just saw the Chralie rose with Erdogan of Turkey
and I find a lot of hope in that. other the very strong words against Israeli gov, it was almost a Zionist interview. first the symbols of Turky as a secular Muslim democratic state with the Crescent Moon on the flag , for all the criticizers of Zionism me included that say that a Jewish secular democratic state is a paradox . but here we have a bridge between Zionism and Muslim world, with a Muslim secular democratic state . then Erdogan talk about a fair solution , and right after he said the 1967 borders!, time after time he said that Turkey is a friend of Israel again and again.
obviously I don't believe a word he says about not wanting to be the leader of Islam , but that might be a good thing , and I hope that Israel ...please please !!!!!! will know how to play that right .
 any thing that have a chance to connect between Israelis and the Muslim world is good 

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I saw the interview also......Refreshing !
Basil what you say is all true.
Israel is only one country but its my country so as an Israeli I am listening the most to what is relevant to me . not to mention that about 50% of the interview was about Israel and Palestine. and obviously thats what I am most interested about. how he see the future relationship, how does he see Salam fayyad , the peace proses , the relationship with the US and with the west, all this is in the minds of every Israeli today
I think that when you say turkey you mean Basil :)
Agreed. :)



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