I put here only pictures of civilians in a daily normal doing.

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line for bread.


Thanks for sharing this picture. My reaction first was sadness at the situation but then upon better reflection: hope. Hope in teh eyes of this student as she studies. Hope in the fact that peopel of good conscience regardless of tehir background (Jewish, Christian, Muslim etc) are acting on this. Hope because I got to meet you on mepeace.... Hope is a good gift to give in this season.
To Jewish friends Happy Hanukah.. to Christian Friends.. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. May the new year bring all hope, peace, and joy.

About your last sentence Mazin, I trust we all agree. :-)

I know that the Internet is getting filled with images of pain and horror. we are all loosing.
Please remember these eyes. Please help these eyes see a brighter peaceful future.
Hi I really want to know whats going on in Gaza , I heard something in the news about a treath ?
I am not planning to put here description of what is going on, more of picture of People who live now in Palestine AT THIS MOMENT

The news is filled now with real-time footage I hope that some of the People from Gaza who are members will be able to blog/report to us.

It is a good time to think of how we can help the people and pray that these events will pass soon with minimum casualties.

After some thoughts I decided to put this picture of which hint the situation in Gaza.

I avoided more harsh pictures that are available on the net.

The aggression round needs to be stopped and we need different path to ensure the safe respectable future of the children of Gaza.

I blocked free comments here, if any one want to add a picture that is suitable to this thread please let me know.
i personally find it very painful to confront images like this however i also accept that people need to see to feel and understand and empathise as well as be motivated to accept perhaps where they can best serve their purpose and unite to help those they can through their direct actions

my prayer is that more will understand that there are many of us who find it hard to talk because we know that a lot of talking does not directly and immediately affect those on the streets in their daily lives... however i pray that those who can and do affect change do make the difference felt at street level by those who are so severely affected the most... the children... for what hope are they seeing is beleivable and achieveable every day?

i pray also that we see in discussions more about those being helped and the growing numbers of those who are struggling still to find it...

love hurts and yet love created children? where is the sense... the hope... for new parents? the next parents affected... the next Family who suffer
I Can't stand the fact that children are being hurt because peace is not an option for many people. Just stop the violence, it does nothing but hurt us all. If we stay separated we are all trapped, and will parish from this earth unsung; leaving behind only the evidence that we failed as a species.

There is no normality now in Gaza.
let 2009 bring change for peace and stability



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