Theory of the critical mass* The creation of social change, the introduction of something new into society, takes time and energy, and the form this takes is the form of a wave – growing slowly, building up energy and movement, until the change simply cannot be stopped. We all dream of peace, many of us work tirelessly for peace. So where is the peace? How do we create this critical mass, this wave that cannot be stopped? We have seen it happen so often in the world: Ghandi’s work in India, the fall of the Berlin wall, the stopping of the Vietnam War, the end of apartheid in South Africa…
There are thousands of drops going on at this very moment in the Middle East, yet still the wave has not been created. In Izhak Rabin’s time it was almost there – almost crested – but when he was killed, the wave settled back and disappeared, and has not yet gathered again.
Each person, each organization working for peace is working from a place of specialty, what I am good at, what I believe in – whether it is dialog, children’s camps, internet work, teaching compassionate listening, political work, personal healing, creating awareness of a specific aspect of prejudice etc.
If you believe in what you are doing, have the right intention to your work, each one of these – the drops of water – is an important piece of the puzzle. (Intention is an important aspect – without it the work has no meaning, as we can see in the many so-called peace agreements, such as Netanyahu stopping settlements for ten months while already announcing that after ten months he promises to begin again…)
So how do we create the wave? How do we gather our work together and create something bigger than ourselves?
One of the challenges I have found after many years work is the difficulty of working together. When each person or organization has a special niche in the work, and use all their energy just doing that work, they have very little energy left for connecting to others.
There are also many situations in which groups disagree with one another and refuse to connect because of differences in the particular method or social emphasis, and are simply afraid to lose their own supporters if they connect to an organization with a different emphasis (perhaps they don’t want political or religious affiliation, for instance)
So in order to work together we have to find a way to incorporate the togetherness as part of the specific work each one does, so that the togetherness is inherent in the work and not something new. And at the same time we must find a way to respect the individuality of each group and create a situation where affiliation is not seen as a merger, or as agreement about everything. Not easy!
I have no answers (if I did, it would already be out there!), but I have had some thoughts lately about this that I would like to share in hopes that this will trigger ideas in others, eventually creating the way to gather the wave.
What level do you work on at the moment? Do you network? Do you teach? Do you fundraise? Do you heal? Each one of us works on at least one level – physical, spiritual, inner, outer, higher, deeper. And yet, we are complex creatures, and the world we live in is a complex world. We live on many levels. Deep personal inner levels, levels where we connect to the world physically, levels of spiritual connection, we do not live on one level or even two. (After all, according to Judaism, we are created in God’s image – and God is found everywhere, at all levels!) So just as we live our lives on many levels so too we should look at our work in the world as a complex entity or path or creation. Ghandi said Be the change you want. Since we exist on multiple levels so too the change must be on multiple levels.
So what does that mean? For me it means to look at the levels you are working on right now, and ask yourself what is the next level of your work. Where is this work to go if it is to expand and become even fuller? If you work with children should you work with their families too? If you teach healing should you now teach others to teach so you can go to the next level of work? If you are a small organization should you grow bigger or connect to others? If you are working spiritually where do you touch ground and bring practicality? If you are helping people build houses how can you help them make sure the houses won’t fall again?
This may mean simply expanding your vision, it may mean taking a risk to do something you are not sure you can do, this may mean finding teachers or partners. But it must be done.
This is one part of creating the wave.
What do you see?
* I recommend this wonderful teaching tool by the Traubmans:

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Thank you for starting this discussion on It is recommended!
I wonder: What do other think? How can we create the wave?
The illusory belief that we can be separate from our "brother", separate from all others, even autonomous, gods in our own right, our own little universes, is the breeding ground for the resulting illusion of conflict. Quantum physics and wave theory are now revealing the truths inherent in so many ancient esoteric sources, that this whole thing with so many apparent parts is One thing. The monkeys that learned to wash their potatoes in sea water (where we get the term, the hundredth monkey effect) is another excellent example of the quantum behavior of collective Consciousness behaving quite naturally. The photon, dragging its proverbial feet to change frequency for so long as it approaches 49% of frequency change, and then takes a quantum rush wooooshhhh in a moment of singularity through the remain change in frequency and color. A star, taking what seems like forever to reach that critical mass, and then goes super nova in a brilliant display. These are ways the cosmos and nature show us how peace will come. It feels like it takes forever, or is never going to happen, right up to that moment of singularity quantum shift. We are smack dab in the middle of one of those amazing shifts right now! We do well to take care how we think, what emotions we display. Emotional mastery will be so key to critical mass of this shift in progress, how we think of so called "others", for there really is no "other" except in the illusory world view in our individual and collective mind. The individual part is merely an utterly unique fractal aspect of the One, the Whole, of First Source (Lyricus Teaching Order reference), of the Upper Light (Science of Kabbalah), of that which is unspeakable, indescribable, that cannot be contained in a word. Here are 3 PDF downloadable links from one of my favorite sources for trying to convey what all of this is (Kabbalah is another excellent description of what we are doing here).

