Education in Arab Countries - major obstacle to peace

   I think peace really must start with education and I get more and more disturbed when I see how some muslim countries are education their children.  We have all seen the camps in Gaza for sheheedom, the images of little kids dressed up a suicide bomber, the Hamas Mouse who lets say, does not exactly spread tolerance and much more.  All these of course are usually on government owned or controled media outlets  I recently came across this clip  which seem to be extremely popular in the Arab world and made me think with brainwashing like this done to children how can we ever hope for a peaceful resolution of anything.

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This is not call for discussion, it is a blame and hate note on arab generalize and flame.

There is education issues any where and there are radicals in all sides. the problem is the radicals as the ones who created this video and the one who use this video to insult Islam.
These video, pictures and shows are seen on government run TV...... This is the state education to the children.
Did you read Israeli text book too?
I saw a TV documentary that shows geography maps on Israeli high shcol class room walls that show no Gaza or West Bank! is this peace-building? Again, is it the case is all high schools? generalizing is the shortest cut to people's uncommunicability.
Neri I want to understnd you justify this video?
do you think there is any thing even close in the main steam Israeli society ?.

not the hills kids and the settlement I mean in the official school system .
these kids don't talk about west bank and Gaza sorry .

I lost my hope in the last month since the terror flotilla , my hope for peace is gone. Israel will have to be strong and stand against attacks and boycotts and hypocrisy , and good chance that Israel will lose its independence and future, but you know what? if I will go I hope to take all of them with me. I can die as a shayid too

hows that? now there is balance
Dear Ohad--I looked at the film posted by Dan and what I saw was the following:
a. an attempt to indoctrinate children to sacrifice themselves for their country. This form of indoctrination is not by the way unique to Hamas (Historical and current parallels abound)
b. an attempt to persuade adults to undertake the same sacrifices as the children. (If the children can do it, why not the adults? The purity of the children strengthens the moral coercion placed on the adult spectator)
c.a reaffirmation of suffering as a way of attaining greater spiritual purification
At this point, the critical questions become:
a. Why would the government make a film like this? And more importantly:
b. Why would this message resonate with the local viewers of such a film?
I trust your response would not be to essentialize Arabs or (Shi'a ) Muslims, but rather to focus on the very concrete conditions that lead to a frustration and anger so great that they express themselves in video clips like this.
I'd rather see the clip and be reminded of the reality in Gaza that has led to its making, rather than not see the clip and ignore the grievous circumstances on the ground. In the medium term, that is far more dangerous.
I'm glad you have recanted your outburst. I've never seen the Masada complex as a positive model and regret its influence on the Israeli public imagination. Let's not forget that the Masada defenders were--zealots.Look for more constructive solutions.
sorry Clara I disagree, the reality that led to this video is a reality in the the Arab and Muslim world the same reality that make a mid class computer engineer form Connecticut put a bomb in the middle of times squarer .

I am tried of the blame game, is this Israels flout as well? I am not a Zionists and I learned in mepeace to change. I am willing to live and co exists with Arabs and if the reality will lead to that as a Jewish minority in an Arab state but the Arabs will have to change for that. 100% and take responsibility.

By the way I am in the video business this is not a video of poor and miserable people that have no choice but suicide and killing.
so please spear me the poor Palestinians thing
Dear Ohad,

These latest comments are as troubling as the original ones.

First, you seem to be essentializing Arabs and Muslims.

Second, your example of the Connecticut bomber is extremely problematic. Shahzad is a Pakistani Pashtun, and the radicalism he embodies is a fairly new phenomenon in the context of Pashtun Islam. The causes for it are not simple, but they are rooted in recent history.

Third, a lack of historical nuance can only lead to an attitude that precludes the possibility of a resolution to the conflict, This, indeed, is reflected in the bleak expectation that you harboured in the original posting. If postwar Germany emerged from Nazi totalitarianism to become a liberal democracy, what makes you think that the situation in Gaza, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, is any more permanent and unchangeable? If education can be used to produce radicals, it can also be used to produce humanitarians.

Fourth, I am not blaming, nor am I into blame games. Blaming is part of the problem, not the solution. A couple of years back, I spoke to a former Canadian ambassador to the middle east. It was the first time I had met a diplomat, and I was curious to know how this man exercised the tools of his trade. His answer was simple. You begin by listening to what people see as the reality on the ground he said.

