Education in Arab Countries - major obstacle to peace

   I think peace really must start with education and I get more and more disturbed when I see how some muslim countries are education their children.  We have all seen the camps in Gaza for sheheedom, the images of little kids dressed up a suicide bomber, the Hamas Mouse who lets say, does not exactly spread tolerance and much more.  All these of course are usually on government owned or controled media outlets  I recently came across this clip  which seem to be extremely popular in the Arab world and made me think with brainwashing like this done to children how can we ever hope for a peaceful resolution of anything.

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Dear Ohad,

Please don't efface yourself: you are important. Each and every one of us is important. When I speak to you, I speak to many people simultaneously.

I understand you act from emotions, and I understand that in Ramallah or Nablus or Hebron or Gaza, people act from emotions, too. I understand your worry for your family, and I understand that in households all over the region, in Gaza, in the Occupied Territories, in Israel, parents go to bed at night, wondering what kind of a future their children will have, if any.

That the vicissitudes of current events result in wild swings of emotion is understandable. But I want you to remember that emotions can kill. It is better to watch one's own emotions and gain some distance to them so that they lose their lethal potential.

It is good that you have not lost your capacity to imagine situations in which co-existence and even co-habitation are possible. In better times, education will be more constructive on both sides of the conflict divide.

In the meantime, please remember that when hope is weak, you still have will. Let it see you through the dark hours.
my comment above maid form deep anger and emotions , I regret it
but this video is awful and sucks the hope out of you
On a lighter note: Basil, I actually do know Jews with the name of Smith. Dan is not one of them, though. :-)
This is a much needed discussion. I am finding the threads are not maintained by enough said views. It is stagnet. Now, anything that is propaganda or sensationalized people are going to watch. The more views the more it is put out into social network sites to promote varied kinds of behavior. I was going to post more. but got hit by an and old and dear friend about the hate in Palestine. I sat talking to him for about thirty minutes. It wasn't so much brainwashing more about the reactions of varied social actions have on society. So, when this video was produced and had brainwashing part of that goes with the repeated pain and suffering of a community unable to heal. I have seen brainwashing at low levels and even higher levels of society. Even when you study social battering of a couple within their own home there is brainwashing. Basil, you bring up some key points and thank you for your discussions. When we come to these postings we need to take a step back and maintain some ethics. The point is to bring dialog. So, we are unhappy with people telling people that the world flat and not round! If you can take one community and mentor them with another community through various schools you can bring dialog to various communities. getting books and writing tablets with peaceful letters from various teachers from across the globe. that helps. I am sorry others are so distraught they fail to bring answers and solutions to the table. That is why we are peace makers. No one said this would be an easy job. We must reframe from the hate.



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