Courageous Palestinian and Israeli peace activists at Nabi Salih resist Occupation

Nabi Salih - a name that should be on the forefront of our mind.


It is a Palestinian community under threat, but which has steadfastly responded with a definitive no to further confiscation of lands and control of their lives by a foreign occupying force.


The following discussion can be used to acknowledge those Israelis and Palestinians who stand together to face the beatings, tear gas and physical violence inflicted by young conscripts in the occupation force.  These soldiers are duped into thinking they are serving their country and doing their duty.  In fact they are mere pawns used by a government addicted to control at all cost; and the quest for a maximalist position on land and power. 


Thank you to the brave souls that resist the occupation at great expense to themselves. Your sacrifice will build the conditions necessary for peace for the people of Israel and Palestine.  Shame on the Israeli government for not pulling out settlements especially in such ridiculous parts of occupied Palestine.  The two state solution will be dead if nothing is done fast.  Although there are many who say it is already dead, because Israel failed to act sooner and has continually supported settlement expansion, with some minor removals.


Nabi Salih 13 May 2011


Nabi Salih 13 May 2011 (Camera operator 1)



Nabi Salih 13 May 2011 (Camera operator 2)








Nabi Salih 8 April 2011



Updates to original discussion


[Updated 30 June 2011]

Nerine Melikyan, "Welcome to Nabi Saleh", 21 June 2011

Narine Melikyan's visit to Nabi Salih.

Part of weekly Friday protest.  Gershon Baskin led some of the Israeli protestors



Latest on Nabi Saleh (TWEETS)

Tweets Nabi Salih


Gershon Baskin








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Okay Michael, Let’s imagine the Arabs:


stop their terror – which they have

disband their militias – which are completely disempowered

recognize Israel  – which I heard they had done

come to the negotiating table...


Then, WHAT DOES ISRAEL OFFER  to these Arabs ???  



They did not

They are not

Have not done


come to the negotiating table... Not even contemplating it


Qassams have been raining down all week

Hamas and Jihad  etc are still operating and with large arsenald

The Palestinians as late as today have said that they will not recognize Israel as a Jewish State. In your answer you did not even mention about "Jewish"


You still have a long road and way to go.


HOT off the press:


Palestinian Authority officials said Thursday they will pursue their statehood bid at the United Nations despite Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's offer to use the pre-1967 lines as a basis for negotiations.

A condition of UN acceptance of Israel as a member state on 11 May 1949 was that Israel allow Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and be  compensated for their hardships.

Can you explain where you got this tidbit from? I have no idea what you are paraphrasing..



Is that the UN or wishful thinking that you are superimposing here. Please site the resolution and underline this condition, otherwise please withdraw this fantasy.


But you have not even bothered to reply to my last debunking of  previous myths that you posted.

Hi, Stewart. How are you? I found an interesting review of a book on called Refusing To Be Enemies. Here's the link:

Maybe this has something to do with your topic.


Thanks Tanya for the link.  I believe Nabi Salih, amongst numerous other villages is mentioned in this book.  It is great Jeff Halper gets good coverage in it.   Refusing to be enemies is the basis of a Gandhian, Martin Luther King Jr style nonviolence resistance.  It is a powerful and liberating concept.


It is encouraging and inspiring to see Palestinian and Israelis in communities like this standing up for basic human rights.


Tanya - have you seen Budrus?


Peace Shalom Salam


From Beth Miller


Beth is Jewish American.  She grew up in Rabbi Brant Rosen's (Shalom Rav) congregation.


Also see:


Bassem Tamimi


7 June 2011 (Beth's blog)

Tamimi's Court Statement


Bassem Tamimi, the coordinator of the Popular Committee of Nabi Saleh, appeared in Israeli military court on Sunday after being arrested one month ago for his role as a non-violent activist organizing Friday demonstrations in the village. Nabi Saleh is a major clash point between Palestinian activists and the Israeli army. According to Ma'an News Network, "Since protests began in Nabi Saleh in December 2009, Israeli forces have detained 71 residents, around 10 percent of the entire village." A large portion of those detained are children. (One such detention, of an 11-year-old-boy can be seen in a video taken by a resident of Nabi Saleh given a camera by B'Tselem).

