Brit Olam Forwards Diverse Slate of Candidates; Calls For New Leadership in Israel


Contact: Ofer Lifschitz, 011 972 50 642-5686, ,
Byron DeLear, (314) 445-7911,

Brit Olam Forwards Diverse Slate of Candidates; Calls For New Leadership in Israel

* Recent Silencing of Israeli Arab Parties Damaging to Democratic Principles
* No Long Term Strategy for Israeli / Palestinian Conflict Guarantees Perpetual State of War
* Brit Olam’s Focus on Caring for Children / Families, Assuring Safety for All and Promoting Healthy Ecological and Social Values for a Better World

January 14, 2009

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – At a press conference yesterday, Israeli political party Brit Olam announced its plan to change the leadership in Israel.

“A new approach is needed because the old way of doing things is clearly not working,” said Ofer Lifschitz. Mr. Lifschitz ran as the number one candidate on Brit Olam’s 2006 slate and today serves as its party chair. He expressed dismay at the lack of vision with the current Israeli leadership, “If we prolong the status quo and fail to support the dignity and rights of all, then the suffering that we all see today will surely continue.”

Brit Olam, in Hebrew “Eternal Convenant” or “World Alliance”, has put forward the most diverse slate of candidates in the nation’s upcoming 18th Knesset Election. The party list includes secular and religious Jews, Arab Druze, Hasidic and Breslov orthodox--and has been endorsed by several prominent Israeli Arab leaders in the Muslim community.

Israel is often cited as a “lone democracy” in the Middle East. Two days ago, a Knesset Elections Committee voted to remove Israel’s Arab Parties despite the fact that they were legally seated. This unexpected turn of events has underscored the importance of Brit Olam’s inclusive role in the upcoming election, namely, as a referendum condemning the dismantling of democratic principles.

“The loosening of one-sided politics and prejudiced parties by our broad-based coalition makes Brit Olam a shining example of democracy in action,” proclaimed Joel Zeitlin (#8 on slate), formally with the right-wing orthodox party Yahadut Hatorah. "Brit Olam's politics are neither Left nor Right, but rather hold a holistic and Universal perspective."

Several members of the humanitarian Hatnua Lema’an Yeladeinu (Movement for our Children) have joined the Brit Olam coalition. Ya’akov Elia (#6 slate), through his work as an independent social service auditor, uncovered disturbing evidence negatively impacting children. Mr. Elia intoned, "34% of Israel's children live in poverty. It is unacceptable that this Western country leads the modern world with the highest percentage of children suffering in a state of resource deprivation. Tens of thousands of these at-risk youth have been surrendered into an inefficiently state-run program costing billions resulting in disastrous emotional and Spiritual consequences. "Left unchecked, child impoverishment leads to countless other societal ills affecting everyone."

Brit Olam's Ya'akov Elia has dedicated himself to exposing this injustice, and will spearhead a comprehensive legislative plan to address this problem.

Kinneret Golan, a media professional and mother of two, heads the Brit Olam slate of candidates. At last night's meeting she expressed dismay at the number of lives lost in Gaza, and sympathy for those Israelis under the threat of rocket attack, she echoed the call for change, "We have had enough of our Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister constantly telling us that we have no choice. We deserve leaders in the Knesset with vision, individuals driven to do whatever is necessary to get us there." Ms. Golan, active with various humanitarian and environmental groups, is one of two women on the Brit Olam slate. Kinneret Golan is a passionate advocate for exploring alternative political solutions to the seemingly intractable Israeli / Palestinian conflict. "As long as peace is only a dream we are all going to wake up in the morning and see that we are still at war; we must vigorously pursue our working together to make this dream a reality."

Brit Olam (“Eternal Convenant” or “World Alliance”) is an Israeli Political Party running for Israel’s Parliamentarian Elections to be held on February 10, 2009

Contact: Ofer Lifschitz, 011 972 50 642-5686, ,
Byron DeLear, (314) 445-7911,
Rebecca Tobias (310) 916-8888

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