The cease-fire was declared on 26th Aug 2014, fifty days after the commencement of Operation Protective Edge resulting in death of about 2200 Gazans and 72 Israelis. The 72nd Israeli succumbed to his wounds on 29th August. According to reports, Hamas requested an unconditional cease-fireHamas never got their airport, seaport, release of prisoners and open borders. They also never achieved lifting of the blockade on Gaza. Their bombastic fantasies of victory were played out in Gaza City, when the "brave, victorious", Hamas’s Gazan leadership came out of its underground bunkers, sheltered by human shields, and gave the usual victory speeches so typical of the fantasy world in which they live.

Hamas had achieved nothing; the only victory they achieved was an enhancement of their dreams in their fantasy world, typical of psychopaths and schizophrenics. This war was justified as Israel has a right to defend itself from missiles being launched by Hamas with the intention of killing as many Israelis as possible.

After a month of quiet, the parties will meet in Cairo where the psychopathic, barbaric Hamas will put its original demands on the table, which will be opposed by Israel and Egypt. Will this cause a breakdown of the cease-fire? We will have to wait and see.

Israel will investigate the errors that were made in this campaign. There were tactical errors as there always is in an operation as complex as this one was and conclusions will be drawn. Operation Protective Edge lasted a long time and, despite the heavy losses suffered by Hamas. According to Hamas rhetoric, their motivation to continue the war with Israel remains. Hamas still has the capability of firing missiles and mortars into Israel as we saw hours before a cease-fire was declared with tragic loss of Israeli lives.

As evil as Hamas and their ilk are, there is no doubt that Israel must bear part of the blame for the creation of this terrorist movement that is responsible for so much horrendous terrorist acts against Israelis in the past and present. When Hamas was formed in 1987, it received support from Ariel Sharon because it opposed the PLO. He thought that by supporting Hamas, he would weaken the resolve of the PLO to commit terror against Israel. He adopted a "divide and rule" policy. This was proved a fatal error of judgment on his part.

While the mantra of Hamas is unrelenting in not recognizing Israel's right to exist and its commitment to Israel's total destruction. This was the mantra of the PLO as well prior to the Oslo Accords of 1993.

We are all familiar with the inability of the Arab world to come to terms with Israel's establishment in 1948 and the wars that were declared against Israel over the years with the culmination of the Six Day War of June 1967, when Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights. Israel became an occupying power and encouraged settlements in these territories.

Israel was viewed then by its supporters as invincible and had the right to encourage settlement in Judea and Samaria (called so by the settler movements who view the West Bank as theirs according to biblical legacy). In previous articles, I have always maintained that settling these occupied lands with religious Jewish Zealots was a grave error and Israel is still paying the price for this folly to this day. The occupied territories should have been used as a bargaining chip to be returned to the Palestinians in exchange for a peace agreement and recognition of Israel's right to exist. It could have been the basis for a future Palestinian state alongside Israel. 

Meanwhile, until the achievement of peace, Israel should have encouraged financial investment in the occupied territories, improved services to the Palestinian people, improving infra-structure, health services and economic viability. This would have been far more constructive as well as serving Israel's interests. It could have achieved a bulwark against hate and terrorism. One must always remember that an occupying power is responsible for the well being of the people that it occupies. Israel missed an opportunity for the eventual establishment of a Palestinian state - all because of lack of foresight and its encouraging of settlement policies in the occupied territories. Israel had neglected the Palestinians under occupation.

The Palestinians were subjected to settler vandalism, including the destruction of their olive tree plantations, agricultural crops and misappropriation of their lands for Jewish settlement. Apologists for the settler movement and occupation have their mantras as well. "We have given the Palestinians employment and they are ungrateful, in return they commit terrorist acts against Israelis!" Wages paid to Palestinians were poor. Many would get up at 3.00 am to catch buses that took them into Israel to get opportunistic work or contract labor under appalling conditions. They had no trade unions, security and exploitation was widespread. The Palestinians remained poverty-stricken and their environment became so bad becoming a target for the establishment of terrorist movements such as Hamas that thrive on the dissatisfaction of poverty-stricken Palestinians with no future or any hope.

