Dearest friends
We will start olive harvest 11 of October we call you to come to help us picking oil you cane make our work more easily .
You cane expect very excitement atmosphere while you doing this job with us in the mountains such as making tea on fire ,friendly gathering and story's about the past harvest seasons and you are invited to bring your cameras with you to take photos if you like .
If you have further question please to don't hesitate to ask me
Looking forward to see you there..
You cane reached me by 0546723184 or emailed me by

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Dear Abed,

thank you for posting this event here. I'm in Germany, so I cannot attend although I would definitely like to. However, I hope that many of our community will be able to share this experience (and make photos to publish here :-)

thanks at least for your good wishea and your desiar to share us the season ....are you living germany?
Yes, I live in Düsseldorf.. Have been in the Middle East only once - last year. I'd like to come back soon, however.
This seems like great communal activity Abed. I hope that some who do not live that far away can and will join you.
thanks its really great communal actinity
WOW! what a generous and most welcome invitation Abed... thank you.. i pray many see it... i wonder also if it is possible to highlight this more so that many will see it... i noticed there is an event 'slot' down the left hand side of this home page where also i can see the most recent discussion items... where this is planted.. in the middle section. there is so much on this network it is amazing so i don't know who in mepeace you might be able to speak to but i humbly just like suggest it may be worth looking in to cause then we could perhaps see others follow your invite lead for a local community gathering. i pray this time will be blessed and that the harvest is a good one. much love shel x
ps. also notice can u confirm and/or clarify date and time of open invitation... only there is a mention of the 11th in green on the mepeace calender and your title says 20/21/22 October.... thank you :) xox
thanks a lot shells
some israeli friends will come to the harvest 17th sutarday to the harvest wich is going to be in Assawiya next to Nablus
please i ask you kindly to tell your friends about this event may be your email list ...mostly i check my personal email which is
please keep in touch im open to all suggestions from you and from others
great idea,
Id love to but I live in Gaza is that applicable for me :(
I think no...
Have a nice day my friends..
hope one day soon we all come to Gaza to OLIVES HARVEST.
Abed i will put this on my status line for you to help promote it if you equally can confirm which date(s) your open invitation is extended for...

i have put a note on Eyals wall today because i like very much we promote more events like this where we come together to help each other.

i like also tho to be able to help everyone be able to identify exactly where events are so that maybe we can encourage a more even spread for often there are many who are excluded through no fault of their own and this can be very demoralising

still... YOU are leading a fine example and i applaud you for your time and effort communicating with and alongside the mepeace membership. as always we are here to support you and value your feedback. maybe you would like also to consider joining either the mepeace regional group or volunteer group also. again i think Eyal is co-ordinating our efforts with the help also of these two groups.

if would be so kind to confirm date/exact location on my wall i will promote your event through my mepeace profile and if you like am happy also to share through our mepeace facebook group.

G-d bless x
thanks for leaving message on my wall Abed...

my profile status line now reads: "we have been invited 2help with olive harvest 24 Oct.. in the Assaweya area between Nablu & Ramallah cities - plse c mepeace discussion item"

please tell me here in discussion item if i have understood ok now? then.. anyone else comming here may also if like copy/cut paste this line also to share with their Friends, on their profile status line, who may be near to you and also encourage anyone else with an Olive Harvest that may like to follow your lead to put out similar invite... maybe? who knows... we can but try!

thanks for your patience with me :)



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