Almost all energy on Mepeace is given over to the Palestine/Israel situation with a strong bias against the nation of Israel.  This same attitude can be found on most sites which feature themselves as "liberal".  In fact, it's pretty evident that Israel is demonized while the horrendous problems facing the populations of the Mideast are practically disregarded.  Let me begin with my own country, Lebanon, which one I recently had to flee for fear of my and my family's well-being.  While Lebanon is ruled by a coalition, the very powerful terrorist entity known as Hezbollah has a strong voice in governmental matters plus it possesses its own military of highly trained men.  This situation is a curse for the mixed population of Lebanon.  Our former PM, Rafic Al-Hariri, was the victim of assassination.  Four Hezbollah men are wanted by the World Court for this act but Hezbollah refuses to give them up.  In short, Hezbollah continues to act against the law and, furthermore, acts oppressively.  Today, in southern Lebanon, Hezbollah has armed itself to the teeth.  Every village along the border with Israel contains an ammunition dump and most also house Hezbollah militia.  The people are forced to endure this because they rightfully fear this entity.  It should be no secret that if war broke out between Hezbollah and Israel, and this is likely to occur, many villagers would be in a direct line of fire as Israel would be forced to disrupt the Hezbollah militia hiding behind these villagers and, as well, the ammunition dumps will have to be destroyed.  Hezbollah has done this purposefully in full knowledge of the danger it has foisted upon these village people.  Of course, just as in Gaza, when these villagers are killed or injured, the Islamists and their liberal accomplices will seek to blame Israel.  I should further mention that Hezbollah, which receives a large share of its funding from Iran, uses Syria as its transportation centre and intermediary.  Should Syria and its dictator fall, Hezbollah's power base would significantly diminish.  It's no secret that Hezbollah is aiding the present Syrian government against the fierce opposition of its protesters.  What do Mepeacers think, if anything at all, about this situation?

I wish to add that the turmoil of the socalled Arab Spring has continued in Egypt.  Killings and imprisonments continue in spite of the downfall of Mubarak.  The Muslim Brotherhood, the cousin of Hamas, is poised to take over the government with the Salafists making up the second largest contingement.  In other words, Egypt appears to be on the verge of transferring itself from a secular dictatorship to an Islamist controlled society which will extensively limit the freedoms of the current population.  Freedom and opportunity for women, for instance, will be severely curtailed.  I wonder what Mepeacers think about this situation, if anything.

Syria, of course, is in the midst of a very serious civil war in which thousands of protesters to a very evil dictatorial Alawite minority government are being murdered, injured, imprisoned and tortured.  With the exception of Turkey, which has offered asylum to renegade soldiers and citizens, no one in the international community is offering (at least publicly) a hand.  Iran, by contrast, is assisting the current government in Syria as is Hezbollah.  The downfall of the Syrian government could have very serious effects not only on Hezbollah but on the Iranian nation as well.  What do Mepeacers think of this situation and do they have any suggestions as to what might be done to assist these brave protesters?

When the Iranian people protested against the Mullahs who lead the country as well as the secular government of Ahmadinejad, thousands were reported as dead or injured and many were (and still are) imprisoned and cruelly tortured.  The international community was silent.  Today, Iran threatens the western world, Israel and certain Arab states such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iraq with weapons of mass destruction in order to achieve a Shiite hegemony.  It appears that a full battle will result, possibly an Armageddon as expressed in the Jewish holy scriptures, if diplomatic means and economic embargoes do not work.  What do Mepeacers think about this situation and what could be done to decrease the imminent threat of a nuclear war?


I will also mention in passing that extraordinary strife continues in Iraq with the high risk of a fundamentalist Muslim takeover as soon as the western nations pack up and leave.  Incidences of horrific suicide bombing missions continue.  Much the same could be said of Afghanistan with the secret backing of al-Queda insurgents in Pakistan.  And the Yemen and Bahrain deadly civil battles continue.  What do Mepeacers think about these situations?

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Ghazi was in Lebanon during the civil war from 1975 to 1990.  Then there was the Syrian occupation, which was not a act of Islamic dominance, but the hope of creating a Greater Syria.  More based on the French mandate, then some type of past empire, because the past empire that Syria belonged to was the Ottoman Empire.  The Turks were just as foreign as the French were.  Now what Lebanon is worried about is the Hezbollah taking control of the government.  Something that has the Sunnite Muslims just as alarmed as everybody else in Lebanon.  Traditional the government of Lebanon was to be divided between the Maronite Christians and Sunnite Muslims, but demographic changes put the Sunnite Muslims into the majority.  So they are bearing the true brunt, if there is a Hezbollah takeover.  Sunnite Muslims and Shiite Muslims are just about as united as the Roman Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland.

Tim: You forgot to throw in the cost of bread. It would have as much relevance as your answer.



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