Global politics involves continuous tensions and conflict from a variety of sources. Global politics plays a role in the regulation of international conflict. During October 1962 we had what they called the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was one of the first times a world order forced policy makers to confront the reality of the nuclear age.  The risk of losing control was far greater than had been considered.  The greatest risk did not originate from the leaders themselves but from actions, events, and errors beyond their control.   Because the lethality of modern weapons has continued to increase, major powers have tended to rely on threats rather than on overt force. If deterrence and coercive diplomacy are to be effective instruments of presuasion, the threats of force must be sufficiently potent and credible to prevent unwanted behaviors and to compel behavorial change. Are threats effective? Does the show of military force or non military,(low intensity conflit, LIC), force increase a country's ablity to influence foreign policy behavior?  


LIC with the use of Guerrilia wars are considered rural military conflicts using unconventional tatics.  Long term conflicts of attrition that see to wear down the enemy. Gurrellas aim to weaken the ruling authorities by imposing significant economic costs on them.  Some significant goals is to cause economic damage, alienating citizens from their government.  The main goal of Guerrilias are to topple existing regimes by resorting to unconventional force.  


This post goes out to my friend Nedel in the memory of his grandmother.


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The threats i have seen that prove to be effectiive ar the ones that seem to be carried out. The on again off again leadership meetings in varied countries because of varied military force within various sectors of the border are nothing more than poor diplomacy. The IDF's propagands grounds control of media is ineffective and a huge waste of budgets. The international water ways have been opened and repeatedly challenged. The diplomacy will result if a statue can be set to check the varied cargo going inside and outside the sanctioned sectors. This can be done but will limit the fund raising abilities of the current mafia groups keeping the line of division and local citizens cut off. Policy will come with outside efforts of controlling nations. The petty cat and mouse game of lets throw a few grenade launchers is just poor judgement on the Gurrella groups. Lack of stragetic planning on both governments parts when the international community is working to bring this area to a complete peaceful solution. The need for micro and macro economic programs from outside foreign investment is greatly needed.



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