defend the platform from endless blame game - act locally and think globally

I do not defend the war nor the Zionist movement. I do try to defend the platform from endless blame games that bring verbal aggression and defuse our human ability to connect and work together for a better future.

I do not know if you recognize your ideological roots, or you may think you do not have them, but the text some write have one-sidedness that expresses their perspective of the conflict - evil Zionists/Arabs have evil plans.

I am not here to educate any of you or convince you, I am here to invite you to recognize that there are many Israelis and Jews who see in Zionism different merits then what some think Zionism is, there are many Palestinians and Arabs who see in Palestinian nationality different merits then what some think Hamas is.

So the way some people write here may insult and make others feel uncomfortable.

We created as multi-political platform to enable a person to connect, hence have opportunities to co-create something that supports change. When people come to the discussion forum and invest in long posts to prove that Zionists or Hamas are terrorists who need to be punished or that in fact the Jews/Arabs were here first; when such expression is published some members get distracted from our goals, putting their energy into educating others instead of approaching each other in ways that are mutually respectful and constructive.

So I ask the wise and responsible members to act locally and think globally - respond to topics and remember that is a platform to enable the whole community of humans to connect and work for a change that includes all of us and enables manifestation of the idea of peace we all share.

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I am sorry to hear you were misunderstood, Tanya, yet I think this is a very common thing amongst people. Amongst beings generally, with fear being a big factor. Often even if we speak the same language it is difficult to really hear. For a start, what is already in our minds can get in the way... yet no blame meant, as we are the sum of our experience as well as the experience of those who have gone before us.


So... myself I feel it is  where to from here. What is a way forward, without going over and over blame, to unite people? I think it is to talk to each other and look for common denominators. And we are lucky to have such vehicles as mepeace to do this with, which brings people together so they can see past fears and misconceptions.

I hope you all don't mind yet I feel along the way I have had some lessons about these things, and I would like to share these with you. They are very grassroots things and not necessarily clever or even orated well. I am very much a lay person.

Many a time have I been told I should not let certain people know certain things about myself, including a close friend of mine whom I told that I was having coffee (I love Lebanese/Turkish etc coffee - esp with cardamom!) and a chat on a regular basis with a Lebanese family who ran my local corner shop where I lived many many years ago. She told me not to tell them of my being Jewish born. Yet her advice was far too late, I having remarked to them on the similarities in our households and families... upon which we had some wonderful chats, through recognizing these common denominators... all of us wishing there was peace for a start. The same sort of thing many years later, this time with a man at work, also Lebanese, whom I reported to and also got along with very well. Once I brought in some Eingemachs (beetroot jam made with ginger and almonds - very nice I think too!) my mother had made and he said "Ah, we have this but it is called something different!" - which I have always thought said a lot about many things. Similar occurrence many years later, in a Yahoo chatroom where I noticed a Serb and a Bosnian hurling abuse at each other and helped them find common denominators - one of which happened to be the Serb/Bosnian forms of ouzo! Am not saying any of this to blow my own trumpet though, but to illustrate how it is possible to get beyond limiting beliefs, fears, misconceptions - especially  if we start to truly see and talk to the people... especially about everyday things. Which is what this platform enables us to do.

Something else I would like to share (as well as risk you all backing slowly away from me smiling!) is a strange dream I had some time back, which I feel was about fear and miscommunication. I was in a kitchen, lying on the tiled floor with the kitchen door behind me. In front of me was a giant spider crab (it was a spider with flesh like a crab!). Now I somehow knew it wished to get past me, lying in its way, yet because we had no way of communicating I was frightened to move. I had  a towel and thought perhaps I could put this down between us... that way I would feel safer. Yet when I did so it scared the spider crab, who then showed its fangs, although there was no poison dripping. I jumped a bit and the spider crab scuttled around me and somehow under the very small space under the door. Yet when I looked under the door I could see it still there, looking at me. There was, for some strange reason, a very large kitchen knife blocking some of the space under the door. I wanted to slide this along to block the spider crab from coming back into the kitchen. In trying to do so I of course made the spider crab feel attacked. It hissed and came forward a bit and I thought I was going to get bitten, yet then it ran away.Neither of us meant each other any harm yet it was very easy to misunderstand and feel threatened.

Here we have a chance to get beyond a lot of things and see each other's humanity, find common denominators...and hopefully be able to share with each other even if we don't see eye to eye. It is very easy to get along with those who think etc along the same lines, yet a challenge to do so with those who don't. Myself, I very much wish to challenge myself, my fears, my misconceptions... kindly though, to myself and to others.

Diane :-)


As individuals people are wonderful caring, loving creatures. The environment and social interactions if negative tend to make us into monsters. The Germans are a good example of what can happen to educated refined people, the British and Spaniards have shown this brutal monstrosity through their conquests and further subjugation.

Painting a whole people or nation as evil is simply stupid if not outright malicious. But throughout history, it has been the minority of brutes that have caused the deaths of millions if not billions of humans and unspeakable destruction. Ghenghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the list is quite long. The majority, I am sure did not agree with them and yet obeyed them or simply did not actively disagree.


We must first change ourselves and that is no mean trick. I, personally do not know a person without prejudices, racist tendencies or a mean streak, or at least one of them.


Changing groups of people or nations is even tougher. Even in close families you encounter prejudice, jealousy and violence. This is made even harder as all these changes would be learned personal changes and each individual in every generation has to relearn those changes and their experiences may be different .