And one of my favorite descriptions of true Peace was given in James Twyman's amazing real life adventure in the Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia region in his book, Emissary of Light,( when the Teacher told James that real Peace has no opposite, is all-pervasive. I wept with re-cognition when I read that. Something registered deep within my core Being, we are never away from true Peace. Only our conditioned perspective can have us thinking that is possible. Get enough people thinking the same way over thousands of generations and you have a perpetual self-fulfilling prophecy exercising the illusion of no Peace, when all the while we were and are never away from it. The eye for an eye ethic must be abandoned by each of us, for judgment is a trap that reinforces and rationalizes the illusion of human conflict, and hides the Peace we reside in from our understanding and willfully veils our inherent remembering. This is always a function of free will... We are free to believe in a lie for a spell, but we are all of the One, and designed to finally remember, to re-cognize our True Selves and true Peace, and return home, all of us, for we are ever and always One... Enjoy the WingMaker Lyricus Teaching Order links. They are enlightening to say the least.... Here's to holding us all in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator, Adonai, Namaste, Elohim, Shalom... Chris
Thank you Christopher
there are two places where we meet certainly in what you wrote: that we all connect at the deep level, we are not alone, or as i say, we are all related. i believe that a lot of the pain in our world relates to our being confused and thinking we are alone, not knowing how to reconnect. but it is there in the core of our being.
the second place we meet is in the inevitability of the wave. there is something wonderful and confusing about the fact that i work to bring this wave, yet at the same time (and space...) it is already here. i am feeling more and more that my role is in spreading awareness and the more people who can feel it, the more it rises to the surface.
i hope the new year brings you to the next stage and closer to your relations - all of them.
Dear Aura,

While I am new to mepeace I am not new to what you are saying and where you are leading this conversation. I met Libby and Len Traubman in DC over ten years ago at the beginnings of my awakening as an advocate for peace in our Holy Land and across our globe. I can offer some practical and some inspirational advice: We all have capacity in our hearts and minds that we have neither identified nor utilized. Call upon your energy and mingle it with your dreams so that you are prepared to take a step beyond what you know and are comfortable with on behalf of peace. It is this power, the power of your spirit that will carry you forward even as it inspires others. As for the functional, look around and connect with an institution that you haven't been involved with, be it a church, mosque or temple or a social organization like Rotary or the United Way here in the US or others in the place you live. Reach out, spend some time getting to know people on their turf and on their terms before providing them with a program or an answer. I believe that building new relationships/partnerships is a key. Another is envisioning what peace would actually look like and bringing people before a local audience to learn how peace is actually possible. Tomorrow, on January 1st, the Bucks County,(Pennsylvania), Peace Circle and the Interfaith Community for Middle East Peace is sponsoring its 6th annual Prayers for Peace in the New Year at the Yardley PA Friends Meeting House at 12 noon and people will come together to share prayers, readings and even songs on behalf of Middle East Peace. Be creative because each of you is full of ideas and some of those ideas will bring us all closer to the day when G-d smiles seeing peace gleaming throughout his Holy Land.

Blessings and Love,
Larry Snider
Dear Larry, thank you for your thoughts. It is always good to know that people on the other side of the world hear us and care, for we are all related.
I hope your prayer meeting today takes you to another level of touching others around you and the world you live in. Like you, I love and honor Libby and Len and their work. I would also like to offer you Joanna Macy with her deep understanding of where and who we are at this moment in in the movement of the world. She is a wonderful elder and teacher for all of us no matter what we do and who we are.
May the new year bring us fulfillment and new vision, love and connection to ourselves and to all our relations.
Hi Aura,
Great thought provoking questions that I need to think about for a while. For the moment, I just wanted to point out that you and Larry, who responded just before me, have actually met! Larry was the organizer of that beautiful delegation of interfaith leaders who sat with you and Anael at your Kibbutz in March of 2008. Small world and getting smaller in some ways. It's true - there's so much beautiful work going on. Just wanted to point out how connected we are in this moment.
with love and gratitude for you,




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