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Compassion is not a feeling of pity, pity, emotional affection. It is a mental state of awareness and understanding that others have right to be happy. The satisfaction we feel compassion for the welfare of others and we lived altruism. The other is the center. It is the compassion that leads to generosity and capacity for empathy and concern for the welfare of others in order not to harm, not harm.

It is compassion that makes us act with kindness and human warmth. Compassion springs from the spirit of reconciliation that is respect for the rights and opinions of others. Compassion is a feeling and an attitude that ends understanding and tenderness. We understand people make mistakes, because they are also long-standing wounds, injured people are conditioned by his past. Err no option, act emotionally, they feel powerless in the face of many constraints. Compassion is able to understand the circumstances of the act of others wrong, and not be conditional only on offense received. Compassion takes into account the weakness of the aggressor, the causality of the situation, the weakness inherent in every human person. Compassion is understanding.

The ethics of compassion is not governed by the looks of people. Do not look at the face, but the heart, not looking at the offense, but the root causes that lead people to offend his fellow man. Hence, compassion makes us close to others, attentive to their interests, ready to forgive and tolerate, always taking into consideration the welfare and happiness of others. Compassion gives us a mother's heart, an attitude of respect and empathy for others, but also knows how to have patience and tolerance.

To reach the compassion we need a lot of spirituality and strong internal discipline, a lot of courage. But this is the address of the path of happiness and inner peace. An early sign of compassion is patience, serenity in the face of adversity and humiliation. The less one is concerned with himself, suffer less and have more inner peace. Compassion implies humility, which is the consciousness of our compost, our clay while satisfaction with the good of others, the joy in the success of others, even our enemies. Humility is the emptying of self that is not self-deprecation, but acceptance of our weak side of our shadows and wounds.

It is compassion that gives us happiness, inner peace, personal fulfillment and meaning of life. The more compassion, less suffering and more life. Finally, compassion is the ultimate emotion, is the bliss, the blessing that makes life beautiful and worth living. Under our choice of compassion for the poor is durable, bold and exciting.

Hevenu Shalom Alechem!

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