists must dig deeper, with a skeptical attitude. (Journalists who knowingly publish Arab lies are beneath contempt.)

News “consumers” must do the same. When it comes to Israel, Arabs deserve a reputation of unreliability.

May the day come when that is no longer true.

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Hi Sunshine,
I feel compelled to address this on a number of levels.

On a personal level, I remember exactly when this story broke.
I had helped to bring three students from Afghanistan to South Florida as part of a brand new exchange program.
Every Sunday, I would take them on trips to different places, and to work with them on their English, and teach them about democracy. We got along very well.
One Sunday morning, early, when I went to pick them up in Miramar for our trip that day,
one of them handed me a newspaper with that famous photo of al Dura on the front page.
He asked me - very angrily - "Is that human rights?"
I answered him "I don't know what this story is about yet. I can't say anything yet." (That was the first I had heard of it.)
He insisted. So I said, "Until I learn otherwise, yes."
The other two and I remained close, but this one never seemed to get over it.

I also know soldiers who fought in that Jenin action, and who told me how they were
personally subjected to great risks in order to minimize casualties to innocent civilians there.
And that's how it became a battle. Now everyone sane admits that there was never any massacre.

Point is, I understand where this thread is coming from.
We see Fatah accusing Hamas of lying; Hamas accusing Fatah of lying;
and Hamas contradicting itself about who is lying.
I have also objected to, and pointed out, instances of what I thought were "taqiyya."

Still, it is not "all Arabs" who are unreliable, but the leaders of the institutions
and governments, that have taken over most Arabic-speaking societies.
Generalizing about all Arabs is still harmful,
especially when we need the help of - what I know is - the great reservoir
of talented and freedom-minded and honest Arabs who are out there,
to overcome those institutions and leaders.
(Especially the Muslim Brotherhood.)

I would call this an anti-Israel lie, and maybe a Muslim Brotherhood lie,
but it's unfair to blame all Arabs for it, or for the Jenin thing,
or even for the lie that started the rioting and killing of Jews in 1920.
It was never all Arabs who were behind those lies and the subsequent hostilities.
It was identifiable groups within Arab (and Turkish) society,
which have been organized around principles of governing through intimidation
and manipulation. Groups not surprisingly also opposed to democracy.
If those groups can be dealt with, they will no longer be able to so negatively influence the general population.
I hope...
Basil, i would imagine, as your posts are written quite intelligently, you know (but perhaps are to "proud" to admit) that when it comes to exaggeration, claiming "victory" as Hamas bizarrely did in Gaza etc.... and yes, lying outright as was done in Gaza and Jenin and w/al Dura case, the Arab media, especially organs of state control, have and continue to lie much more than Israeli media such as Jeruslaem Post or Haaretz -

that's a fact, not bigotry

and falsely accusing me of bigotry (or wrongly and grossly comparing this to the Nazi demonization of European Jews) is a way to hide from the criticism.

I know criticism is difficult apparently to handle, but in the long run - it really is worth the effort.

for me "pride" is not lying or about shame's about facing the truth and improving one self and ones people and the world.

Within the Shia theological framework,[1] the concept of Taqiyya (تقية - 'fear, guard against', also taghiyeh)[2] refers to a dispensation allowing believers to conceal their faith when under threat, persecution or compulsion.[3]

The word "al-Taqiyya" literally means: "Concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies at a time of imminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself from physical and/or mental injury." A one-word translation would be "dissimulation." [4]
Instead of getting indignant, and parsing words,
maybe address and confront the underlying substance here?
With or without the generalization, there is a serious problem.

Self-delusion has somehow become acceptable governmental practice.
Even though it must lead to disaster!

We all remember Saddam's spokesman repeatedly assuring the world
that the Americans were burning in flames; er...were not approaching Baghdad;
er...had not entered Baghdad; er...were not at the Baghdad airport...
It was like a Monty Python skit brought to life.

You can learn about how the Egyptian dictatorship was saying it had destroyed the Israeli Air force in 1967;
when the opposite had occurred.

Now, if I say that totalitarian governments and dictatorships are much more likely to lie to the public;
and that all of the countries around Israel either are dictatorships or are subject to them,
and therefore more likely to lie to the world and themselves,
that is not as a function of their being Arab;
but as a function of their being totalitarian states.

The taqiyya angle brings religion into the mix in a very unhealthy way.
It helps the parasites who try to maintain their rule over everyone,
to use religious pretexts for doing that.
Hi again Basil,

Interesting. You say:

"I mean what if I bring out a Torah and quote from the Talmud improperly?"