I would like you to ponder the truism that humans are by nature hunters.

Yes, this is exactly what I am talking about.

We must look to ourselves. Kindly though, for often it is lack of self love which leads to a lot of problems. I, and others, have started this process. It is often painful. Louise Hay speaks of people who when doing mirror work having burst into tears or even thrown the mirror across the room. Not easy, and this is why I mentioned ho'oponopono at one point, which I feel is an essential part of the process.

We also need to remove fear of the other, as well as not leave so much up to a few, then criticize them for what they do or don't do. We, the people, can make a difference. If we choose to. We are very lucky to have et al where we can all connect and try to do what is needed to change things.

Diane :-)


Is this explanation of Michael's some kind of excuse for Israel's abuse of Palestinians?

The idea behind mepeace is to search for solutions rather than excuse past and present abuses.


You are comfortable sitting within your comfort zone because your life is comfortable. Well, that's not how it is for the people who were forced out of the Holy Land, so that Jews could enjoy a country of their own.


How about you do a little pondering on the potential for PEACE for everyone.


I agree with you about the reason for mepeace yet, and this is kindly said, do not think us as peacemakers should be speaking harshly to each other. Michael was responding to things I had said and I have not taken any offence to anything he has said. We all have our mindsets due to our backgrounds, and sometimes although we are all speaking the same language are unable to truly understand each other.  I appreciate that there has been heated discussion here amongst people, amongst peacemakers in fact... for let us not forget that we are here to create peace. All are not going to see eye to eye and this is why I feel it best to look for common denominators instead of differences.

Please may we now continue forward, truly as peacemakers.

Diane :-)



You need to keep in mind that peace-of-mind and political-peace are 2 very different issues. Michael is always willing to over-look Israel’s atrocities and blame Palestine for the lack of peace in the Holy Land. That is why I objected to his comment, which, is on a public forum in a discussion that I am participating in. If it was a private comment, it would be privately delivered.


Never forget, the Arabs that once lived in the Holy Land have lived in squalor and humiliation for the last 60 years, because Jews chose to commandeer their homes. This is not because the Arabs were not prepared to make peace, quite the reverse.

And so, all our energy is spent focussing in this way. From the looks of it, in this particular discussion which has been continued for many years now.

Diane :-)

Yes, because one side has complete control, and the other has no political or economic power.

I welcome a change to a more positive dynamic, but in the time I have been here, being respectful has its limitations, because the respect is not returned, nor the peace potential explored.

People have a lot more power than they think or use and I do feel it is up to the individual, instead of leaving it to the politicians. Which is why I thought we are talking here, this site being designed for that purpose. Yet going over old ground does not create new ground.  Slanging matches and barbed words will not produce peace, only reactiveness. What is more important? Winning a debate, being right, or creating peace and unity?  There are many wars on this planet, not only between countries but between individuals, in families, and most often we war with ourselves. Myself, I prefer reverence to respect, as respect has rather an authoritarian feel to it. Reverence for oneself which flows outward to others. No, not easy to change - I know it isn't from experience... slipping back into old patterns. Yet change we really must if we do not wish to continue with being in conflict, with ourselves and with others.


My discussion with Diane was about humanity in general and not the Palestinians in particular. It seems that you could not resist with inserting propaganda into that discussion.

As a matter of record, the Arabs that do live in the Holy Land are more free and more prosperous and safer than their brethren in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon.

I will repeat what I have said ad nauseum:

Stop the terror.

Dismantle the militia groups.

Recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

Come and negotiate in good faith.

THAT is the only way to get a state,


Never forget, the Arabs that once lived in the Holy Land have lived in squalor and humiliation for the last 60 years, because Jews chose to commandeer their homes. This is not because the Arabs were not prepared to make peace, quite the reverse.


That paragraph ,Sussan, is pure propaganda hogwash!!!!!!!

Actually *grins* if I wasn't a pacifist I would bang both your heads together.

I don't really feel there is an intention of peace in the dialogue I am seeing but more one of getting points across as well as winning them, alongside having a good stab with words. Without giving names, I spoke with someone the other day who said he felt so frustrated by this type of thing here that he left mepeace after a while.

It's all a bit of a shame as well as a waste. Especially that as I write this I am thinking someone will take bits of it to twist to their own agenda. Why don't you put down your agendas and barbed words etc and sit down to try to find the humanity within is and start from there. It all gets boring, especially after so many years. Why not be on the side of the human race for a change? Peace would be so refreshing...and a lot less deadly. 

Diane :-)

Diane. I am really confused. What does a "pacifist' believe in?

Does peace mean that we all sing the same song and agree with the same betrayal of history . There is really nothing to twist other than that pesky equivalence factor.

Lets however debate what you call humanity. I am interested in hearing your version of it as there is a gazzillion explanations and interpretations as to its meaning. I like to understand what it is that I am actually debarting

The next problem is what you mean by your  concept of peace and again there are many combinations and permutations as to this concept. So please tell me what peace means to you. I am also quite interested in hearing where any type of peace is operational anywhere on this planet and I am talking about peace in a family, a municipality, a city, a country or a continent.

Concepts and words are very nice and very soothing , but that is all that they are but reality seems to be intruding and we as humans must distinguish between the two on the way to making both mesh. I am not sure that I am seeing that from some people here.

Perhaps you may be able to point out the errors of my thinking.



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