People's perceptions constitute their reality, and these must be acknowledged before any progress can be made. Trust me, I would give as empathic a reading to accounts by the inhabitants of Sderot who have likewise been deprived of the possibility of a normal existence as long as the conflict continues. And not only them--everyone!

Finally, do you really think all the Gazans lead comfortable middle-class lives?
Calara at the moment I have no problem generalizing the Arab and Muslim world non once or ever.
boycotting Israel, all of it left and right, a democratic country is not generalization?
you want balance discussion lets first have a balanced reality

as I said I am not a nationalist, but I have a scene of justice and I am against being anti jewish state and pro Arabic state . I am against a Jewish state but I am also again Arabic states

I don't think all of Gaza are middle class nor the Israelis or Americans, I do know the gazans are under blocked and even the mid class in Gaza are worst then mid class Israelis, now what?

you say end the blocked. how?

if boycotting and attacking Israelis is a fair game in the world today then any thing is fair it is war
Basil Make a Palestinian gov that works for the Palestinians and that we the Israelis can work with.

Israel already facing sanctions. and as long as there is the risk of an Iranian or enemy radical Muslim state base in Gaza there should be a blocked.

to end the blocked Hamas and fatah should unite and work for peace and the future of the Palestinians .
the boycott is not an individual decision ask the bands that boycotted Israel they where under tremendous pressure and threats from very powerful and organized anti peace groups
Dear Ohad,

You have just changed the direction of the conversation which, as I recall, originally revolved around responses to the film posted by Dan Smith. Now you claim that your levelling of Arabs and Islam is linked to what you see as an unjust paradox: On the one hand, peace groups are calling for the suspension or the lifting of the Gaza blockade, while on the other hand, activists from many nations--including many prominent Jews--are calling for the boycott of Israel.

There are two different issues here.

One is the question of the utility of economic measures (blockade/boycott) to effect a change in government policies,

The other is the linkage of Arabs and Islam to the proposed boycott of Israel.

With respect to the first, I know there are arguments in the scholarly community as to whether economic sanctions really work. Even the poster success story--South Africa--is subject to divided opinion.

For me, the critical question is whether the blockade or the proposed boycott will promote peace-making. I think the answer is clear with respect to Gaza. While the importation of arms from the sea has been largely blocked, overland transports have not ceased, and the cost to Israel's reputation and ability to maneuvre diplomatically have been greatly diminished. Nor do I see any change in Hamas's policies towards Israel. Peace has not come one step nearer.

As for the proposed boycott of Israel, I believe it would be very detrimental for the very same reason: it will not promote peace. Instead, what will happen will be a process of even tighter internal coherence among moderate and right-wing Israelis, and the diaspora Jews will rally behind the state. It will be more difficult for moderates and left-wingers in the diaspora to criticize policies from within the community. Ah, the fearsome dynamics of the Masada complex!

With respect to the second issue, namely the linkage of the boycott with your inability currently to see Arabs and Islam in a differentiated and historicized manner--all I can say is your linkage confounds logic. I am sure that many events and experiences have led to your position. But remember--the call for a boycott is decades old, and if the movement is gaining strength, it is because of public shifts in thinking in Europe and America.

Finally, your reference to ending the blockade assumes there is no alternative. I don't know about that, since I am unfamiliar with inspection procedures or the state of technology. Maybe you could start a discussion on the Gaza blockade and how to end it. There must be mepeace members out there who have some creative ideas on the subject.
Clara you directing you answer to me but I am not important .

I act from emotions if I see injustice such as baliming Israel alone for the Israeli arab conflict,
for example being anti Jewish state but pro Arabic state and so on I react.

I also change my mind on a daily bases .

I do not want the occupation probably more then you do not want it, I do not want the siege on Gaza and I will go as far as living in an Arab majority state but not in an Arab state and for sure not a Muslim state.
I support any solution that will give equality and freedom to ALL , I don't think Zionist they it is now is an answer for that but I am absolutely don't think that what we see coming from the Arab world is any better .
thats all I am worried form my future and the future of my family . and if it will get to delimitation of Israel in a way that is unfair I will fight against it.
thats it. the chief of stuff of the IDF saying that ending the blocked will create an Iranian base in Gaza , I dont know if he is laying or not I deferentially cant take the risk.
and as apposed maybe to you guys I do think that education in the Arab world is key and it must improve



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