Well, other people have done that here before, and it does not have to be a big deal.
If what they are saying is false, we can correct them with the truth!
Such as, when you imply that taqiyya existed in Judaism before it existed in Islam,
I can say that that is incorrect, and suggest that you will not be able,
no matter how hard you look, to cite anywhere in the Torah or the Talmud where lying is permitted.
So if "one can argue" about it, that is only if that "one" does not care about having a factual basis for arguing...

My point is that this is not really about religion,
but that religion is being used as a pretext for power by dictators and theocrats...
The Taqiya concept whether it originated with Muslims or Zoroasteans or Scientologists or Eskimos is used today by many Palestinian advocates. That's really the issue.

Now while I'm sorry that makes Basil uncomfortable, I'm even sorrier that it is such a part of Palestinian advocacy + if we deny it, or hide from it or blame the messenger and stifle them that doesn;t help the goals of mepeace.

But if we confront it;s existence, for example how the Al Dura blood libel has been used to enflame the Arab street and distance chances fo peaceful coexistence - than we're on the part to something constructive.

Peace can't only be about critiquing every aspect of Israeli existence (true or false) but denying or evading any discussion of Arab/Muslim culpability....

And if that's what goes for Peace in the Palestinian "struggle" then you can understand the questions people have about the REAL Palestinian peace movement which seem to irk so many Palestinian advocates here and elsewhere.
REAL Palestinian peace movement is in front of your noose and you cannot see it.

because then you will need to admit your mistakes.
how can you talk about mepeace goals when you fail communication with Basil?
You don't need to convince Basil he is not REAL Palestinian peace activist nor you succeed to convince me he is not., this is not respectful and asclaimed Arab you should be more concern of respect you give.

If you feel uncomfortable when people say Israel is not doing anything for peace, it is a mirror of the reaction you create when you claim that there is REAL Palestinian peace movement i.e Palestineis not doing anything for peace
We are all responsible for the lack of peace down there to some extent. You can question things, but it must be done in a respectful manner if one wants peace. I see no real respect in this thread.
This post and the thread here is highly offensive not just to me (as a fair minded person who challenged Hamas and challenged Fatah and challened Zionists to stick to teh facts). It is offensive because of the racist nature of it. I encourage Basil and Neri and other fair minded people not to be dragged into these "discussions" (obviously intended to achieve what they precisely achieved: useless distractions from teh real issues of peace making and redress of the injustice). But since this distraction is already being engaged in let me just make a few comments of facts to address the first supposed proof of endemic lies by the "Arabs" from the original post of the initiator/agitator:

"The Jenin “massacre. In April 2002, after a horrific campaign of suicide bombings murdered dozens of Israelis, Israeli military forces entered the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank/Samaria to kill or capture terrorists. Palestinians claimed that much of the camp was leveled, with a death toll of 500, or perhaps 3,000. A subsequent United Nations investigation revealed that only 52 Palestinians died, more than half of them terrorists."

This is hogwash. "The Palestinians" claimed no such thing. There were hundreds of reports by Palestinian organizations and individuals that carried accurate description of the massacre (and yes it was a massacre). One individual exagerrated based on what he saw with the damage in a densely populated area (Israel destroyed most of the camp)

Human Rights Watch issued a report May 3, 2002 on Israeli atrocities in Jenin stating in part: “civilians (in Jenin) were killed willfully or unlawfully (by the Israeli military). (which) used Palestinian civilians as ‘human shields’ and used indiscriminate and excessive force.. The abuses we documented in Jenin are extremely serious, and in some cases appear to be war crimes.." (

Moshe Nissim, who operated a bulldozer for 75 straight hours in Jenin was quoted in Yediot Ahoronot:
"No one refused an order to take down a house. When they told me to destroy a house I exploited that in order to destroy a few more homes. On the loudspeaker (the Palestinian residents) were warned to get out before I came in. But I didn't give a chance to anyone. I didn't wait. I'm sure that people died inside of those houses. From my perspective we left them a football field, they should play there. The 100x100 was our present to the camp. Jenin will not return to be what it was." (Yedioth Ahronot, Friday 31 May 2002, translated by Alternative Information Center).

See also

The agitator anonymous "sunshade" then goes on to list other statements including claiming that Mohammad al-Durra was not killed/the whole thing was fake based on what another lying Zionist says (a French Zionist). Why not go visit his grave instead or maybe just claim there were no Jews killed in teh Holocaust!! What insensitive, arrogant, idiotic assertions

"There are no comparable Israeli lies about their Arab adversaries."

No they are not comparable. Lies are really big on the Israeli side. See
So we should ignore it, and only come here to help people see that blame is wrong, check out my other posts and see if you see value in them ;-)
I agree with you



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