defend the platform from endless blame game - act locally and think globally

I do not defend the war nor the Zionist movement. I do try to defend the platform from endless blame games that bring verbal aggression and defuse our human ability to connect and work together for a better future.

I do not know if you recognize your ideological roots, or you may think you do not have them, but the text some write have one-sidedness that expresses their perspective of the conflict - evil Zionists/Arabs have evil plans.

I am not here to educate any of you or convince you, I am here to invite you to recognize that there are many Israelis and Jews who see in Zionism different merits then what some think Zionism is, there are many Palestinians and Arabs who see in Palestinian nationality different merits then what some think Hamas is.

So the way some people write here may insult and make others feel uncomfortable.

We created as multi-political platform to enable a person to connect, hence have opportunities to co-create something that supports change. When people come to the discussion forum and invest in long posts to prove that Zionists or Hamas are terrorists who need to be punished or that in fact the Jews/Arabs were here first; when such expression is published some members get distracted from our goals, putting their energy into educating others instead of approaching each other in ways that are mutually respectful and constructive.

So I ask the wise and responsible members to act locally and think globally - respond to topics and remember that is a platform to enable the whole community of humans to connect and work for a change that includes all of us and enables manifestation of the idea of peace we all share.

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Diane. I am really confused. What does a "pacifist' believe in?

Does peace mean that we all sing the same song and agree with the same betrayal of history . There is really nothing to twist other than that pesky equivalence factor.

Lets however debate what you call humanity. I am interested in hearing your version of it as there is a gazzillion explanations and interpretations as to its meaning. I like to understand what it is that I am actually debarting

The next problem is what you mean by your  concept of peace and again there are many combinations and permutations as to this concept. So please tell me what peace means to you. I am also quite interested in hearing where any type of peace is operational anywhere on this planet and I am talking about peace in a family, a municipality, a city, a country or a continent.

Concepts and words are very nice and very soothing , but that is all that they are but reality seems to be intruding and we as humans must distinguish between the two on the way to making both mesh. I am not sure that I am seeing that from some people here.

Perhaps you may be able to point out the errors of my thinking.


I am not sure what the gist of your reply was and would like to ask you to enlarge on that .


Words have meaning  and are the sole source of communication amongst humans and therefore we must first understand what is the meaning of what we say. We must also use human interactions (history) as a guide to our actions and reactions. This history extends for more than 4000 years and is therefore essential in understanding the human condition.


In view of all that , how do we make peace? That is a very tough question and whole books have been written on this topic. As a matter of fact ALL humans yearn for peace and a peaceful existence. We differ as to its meaning and most of us have a problem with explaining what it actually means.


My basic problem is with people that tell me that I don't want peace without explaining why that is their conclusion, and try to show that they have all the answers as to why peace is not here. I just chuckle when I hear people on peace sites take a one sided view and simply rattle off a list of sound bites to explain how peace can be attained without taking into account both sides view.


Environment, history and the social order where we hail from and the society that we are part of may be the things that you and I have in common but our paths throughout our lives dictate  our differences and keep in mind that we are individuals different from one another. Creating democracies and education where differences amongst ourselves is celebrated is the way towards , not peace, but co-existence and that must be what we are striving for.


Jews by and large understand the Arab narrative but that is not the case with the Arabs and the Jewish history in Palestine is not even acknowledged the the Arabs. How can that bring peace?





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