What does everyone think of the recent improvement of the West Bank economy? How does this connect with the peace process, if at all?

I encourage everyone, regardless of their belief about "economic peace" to learn about the impact of microfinance in the West Bank. By providing deserving Palestinian entrepreneurs small loans to start or improve their micro-business, the entrepreneurs are able to sustain themselves and provide for their families. Through microfinance, there can be a sense of sustainability in the region and therefore less reliance on outside aid. is a website which enables people from all around the world to make loans to specific micro-entrepreneurs in the West Bank. Please check it out!

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again, where the hell did I write that "economic prosperity will not bring peace"?? I acknowledged that economic growth might be a real trigger for peace (however, I don't know what peace means for you). Why do you equate "leaving Judea and Samaria" with demolishing the wall (again, you 'bend' my arguments so they work to your favour)? We have to look at the 'bigger picture' if we want to achieve peace. Economic peace alone is not enough, 'formal' political peace alone is neither. A bigger picture includes looking at Palestinian corruption as well. Without good governance and clear rules that apply to everyone economic stability and well-being cannot be achieved.

Furthermore, Hiba and I mentioned the importance of empowerment. If I may quote Hiba here:

"the solution is by setting the locked group free and give them what belongs to them so they can do economics by themselves not by what others decide to give them or take away from them".

This also involves the respect for the 'other'. Respect and recognition are requirements for achieving trust, the only basis from which a sustainable 'overall peace' can be generated.

Your ethnocentric views, I'm afraid, don't help here. How could Palestinians, for instance, ever be/feel themselves on an equal footing with people like you who apparently do not recognise the worth of Islamic culture?

If I had the insight into what you are actually promulgating , I would be able to have a intelligent discussion. It is nay impossible to discuss when the other party is all over the map. Perhaps it is a language barrier but in simple English could you explain what you are actually saying?

Lets drop that ethnocentric garbage as well as that worth of Islamic culture and not to diminish the nonsense of "empowering". I am aware of all the talking points and to be quite honest am not impressed. I saw what is going on first hand in both pre 1967 Israel and in the territories.

Respect is a word that that two edges to it and how do you respect one that does not respect their own and never mind their enemies.

Economics is a very loaded noun. It can move mountains or result in wars. In any society that is trickle down from the top I am possitive that economic well being would help as the welath would not trickle down. Israel would still be blamed for the poverty of the masses.

I would ask that you read on the reasons for the First intifada and at a time when the economy was humming and Palestinians were better off than their compatriots in Jordan or Egypt.

well, I think I must come to the conclusion that it is not possible to have an "intelligent discussion" with you. You and some others in this forum equate intelligent discussion with constantly bringing up pro-Israeli viewpoints that may work as cheap propaganda, but this is neither a ministry of propaganda nor the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Some simple questions:

1. Do you recognise that there is an occupation?
2. If yes, do you acknowledge that this occupation has created ongoing economic restrictions?
3. Do you accept the Palestinians as a people, as members of a nation?
4. If yes, do you agree that this nation (as any other nation .. at least should..) has the right to its state?
5. Do you agree that everybody in Israel and the West Bank and the Gaza Strip should live a life in dignity, regardless of race or religion?

concerning my first question, I can tell you that there are Israelis here who do recognise that there is an occupation. Those people however are regularly accused of being 'traitors' or worse.
Two simple replies. There is no occupation but simple a land dispute. Not every Nation must have a State. I can quote you at least 100 Nations that do not have a state.Yes everybody should live in dignity and free of terror. We have yet to accomplish it anywhere around the globe.
Calling it Land Dispute is as creating a lie and then starting to believe it. Keep being ignorant sure it is easier than facing reality.
Economic growth is element that can bring stability to the Palestinian people, while we have so many issues related to the conflict that are depend on our different narratives, I think that all can see that a population that have hope and means to provide to its children food, health and education have better capacity to cope with the change that need to be manifested here.

Some Israelis may think that Netanyhu program of "economic peace" will work, but this is just a stage for the Palestinian society, if Israelis wish peace they need to work with the Palestinians to ensure their freedom and autonomy and eliminate the control/occupation elements in our relationship.

But the Palestinians need to be wise and use the the situation for their advantage, an economical development will strengthen their ability to establish a state and it better to see Netanyaho as opportunity knowing that the goal is leverage the economic development into an independent state National state with agreed borders and secure future for all Palestinians.
Hi Alexi!
I posted something somewhat similar to this (in regards to Israel taking down several checkpoints near Nabulus)

I also found this really good article on the BBC about the economic recovery in the West Bank (since the desmanteling of the check points)

I too am interested in knowing if Palestinians living near Nabulus have found their lives to be muc easier when traveling.

You and Neri seem to have learned at the same school of thought. Too bad that the facts and history are somewhat muddled but lets got allow the truth to peek through a good propaganda talking point.

Calling me ignorant sure beats opening ones brain for the truth to enter. There is no occupation and it is only a land dispute fuueled by Jihadist ideology of the Palestinian leadership.
Do you think that all Palestinians are Jehadists? Is this the only picture you have in your head about Palestinians?

Jihadists are the same of radical religious settlers, same minds different case.
What is the connection between most things discussed in this thread and the original discussion introduction at

It seems to me that is a sane and practical and ethical endeavour which merits our support.

Thank you Alexi for introducing the micro finance topic here.. Real peacemakers and peace-seekers will support you. Those who just want to pontificate are clearly only interested in pontificating and making demonising presumptions about others.




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