Israel, over the years of occupation, had shirked its responsibility towards the indigenous Palestinians, sowing the seeds for the establishment of Hamas and its allies. These terrorist movements could never thrive in an economically strong Palestinian population. Israel had the chance to achieve this with the help of foreign countries, including the US. It would have been cheaper than building a strong army to quell terrorist movements that thrive in hopeless, poverty-stricken situations. A satisfied Palestinian population is the best defense against terror. The encouragement of a Palestinian-destructive Israeli settler movement is a prescription for Palestinian terror.

Another negative phenomenon that occurred during the war was the demonstrations of hate against Arabs in general. This disgraceful development aggravates the relationship between Israel's Arab citizens and Jewish Israelis, which has been exacerbated by Operation Protective Edge. Both peoples, Israelis and Palestinians will have to come to terms with each others right to exist on a shared peace of land. Both peoples are not going to disappear from the Middle East and will remain an integral part.

This war has also proved that Hamas has no place in Gaza and is destroying the Palestinians. There has to be a viable, pragmatic Palestinian leadership that could be given the opportunity to cooperate with Israel, moderate Arab States and the rest of the world in rehabilitating Gaza, which has been severely damaged. It is doubtful if the Palestinian Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas is able to take over this responsibility without world support, including that of Israel and Egypt. Rehabilitation of Gaza on a massive scale can only really begin when there is total disarmament of Gaza. 


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  I find it quite upsetting for you to compare Hamas and he Likud on any level.. Hamas is a recognized terrorist organization by the free countries of the world, who in its charter calls for the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews. Haled Mashal from Hamas admitted in the interview that it was indeed Hamas Military wing that was behind the kidnap and cold blooded murder of the three Israeli teenagers.

Abbas as much of as he seems like a moderate leader does not have full control over the west bank (Israels raids on Hamas 2 months ago stopped an over through of the PA by Hamas there) and has no control over Gaza, so how will talking with him help? Israel cannot talk talk to Hamas because they are terrorists who simply want to murder innocents.

The larger issue is look what is happening in the Mideast, can you imagine if Israel would have given Syrians the Golan heights, with what is happening there.  How can Israel afford to give the PA more land or a state with these shifting sands.  If the is a chance the west bank will look like Gaza in a few years, Israel will simply be inviting the murder of its civilians.

My hope if that out of this horrible war Hamas will learn that it is not worth while to attach Israel because they will suffer for it and at least it will be quiet in the South (and the rest of teh country).  I agree that Hamas will not be willing to disarm, but as long as that does not happen I see no reason for Israel to allow a sea or airport, it will just give the terrorist a means to smuggle more weapons to kill innocents.

First of all the prime minister of Israel has stated a number of times that he supports two state solution of a Palestinian and Jewish state. "Hamas has not recognized Israel in a direct fashion", lets be clear,  Hamas charter calls for the destruction of the state of Israel and the murder of Jews. There were peace negotiations on a two state solution till a few months ago.  Both Barak and Olmert have offered the PA a state - so lets not pretend or play games here.

I am in theory for a two state solution, I have no problem splitting Jerusalem what is Arab is Arab and Jewish is Jewish, with Israel retaining control of all its holey sites. This is in theory.  In practice every time land was given away to Palestinians they have been used as bases to launch attacks on civilians, shooting attacks, stabbings, suicide bombers or rocket attacks.  Can Israel really afford to have a situation like this in the center of the country?  Palestinians have proven they can not govern Gaza after Israel completely left and took out its own citizens, failed experiment.  What trust can they have that the west bank would be any better?

I dont care if a vast majority of Muslims are peaceful. ISIS, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Hizballah, Al Quida and the dozen or so other terrorist groups are who i care about.  They are also killing the peaceful Muslims. How can Israel make peace with a country not knowing who their leaders will be tomorrow, and if Hamas managed to overt how Abbas in the west bank do you still think Israel should give them a state?

