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Hello Ahamad, I watched the video, a few days back. It is about the Free Masons. My father was a Free Mason, and so were all his brothers, because their father was very fond of Freemasonry. My Dad, and his brothers considered Freemasonry to be a childish kind of game, much akin to Boy Scouts.

It was a secretive organization, and you could not freely join. You had to be invited. Today there are very few people who are Free Masons. Because of my fathers association with the organization, I knew of quite a few members (I think this was meant to also be a secret.) I can say they were all genuinely nice people who did not have any political or financial ambitions.

Free Masons were a Protestant and anti-Catholic movement, so it is quite crazy to suggest the Pope could be a member. It is also said they were anti-black (skin) and this is also easy to imagine, given the times in which the Free Masons were considered a popular group to be a part of.

There are some very obvious false statements in the video.

Each Free Masons group had a lot of social independence, and I have come across people who hated the Free Masons with a vengence.  I can only guess that within some groups, there was some kind of abuse occuring, the passionate hatred is otherwise difficult to account for. Rumours about the Free Masons are never ending, so I am not dismissive of these rumours, but they do all seem to originate in the USA. My fathers group was in Northern England.

Free Masonry is finished as an organization. These days many of their buildings are used as ballet schools, because the flooring is so good.




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