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In Photos: Family Watches Israeli Forces Take Down Home

By Khaleel Reash

14 Januaury, 2011
Ma'an Image

Members of the Younis family watch while their home is demolished by the Israeli bulldozers in the West Bank village of Azzun Atma near Qalqiliya, January 11, 2011.

Owner Mu’in Amin Younis, told Ma'an that he began building the home in 2003, on lands owned by his family. He had not yet completed the 130 meter structure when it was demolished.

"They said I built it without a license, but it is my own land," he said.

The village where the Younis family lives is stranded between the Green Line, Israel's separation barrier and two settlements. It is only partially under Palestinian control. Areas of the village near the barrier and settlements come under Israeli civil and military jurisdiction, known as Area C.

Because Younis owns land in Area C, he must apply to Israel for a permit to construct a home. Rights organizations and UN bodies have recognized that it is almost impossible to obtain such a permit.

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Is not the CNN owned by an Arab country? Has Soros not been discredited.


There will not be peace unless it is negotiated between Israel and Palestinians directly. No amount of EU, USA or Arab interference will help.


Lets be realistic and not rely on others.

"but demolishing Palestinian homes and expelling Palestinians from their lands for years and years while talking of peace makes no sense to me..... I don't see it, nor do those homeless children who were crying about their house. " -  I am guessing you will cry no tears for settler homes that were bought are private land being torn down as well.... Am I correct? 

"I am all for peace and security between Jews and Arabs, and people who are black, white, gay, men, women, Muslim, Christian, young, old, Russian, Sephardic, Ashkenazim, Indian, Pakistani." - you claim this but dont seem to care what is happening to those living under Arab dictatorships including the PA, where these type of peoples rights are stripped from them.  You are not for peace and security otherwise you would protest suicide bombings, rockets into non-military, civillan cities, the murder of dozenss of Fatah political prisioners by Hamas, the insitement daily on PA and Hamas TV, the persecution of gays and christians living in the PA and the racist laws against Jews...


What you are is simply anti-Israel..... Peace requires looking at both sides of the coin.

I must agree with Dan. Hiding facts that happened to Jews in Arab lands or hiding the current situation of the remnants of Jews and Christians in Arab lands while at the same time holding Israel to a much higher standard will not bring peace.


Pressure that is not in Israel's interest in regards to security and peaceful co-existance will not work. Sudan is not a done deal and Bosnia is just becoming a cauldroon of hate for a second time in history.Chechoslovakia in 1938 did not bring peace and neither will any such pressure on Israel alone.


NEGOTIATE or there will never be peace:



1. Who does it belong to and how did they acquire it?

2. Agreed

3. Compared to what and to who?

4. Are you including their own Palestinian population and Fatah?


Very good points but lets strive for more accuracy

Your facts might be good but they are not accurate...
1. Palestine was an area where Jews, Arabs and Christians lived - they were all called Palestinians "Palestien get all land when Turkey loose it " - does not make sense it was teh British who got the Palestine mandate.

1947 - There was a UN partition plan that the General Assembly passed - Israel accepted Arabs rejected and started a war with teh new born country in 1948... For the record this resolution was to create a JEWISH and ARAB state in Palestine - was no such thing as Palestinian nation (read the text).

The result of teh war was that Israel managed to defend and control most of the land given by partition plus a bit more... Noe here is an important point listen carefully - Jordan and Egypt TOOK and occupied the West Bank and Gaza, yes you heard me right.....

In 1967 after a pre-emptive strike on Egypt and Syria Jordan attacked Israel and in 5 days Israel beet the 5 foes and won land from them... ONCE AGAIN IMPORTANT - Israel offered to give the land back to teh Arab countries in exchange for peace and they had their 3 famous "No"'s....

I will not even respond to #3 just a ridiculous and baseless comment.

4. You are right - maybe if Arabs would stop shooting from kindergarten and mosques this would not be the case.... A dead child is great for an arab dictators PR, did you not know that?

The Ottomans lost to the British forces under General Allenby and Britain got a mandate from the League of Nations to create a "Jewish Homeland in Palestine" so your first point bears to resemblance to any facts.


The British than lobbed off 78% of Palestine to give to the Hashemites  of Hejaz: losers of a civil war there.


after the Arabs rejected partition , 6 arab armies invaded with the slogan that this will be a "greater massacre than perpetuated by the Mongols". Partition died at that point as the land allotted to the Arabs was taken over by Jordan and Egypt.

Note that the Palestinians came into existence as a nation only in 1988 and not during the Arab occupation of 1948-1967.

I could enumerate why the 1948 partition is null and void but it would be more important for you to find that out by yourself.

In 1967 Israel terminated an illegal occupation and nothing else and as per the 1949 cease fire agreement the green line is just that and borders were to be demarcated as part pf a peace agreement.


Nothing changed as per resolution 242 of 1967 except that cease fire lines moved.

#3 is nothing but a self serving piece of baloney.

