I'm not happy for what is going on there .. It is not human to see a burned child or people sleeping in shelters out of fear .. Enough wars ,, enough killing .. Give the people of both sides a chance to live in peace .. Despite all the military actions that have been taking place for four days we will never give up, there is always a ray of hope that keep our belief in peace alive .. Let's pray for peace and stability.

When human beings will be able to live in peace ? I have been waiting to know the answer long time ago .. Moderate, peaceful and wise residents of this world "Make your voice heard" .. Do not let idiots lead you and your nation's destiny .. Enough is Enough !!

I'm proud of the Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers who organized a bi-national protests calling for ending the military actions between Gaza and Israel .. Hope to form pressure groups in both sides that work on ground to force both sides to end the military actions .. Let's have protests in Gaza and Tel Aviv at one time to ask the political leadership of both sides to sign cease fire agreement to keep the lives of our people 

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"Let's us pray for peace and stability."  There is only so much the Almighty can do to alleviate human suffering and indifference.  The change has to come within humans themselves.  The humans can be grassroots' actions, but many times it is the numbers of those involved.  Trying to impact and change their governments, if they have a direct voice through democracy, or a voice from being outspoken.  If you protest, make sure that protest has an impact, but the thing that has to be addressed, is the Palestinians cannot be so politically polarized from each other.  The Palestinian Authority has almost become invisible, while Hamas is getting so much international attention.  That international attention has to be translated into international pressure.  International pressure to get it to recognize the State of Israel.  One of the demands Hamas had is opening the borders between Gaza and Israel, but those borders can be opened if that recognition took place.  Can the Almighty help?



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