I support peace one hundred percent.  I support live and freedom.  I do not support the death of innocents, civilians and war, this is what Israel has received in return for giving Palestinians land. You tend to forget, the was with Hamas was not a choice by Israel, it was defending against the thousands of rockets that the terrorist were firing against civilians. What choice does did it have, you kill terrorists, you dont talk to them. This was a needless conflict and i too mourn the life of all those who were killed, and i blame Hamas for all their deaths.

I live here, in Israel not in a lala land.  I make my decisions based on what i see on the ground not on slogans like peace and harmony when my fellow citizens, Jews and Arabs lives are being threatened.  The question is how we can move forward now... honestly, not sure.

Point is Netanyahu on many occasions and famously in Hebrew in Bar-Ilan speech that he believes in a Jewish state side by side with a demilitarized Palestinian state, that is a fact.  I understand you know what he truly believes I can only tell you what he he has stated public and says that he believes. 

At Taba Barak offered Palestinians everything, Olmert made the offer more generous the leaders just said no, there was no counter offer.  Clinton famously said about camp david that it was all Arafats fault.  If Palestinians wanted a state they would have accpted one of the many very generous offers, they do not they want to remain victims and want the right of return, i.e. right to get rid on teh Jewish state.  

We go back to Hamas cause Hamas is the terror entity that controls Gaza that is trying to kill the Jews in Israel and they are a huge stumbling block to peace. And in case you were not aware most of the reason Hamas started attacking is because Abbas refused to pay Hamas workers, their unity was going nowhere. Israel cannot negotiate with Hamas till it recognizes the conditions set the quartet, they still accept none of them. As for settlements, it is a joke of a stumbling block.  Israel and palestinians were negotiating for a couple decades before a freeze was needed to talk and Netanyau did freeze it for 9 months and Abbas took 8 months to come to teh table.  Remember Israel has removed settlers over and over, in the Sinai, Gaza and 4 in the west bank.  They also offered to do the same thing in proposals by Barack and Olmert, this is just an excuse.

Three innocent teenagers were kidnapped and shot by Hamas in west bank.  This is why Israel started to raid Hamas there.  I was here the news explained at the time there were 2 stated goals, find the teenagers and destroy the Hamas terror network that allowed it to happen. Remember Israel also stopped Hamas for over throwing the PA in West Bank...

As for proof since then HAmas include Halad Mashal have stated clearly that Hamas was behind the kidnapping, there is no denying that!

Look, I live in Israel and want peace more than anyone.  I do not see how it is possible.  It is always great to talk about drinking coffee together but we live in a reality where over 5 million people are living under the threat of rocket fire.  I had to constantly run to shelter to be protected for rockets meant to kill me in the city I live in.  No one should have to accept that.  How can Israel trust the same thing (but much worse) will not happen if a state is given in west bank?  What do you think?  How do you think Israel should have responded to the rockets attacking it civilians?

First of all quote what you bottom line is the Prime minister has said officially in English and Hbew that he supports a Jewish state next to a Palestinian state. I myself would not give back the Jordan valley, but that is a different story. I will not argue over the generous offers given to teh PA over the years.  The were offered a state with 95+% of the area with swaps, they did not even offer a counter proposal.

Regarding the kidnapping you just continue proving my point, Hamas took credit for teh attack and Israel went after them for that basis, how you say they did not after both Israel and Hamas agree to it.. the fact the Haled Mashal claims he did not know is probably BS, just trying to cover his ass after claiming it was not Hamas, not that it is relevant.  The funds actually came from Gaza.

Still tell me , how do you think Israel can trust the Palestinians with more land if until now all land given to them becomes a terror base?  Do you even consider Hamas a terrorist organization like the rest of the free world does?

Hamas higher-up in Gaza pulled trigger on teens’ abduction

Abed a-Rahman Ghaminat, deported to the Strip under Gilad Shalit deal, coordinated attack with top Hamas official in Turkey

Read more: Hamas higher-up in Gaza pulled trigger on teens' abduction | The Ti... 



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