I am highly disturbed by the closing of two discussions as soon as challenges to Zionism arose. If a challenge to a political idea that led to 12 wars is not considered appropriate at this site, then I think this site needs to be renamed from mepeace to "Zionism defense". If the idea is to have a discussion towards peace between people with the same political idea, then it is no longer a site to discuss peace between those with differeing ideas (and obviously this conflict is between people with differing ideas). If the idea is to discuss among those who dissagree then it cannot suppress the political views of the agrieved party (that Zionism is the problem) and thus leave standing the one idea of the one party (that IMHO is shrinking). Many Jews see that Zionism is an issue to be discussed and it is being discussed even on the pages of Haaretz and Yediot Aharnot. The censorship of the discussion here is nothing short of scandelous IMHO. I do not want here to discuss Zionism but teh censorship of the discussion of a political idea. Would the same censorship have gone unchallenged if done about any other political idea (communism, islamism, nazism, capitalism)? Or is this considered another case of exceptionalism to history and norms of discourse that we allow ourselves so that we constinue to be deluded about specialness?

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