#4. War is hell and people die. Stop the Qassams, stop the terror and negotiate and maybe there will be peace.




Lets get away from taking political sides.  The War Industry is a multi-billion? trillions? dollar industry.  Its in their interest to keep the conflict going in as many parts of the Earth as possible.  The Government heads and Terrorists heads, are all their clients and they keep the business of war in place so the profits continue.

The common people pay the price with their belongings, their LIVES.  What is rightfully one's is what is rightfully one's.  No one should go demolish other people's home and take away their land.  It is possible for fellow human beings to CO-EXIST HARMONIOUSLY.  Whatever occurs in the human community impacts us ALL.  The suffering in the human community is unnecessary.  

The conflict over land is ancient, its a trait of the man that does not serve OUR RACE ANYMORE!  Taking what is not mine, by force from another, because I can, creates aggression and violence within the entire human race.  Where is this going to end, where would it stop?  What would ultimately ALL THE BOMBINGS IN THE WOMB OF TH EARTH DO TO THE EXISTENCE OR CONTINUITY OF HUMAN RACE?  Its time for us to AWAKEN, to take Responsibility, beyond the media and political influences.  Its going to take something to continue to be Fair and Just and its worth it.

Its TIME for People To Come Together to CO-EXIST HARMONIOUSLY.  That would mean respecting Palestinian properties and Lives and working with the Ones on both sides who are for mutual respect.  If one brother slights or wrongs or suppresses the other, in various ways the children also carry the impact, and suffer.  The only way healing can happen is for each one to accept what they did is hurtful and create partnership for future that are honorable and Just.  There are powers that may not like or allow that, and its going to be useful to be aware of that, and not let the hinderings obstruct the vision, the goal.  Its easy to say and another thing to put in practice, AND THATS THE ONLY CHOICE, ONLY ALTERNATIVE, WE HAVE FOR ALL OF US, GOING FORWARD. 

"That would mean respecting Palestinian properties and Lives and working with the Ones on both sides who are for mutual respect." - I agree but would add Jews here also...remember both sides.

Some minor observations. It was not the British but rather the League of Nations that called for a Mandate for Palestine and in it a National Jewish Homeland. Nothing vague about that. No need to bring the Nazis into that as that is only  a gratuitous remark. Part of that mandate said that both sides of the Jordan were in fact Palestine and the Hashemites are not native to Palestine. So perhaps the British did give a state to the Arabs of the area with this division. No Jews were allowed to buy or settle there and that law is still in place


You are right that this was not a binding resolution and thus the original League of Nations mandate is still operative. Lets also remember that both houses of Congress in the USA signed off on it ( League of Nations mandate ,that is)


On the outnumbering one ,you are engaging in inconsistencies as the Jewish "Army" consisted  mainly of Holocaust survivors. The Iraqi and Egyptian armies were British trained and armed as well as the Jordanian army being under the full control of the British. All the forts and fortifications as well as arms were given to the Arab irregulars in Palestine when the British retreated.


Read the interpretations of the framers of 242 and specifically the USA and British representatives. They may surprise you as to what 242 actually means.

One thing you left out after the 6 day war and the resolutions that followed Israel offered to give back the land for peace and the Arabs answered with the three famous No's "No peace , no recognition no negotiation".

You cannot have your cake and eat it too- when Arabs of Palestine we offered a state the Arabs refused the resolution and started war. When they were offered land in 67 after they were destroyed by Israel and a resolution in the UN was made they refused.

Sometimes if you dont want to loose you should start wars.... You cannot ignore resolutions when they are not fitting for you and use them later when they are...

. Ignoring words like "Jewish state" in resolution 181 which you try to use as teh basis to an Arab state or "from the lands occupied during the Six Day War in exchange for recognition and secure borders " (occupied here is referring to Jordanian and Egyptian land not Palestinian) - this mean through negotiation to  secure borders not to the previous ones.....

Its convenient to pick and choose when it comes to history - just not very convincing...

How does one argue against the grain of overwhelming historical data. You can invert all the data that you want but that does not change history. The UN has adapted the continuation of the League of Nations and has ,to my knowledge, not abrogated the Mandate but rather re-affirmed it.


Please re-read the UN Charter and the League of Nations Mandate and perhaps you will have a better understanding of the conflict. In any case even the UN 242 does not mention  a nation called Palestinians.


In any contract there must be two willing partners signing and since that was not the case the Mandate for Palestine is the only valid document still operating.

Recommendations of the King-Crane Commission On Syria and Palestine  1919


If, however, the strict terms of the Balfour Statement are adhered to-favoring "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine"—it can hardly be doubted that the extreme Zionist Program must be greatly modified. For a "national home for the Jewish people" is not equivalent to making Palestine into a Jewish State; nor ran the erection of such a Jewish State be accomplished without the gravest trespass upon the "civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine." The fact came out repeatedly in the Commission's conference with Jewish representatives, that the Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, by various forms of purchase.



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