As a member of I would like from time to time (as I am guided via meditation) to enter into dialogue with fellow members. The reason and goal is simple and not difficult to understand. We all crave for peace.

It is said that “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Thanks to this wonderful technology we now are able to “talk” with each other using our fingers to type out what it is that we want to say to the other; despite the distance between us.

Whilst I understand and appreciate the purpose of this website is focused primarily to the Middle East region of our globe, what attracts me to be a member, is its title.

Through my travels and life experiences, I learn that peace begins with “me”.

Perhaps, if we can open up to each other without fear to share of our “stories” we can arrive at the consensus for Creating A Better World, that is peaceful in its core.

Any takers?

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Dear Gary,

I suspect Walsch's solution might not work either.

Let me draw your attention to the following phrase: "Courageously examine these new understandings [=of God and life] and, if they align with our personal inner truth and knowing, enlarge our belief system to include them."

To me, this sounds like I am being asked to make my inner self the measure of all things. Given the narcissistic bent of western society, this could spell a recipe for disaster--what if the truths of my inner self are different from yours? What if they conflict with yours? What happens then to the prospects for peace?

I have not read Walsch, so it may very well be that my comments are taken out of content, but I thought I would flag this quote as a source of potential misunderstandings.
"The energy born of love is creative--it makes everything it touches new. To see how passionate you are, look around at what you have created."

- Deepak Chopra

Dear Clara –

The participation here is wonderful, for it brings to bear exactly what is intended. Thank you, et al, for your contributions.


This one word (is what I have observed during my 78+ years of travelling, living in different cultures) provides the explanation that seem insoluble to stand in the way of Global Peace.

As humans we are so fearful of differences.

Yet, what I have observed (also), that buried deep within those differences is that quality of Love that we humankind share. However, because of the fear, it lies dormant, in many, to be forgotten with the passage of “time”.

I think it is not suggested that we live as Pollyanna; or in such a manner to look for the goodness in such a way as to blind us to what might be construed as “not so good”.

On the contrary, I think what is being suggested is that the power of Love provides ability to discern. It is also very expressive and determines choice to see or respect the shadow aspects of life with balanced attitudes. Either towards the goodness or the badness (shadow).

Each day I “pray” that what I reflect back to my fellow kind is the goodness.

It is a conscious choice I make to live with the power of Love, rather than the all the negatives that living with fear entail.

I cannot change the other (person), but I can change to be the I AM Love to touch another for keeping the ripple effect in motion.
While I realize that two children -- or even two adults -- living in the same house in their own rooms may have conflicts due to their personal desires, I believe that there is no TRUTH regarding the ownership of property. Though the Father may have initially said that one room belongs to Izzy and the other belongs to Ishy, the father's decision is arbitrary and so is their desire for the other's room. If the Father wanted to, the Father could simply say that they both had to stay in one room or they could move out or they could trade rooms. The room itself is not the real issue. The question is why each one wants the other's room. Is it because of the size of the room, the view from the window, the color of the walls, etc? Wanting one's own room for privacy and a place of refuge from the other is also desirable. But couldn't there be a way to satisfy everyone's desires -- depending on the reasons for those desires? One could repaint the walls, enlarge the window, etc. It might be costly or difficult for these changes to be made, but it is possible. In my view, the problem is that these questions are not being asked. Both sides simply see that the other wants his/her stuff -- not the reasons why.

How can wars be stopped?


Maybe there is a way.

Rapidly changing sunspot number occurring when the 11 year sunspot cycle is either ascending or descending may have a disturbing effect to the magnetic field around Earth, causing some people to have hormone imbalances or altered brainwaves1.


Wars can be triggered by the effects of these geomagnetic storms, during the ascending or descending periods during these eleven year cycles2; never at the peak of the sunspot cycle. That means wars are more likely to start twice every eleven years. The sunspot formations are associated with planetary positions; that means they can be predicted.


Sunspot numbers are reduced at times of global meditations.


This has happened 22 times out of 25 in three separate projects,

shown by government data, available to anyone daily at the following link:NOAA


Therefore meditations can be scheduled at predicted times of likely warring behavior, according to planetary alignments3 and sunspot cycles. It is not necessary to direct meditations specifically at the Sun; prayers to any god, saint, or guru will probably work just as well.


The important process is to quiet the usual mental chatter within 24 hours of the shared appropriate time.


More information is in the book: “Planetary Influences”4 and a possible basis for how people may be affecting the Sun is given in the book: “The Spin Force”5.





 1. Friedman, H. and Becker, R.O., "Geomagnetic Parameters and Psychiatric Hospital Admissions," Nature, V. 200,    pp 626-628, 1963


2. Dewey, E. R., Evidence of Cyclic Patterns in an Index of International battles, 600 B.C—A.D.     1957, Cycles, Vol. XXI, No. 6, pp. 121-139. 1970.


3. Payne, B. Dynamic Solar System Software.


4. Payne, B. “PLANETARY INFLUENCES”. Ch VIII. 2011. E-book.


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6. Payne, B. “Is the Sun a Conscious Being.” Considerations Magazine. 1984

7.Payne, B. "Are Wars a Form of Disease." Explore! Magazine. Vol. 17. Number 4, 2008.


For more info. Please see Kashonia Carnegie’s website:




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