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There I was, standing amongst several hundred mostly Palestinians chanting anti-Israel slogans along with "Free Gaza" and "Free Palestine" in front of the Isaeli Consulate in New York City.

As I hugged one of the organizers, a Palestinian friend, I whispered in his ears "this is a missed opportunity."

Yes, a missed opportunity.

The point of the protest was to call for an immediate stop to the violence and killing and for an immediate cease fire on both sides.

However, my friend's good intentions were over taken emmotions, anger and hatred.

He said to me that he couldn't speak to this crowd in terms declaring a much bigger context: ending the suffering of the children caught in the middle of all conflicts worldwide Israel-Palestine or Pakistan-India, and the Civil Wars in many African nations. Or to even suggest an end to suffering on the Israeli side.

NOW is the time for each of us begins saying something different in these demoralizing and disheartening tragic times.

Name calling and pretending only one side is responsible for any or all of the killing and suffering makes no difference.

Each of us should be looking at what actions we can take and words we can speak that WILL make a difference.

What if each of us circulate the contact information (e-mail addresses, government offices, etc. ...) and ask that all of us seeking to stand for the rights of all children to grow up free, safe and strong flood these leaders for a call to stop the violence for all of humanity? I will post contact information for President-elect Barack Obama. Who can supply the contact information for leaders of Hamas and Israel?

Can we agree to keep all communications in the possibility of creating a new dialogue for peace?

What if each of us with an affintity to one people or country, choose to stand for all people and for ALL CHILDREN?

What if we started a world-wide movement that crossed all borders, all ideologies and all peace organizations and began speaking as one?

The message could be as simple as "Choose Peace!"

Israelis, Palestinians, Columbians, Sudanese, Indians, Pakistanis, Somalians ... CHOOSE PEACE!

I makes no difference to debate which party is right or wrong when people are dying.

What is important IS making a bold stand on behalf of the generations to come in the face of no agreement from the misguided leaders of countries and organizations.


Much love and peace,
Jeff Rudy
Development Director
Where Peace LIves - Remember Peace Lives in YOU!

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Dear Jeff:

I think we must be honest with ourselves and break open teh mental chains of tribalism taht still haunts humanity and even peopel like you who are caught up in this idea that there is two sides: Palestinian and Israeli.. they both suffer and if somehow we can get Palestinians and Israelis to accept the idea of a state of Palestine on 15% of Palestine everything will be just fine. If there are two sides it is those whos upport apartheid and those who don't (both have people of various religions and backgrounds). There is also a state of Israeli, strong, military state that is really an army with a state rather than the other way around. Its paranoia and militarism make it a danger and not just to its priamry cvictims the Palestinian people. It is a very dangerous government (ned we be reminded of just two years ago when thousands of Lebanese civilians were massacred for egos and stupidity - claiming they wanted to get two soldiers which they ended up having to trade for them anyway). Israelis are in danger but it is not from Hamas, it is from tehir own government and its rash stupidity. Hamas, like Hizballah, will likely come out of this much stronger and with more popyular support. It is sad commentary . I for one believe that this is the fruit taht was predicted from the political Zionist seed. Perhaps it si time to graft something different on this tree... I suggest it can begin with Palestinians inside the state of Israel.. Strengthen their voice and give them full equality. THat branch would be the first. Then teh peopel of teh West Bank and Gaza and finally bring all refugees back and give them their rightful rights. That tree will be the tree of teh land of canaan.. the tree of peace.
Enough is indeed enough NOW!

  • Enough was also enough enough one week ago!
  • Enough was also enough enough two weeks ago!
  • Enough was also enough enough three weeks ago!
  • Enough was also enough enough nnn weeks ago!
  • Enough was also enough enough nnn months ago!
  • Enough was also enough enough nnn years ago!
  • Enough was also enough enough nnn decades ago!
  • Enough was also enough enough nnn centuries ago!
Why are so many only complaining now?

If you understood Islam you would not be saying such things.

Sadly when you say Allah Akbar you choose death, when it calls for life, for peace, for hope.