 In court on Sunday, Tamimi gave a truly inspiring speech. The judge did not allow him to finish issuing his statement in court:

Your Honor,
I hold this speech out of belief in peace, justice, freedom, the right to live in dignity, and out of respect for free thought in the absence of Just Laws.
Every time I am called to appear before your courts, I become nervous and afraid. Eighteen years ago, my sister was killed by in a courtroom such as this, by a staff member. In my lifetime, I have been nine times imprisoned for an overall of almost 3 years, though I was never charged or convicted. During my imprisonment, I was paralyzed as a result of torture by your investigators. My wife was detained, my children were wounded, my land was stolen by settlers, and now my house is slated for demolition.
I was born at the same time as the Occupation and have been living under its inherent inhumanity, inequality, racism and lack of freedom ever since. Yet, despite all this, my belief in human values and the need for peace in this land have never been shaken. Suffering and oppression did not fill my heart with hatred for anyone, nor did they kindle feelings of revenge. To the contrary, they reinforced my belief in peace and national standing as an adequate response to the inhumanity of Occupation.
International law guarantees the right of occupied people to resist Occupation. In practicing my right, I have called for and organized peaceful popular demonstrations against the Occupation, settler attacks and the theft of more than half of the land of my village, Nabi Saleh, where the graves of my ancestors have lain since time immemorial.
I organized these peaceful demonstrations in order to defend our land and our people. I do not know if my actions violate your Occupation laws. As far as I am concerned, these laws do not apply to me and are devoid of meaning. Having been enacted by Occupation authorities, I reject them and cannot recognize their validity.
Despite claiming to be the only democracy in the Middle East you are trying me under military laws which lack any legitimacy; laws that are enacted by authorities that I have not elected and do not represent me. I am accused of organizing peaceful civil demonstrations that have no military aspects and are legal under international law.
We have the right to express our rejection of Occupation in all of its forms; to defend our freedom and dignity as a people and to seek justice and peace in our land in order to protect our children and secure their future.
The civil nature of our actions is the light that will overcome the darkness of the Occupation, bringing a dawn of freedom that will warm the cold wrists in chains, sweep despair from the soul and end decades of oppression.
These actions are what will expose the true face of the Occupation, where soldiers point their guns at a woman walking to her fields or at checkpoints; at a child who wants to drink from the sweet water of his ancestors’ fabled spring; against an old man who wants to sit in the shade of an olive tree, once mother to him, now burnt by settlers.
We have exhausted all possible actions to stop attacks by settlers, who refuse to adhere to your courts’ decisions, which time and again have confirmed that we are the owners of the land, ordering the removal of the fence erected by them.
Each time we tried to approach our land, implementing these decisions, we were attacked by settlers, who prevented us from reaching it as if it were their own.
Our demonstrations are in protest of injustice. We work hand in hand with Israeli and international activists who believe, like us, that had it not been for the Occupation, we could all live in peace on this land. I do not know which laws are upheld by generals who are inhibited by fear and insecurity, nor do I know their thoughts on the civil resistance of women, children and old men who carry hope and olive branches. But I know what justice and reason are. Land theft and tree-burning is unjust. Violent repression of our demonstrations and protests and your detention camps are not evidence of the illegality of our actions. It is unfair to be tryed under a law forced upon us. I know that I have rights and my actions are just.
The military prosecutor accuses me of inciting the protesters to throw stones at the soldiers. This is not true. What incites protesters to throw stones is the sound of bullets, the Occupation’s bulldozers as they destroy the land, the smell of teargas and the smoke coming from burnt houses. I did not incite anyone to throw stones, but I am not responsible for the security of your soldiers who invade my village and attack my people with all the weapons of death and the equipment of terror.
These demonstrations that I organize have had a positive influence over my beliefs; they allowed me to see people from the other side who believe in peace and share my struggle for freedom. Those freedom fighters have rid their conscious from the Occupation and put their hands in ours in peaceful demonstrations against our common enemy, the Occupation. They have become friends, sisters and brothers. We fight together for a better future for our children and theirs.
If released by the judge will I be convinced thereby that justice still prevails in your courts? Regardless of how just or unjust this ruling will be, and despite all your racist and inhumane practices and Occupation, we will continue to believe in peace, justice and human values. We will still raise our children to love; love the land and the people without discrimination of race, religion or ethnicity; embodying thus the message of the Messenger of Peace, Jesus Christ, who urged us to “love our enemy.” With love and justice, we make peace and build the future.

Thank you for this important discussion...



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