defend the platform from endless blame game - act locally and think globally

I do not defend the war nor the Zionist movement. I do try to defend the platform from endless blame games that bring verbal aggression and defuse our human ability to connect and work together for a better future.

I do not know if you recognize your ideological roots, or you may think you do not have them, but the text some write have one-sidedness that expresses their perspective of the conflict - evil Zionists/Arabs have evil plans.

I am not here to educate any of you or convince you, I am here to invite you to recognize that there are many Israelis and Jews who see in Zionism different merits then what some think Zionism is, there are many Palestinians and Arabs who see in Palestinian nationality different merits then what some think Hamas is.

So the way some people write here may insult and make others feel uncomfortable.

We created as multi-political platform to enable a person to connect, hence have opportunities to co-create something that supports change. When people come to the discussion forum and invest in long posts to prove that Zionists or Hamas are terrorists who need to be punished or that in fact the Jews/Arabs were here first; when such expression is published some members get distracted from our goals, putting their energy into educating others instead of approaching each other in ways that are mutually respectful and constructive.

So I ask the wise and responsible members to act locally and think globally - respond to topics and remember that is a platform to enable the whole community of humans to connect and work for a change that includes all of us and enables manifestation of the idea of peace we all share.

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I agree with Michael's above and submit that this discussion, as introduced, is just an example of the blame game.

There are or than just two-camps. There are at least five:

  1. Supporters of the existence of Israel of various groups of views.
  2. Opponents of the existence of Israel of various groups of views.
  3. Advocates of specific solutions.
  4. Advocates of specific solution methodologies.
  5. Various advocates (ambiguity intended).
There are more camps:

1. Supporters of the existence of one Palestine of various groups of views.
2. Opponents of the existence of one Palestine of various groups of views.
and I guess many more.

The "blame game" is when any of these camps use blame for dismissing other solution. i.e. say that any of the other solution is some kind of evil driven.

Any solution we will have must include whole spectrum hence cannot reject any of the claims from pro-Hamas one Muslim state to pro-Settlement one Jewish state solutions.

People who blame are people who do not listen and that caged in their belief they know better then other what is "fact" and "truth"

It is human nature to try to blame others for all including one's own ills. I think that you are also just doing that.

Can we change human nature? I think not.

So we just have to work with rather than against the blame game. I am not sure how to do that well.

However I think that doing that must involve appealing to (perceived) self-interest. For some that would have to be a form of enlightened self-interest.

it is human nature to work for a better future and be wiser.

we are evolving, so while some of us will continue blame game others need to create a future that will work and include the blamers.

no doubt that we need more enlightened people; and avoid the old style of blame and war.

so I suggest to all self-claimed to be peace activist - work on your self, enlighten your self and work from beyond blame.
Human nature has the potential for good and for evil. Human nature *is* nature, and I do not think that nature has a purpose, and is not of itself good or evil. So indeed we can and must use human nature to achieve human goals. Humans are social beings and love interacting with other humans. In times of stress and threat they draw a close line between who is human and who is not. I think that what peace activists should do is to become friends with extremists. You don't have to agree with somebody's views or even with their acts in order to understand why they are what they are and to love their good qualities. If anyone writes a list of their good qualities (for instance, when they are applying for a job) it is easy to guess the complementary list of bad qualities. I have done this many times on university job hiring committees, and it always works. E.g. a great team player is ... an indecisive person who follows the croud. The joy of being a human is the variety between us. And the "success" of humanity is its variety and (hence) adaptability and that as a society we can know and remember so much more than as an individual.

Conclusion: everyone on should also join one of the many groups. To defeat your enemy, it pays to get to know your enemy very very well. And when you know them very very well you might even find that you start loving them. (This doesn't stop you from going on to achieve your aims. It is often cruel to be kind).

Dissolve barriers.
seeing some of the newly activist in I tend to think that this groups joining to flame us.

Any solution must include extremists, but some extremists are not constructive to create peace and we need to put a line between people who want to create new future and people who want to impose their ideologies as our future.

the future must include extremists and answer their needs as constrain their violence. the future can be created with open people who are not extremists and care for all, not just to "their group" as extremists are.
The long-term solution to the problem is to dissolve the distinction Jews/Arabs, so that nobody cares who came first, because everyone's main long-term interest is the future of their common children. I'm talking about intermarriage. That will come of its own accord, after there is enough stability and welfare and movement of people and basic security and basic education that people start mixing together and a few daring ones start entering the 21st century. (They are the clever ones: the children of so-called mixed race marriages often get a rather splendid collection of genes). I'm afraid that too many people have invested too deeply in their "identity" (a ghetto identity), defining themselves relative to an imagined eternal enemy, so this is going to take an enormously long time. It is now more or less possible in much of Europe for protestant and catholic Christians to intermarry. It took a few hundred years. I'm afraid we're going to have to be patient for a long time.
I guess many of us will accept the "dissolve the distinction Jews/Arabs" as a sign that the human tissue of this region got into state of peace, as the one you can recognize in Netherlands.

The question for now is how to manage the dynamic of the conflict where some extremists are able to attack the people who seek to build a future just because the idea of "dissolve the distinction Jews/Arabs" is threaten their ethno-centric views.
Yes Neri, you are right, these are chicken-and-egg questions. When we are threatened we simplify and decide who is "us" and who is "them"; who is family and family of family, and who is alien. Many people build their identity and their lives on exploiting this (they are traumatized and hiding from their pain; or they are just evil). In good times people can and do mix, and if the good times last long enough, they will mix so much that old ethnic lines are eroded away to nothing. Unfortunately I suppose it is human nature that new ones will emerge.
If Jews can appreciate and learn from the indigenous culture of the land that they have settled in - then they would live much more peacefully as a result.

Interesting you say this Lilia. In the early days of Zionist settlement there were some settlers who said exactly that to other settlers who were ignoring their Arab hosts and neglecting to learn the language and culture and building relations.They warned that it would lead to certain problems between them and the Arabs.
It would be like me going to Amman with my buddies wearing halter tops, speaking only English, giggling at jokes the Arabs couldn't understand. Rude and arrogant or what? I'm certain people would be anxiously awaiting my departure! Unless I thought I was better than them and had some sort of right to their land and was a chosen one above all others! That is disillusionment and creepy for anyone, don't you agree?
I do agree with what you just wrote, seansmom, but then I'm British and live far away and though my ancestors caused most of your present problems I don't really know what I can do about them now...
there is so much truth in this post --
but lets look at the psychology of the situation and ask why Zionists choose what they have chosen? And compare the variety of choices of the past and today in terms of relationship function and knowledge.
I am sure any other ethnic group would decide to isolate/protect it self from virtual chosen enemies, if they went through what Jews experienced ..
The easiest for the minor-self is searching for outer enemy rather than focusing on SELF-enemy.

On the other hand side, have we Palestinian seen that articulating our indigenous culture is bridge to build relationships to others in our today open world? Or have we discovered it first before articulating it, or we left it berried under todays materialistic western modern civilization trapped in the money box and many other boxes like authority, power, ..?
We are neither nationalists nor warrior by origin .. the meaning to be Palestinian has many richer aspects than any of those which has been put on our shoulder from out-side, which are phenomena in our nation-building process .. but not dominating one.



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