As a citizen of Netherlands you undermine the good that is coming from within the Islamic community.

If you understood Islam you could direct your energy from anger, rage and hatred towards ways to build community.

Please my friend seek out a new way.

Take the example of

Mazin Qumsiyeh

Mubarak Awad
See also the pithy and relevant and very incomplete incident list Sderot, Ashkelon and the Negev started by the now disgusted and absent Carol nearly three weeks ago!

Do I need to spell it out?

  • The related silence was deafening before Carol started posting about those incidents.
  • The related silence was deafening before AFTER Carol started posting about those incidents.
  • The related silence is still deafening NOW

I must add that I am learning a lot more recently here about peacemaking and about the integrity of peace makers and peace activist from the professionals active here and elsewhere.

What are you doing locally? I am interested in specific actions that can make a difference.

Much love and peace,
Thank you so much Jeff for posting this!
It breaks my heart to see what is happening in Gaza, but it breaks my heart even more to see Palestinians only seeing all of the Israelies as analogous to the actions of their government. The same goes for Israelies that see all Palestinians as analoguous to Hamas. Like anyone else, Palestinians want peace and justice.
We need to start showing love and compassion towards others.
I think that BOTH the Israeli government and Hamas are wrong. They are both giving into violence, instead of trying to negotiate peace.
There is no "good guy" or "bad guy." Both sides are wrong.
Thank you again for posting this, and it makes me happy to see that there are still people in this world that have a heart, and can still see the good, even in the worst of times!! :)
Stephanie :)
Dearest Stephanie,

Thank you go getting the point of the message. NOW what actions can you suggest we can take together?

There is urgency of doing and what I do see that can help is to bring a positive Campaign demanding a safe zones for the Gazans.

Israel with its Humanistic but pragmatic approach will refuse. Hamas will refuse and maybe we can Gen Egypican agreement, If we play smart Hamas will agree for that for getting off the hook and enable a seize fire for civilian evacuation This will force Israel to deal with that.

The pressure can be through the Media, but the trick is not to blame any one and have one humanistic voice that demand that in the special condition of Gaza the world, Israel and Hamas must provide innocent people to get out while there is a fighting. The Gazan do not have the state protection as the Israelis so it is the world responsibility to end this.

if we are lucky, such zone will not be needed for the parties will find a way out of this stupid violence.
Dear Neri,

I have added contact information for leaders in the United States and Ehud Barak. I am suggesting we continue to add contact information for all leaders in Israel and Palestine as well as worldwide and flood them with our humanity.
We can also reach out the the various media outlets worldwide to continue to get our message out with playing the "blame game" or pointing fingers.



Much love and peace,
Hi Jeff,

One example of what I have being doing locally is to try to get SULHA-style listening circles off the ground, essentially focusing on local Aussie issues. About eight people with real leadership and other related skills invested much time and one person's generous $'s for a while. Lots of Christians and Jews and Quakers showed interest. SULHAoz is now in limbo (in my view) until we also manage to attract some local Muslims and Kooris (Aborigines) to be actively involved in leading and promoting it.

This is just one real example. I will not bore people here with others....

I also technically facilitate(d) several internet lists, and produced documentation for and helped to manage and facilitate various local social-justice-related projects, I happen to believe that I have quietly done a lot that I am very proud of and am very comfortable with. OTOH not all things I touch worked or work as well as I had hoped.

Hi Paul,

What is SULHA-style listening circles? If you prefer, I will look online.

And I don't believe you will bore anyone on this site with "real examples" of the type of actions we can all be taking on behalf of humanity.

Much love and peace,
The Anatomy of a SULHAoz Listening Circle is now at .

I had intended to and will again promote and attempt to run one these in Sydney on the fourth Sunday of January and February next year (January 25, 2009 and February 22, 2009). The key facilitators were not available this month when i had hoped to try to kick start them again.

But to make them viable long-term, we need to be able to attract Muslims and Kooris who are communal opinion-leaders and who will actively and successfully promote them in their communities. We have very successfully run them high-school seniors on some substantial interfaith occasions.



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