Go to Palestine, Visit the people, talk to them, drink coffee with them

If I were Israeli I would make friends with Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. I would cross the boundaries and get to know the people there since they would not be able to come to me in Israel due to the occupation and the walls, etc. This way I would know for sure what their lives are like there. I would get to know them and feel as one with them. I would show them the I cared as an Isreali citizen. I would take a chance to go there. I did go there myself. I am American not Israeli but, I did go there. I love the people. You will never feel hungry or thirsty. They shower their guests with food and drink when you visit. They are such wonderful hosts, such amazing hospitality... The south (in the US) doesn't come close to their warm hospitality. Try it!

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you are right.
Dear Roro:

I have suggested this on numerous occasions to people. We have an open invitation. I am at the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People in Beit Sahour and that is what the center does. We get delegations from all over the world. Many Jews from around the world also visit and even volunteer and work with us (and this includes Israeli Jews). UNfortunately on this particular forum with rare but notable and appreciated exceptions, many Jews are still so fixated on their own m,oral and cultural and religious superiority taht they think it demeans them to visit Palestinians and open up in discussions. Maybe considering us indeed "pe're adam" (see discussion )
Neri and Mazan,

For the last eight years Temple B'nai Torah and the IMAN Muslim in the Seattle area have been working to build homes together and to deepen the discussion.

With the advent of the situation in Gaza where the outrage in loss of life is at a high level, we carefully are proceeding to meet to keep these fragile relationships in tact.

I am working with Brit Tzedek a Jewish group dedicated to a just solution . Attached is a note I sent to my partner in peace Sanaa.

Tell us how we can support your efforts.

Phil Gerson


These two films show Israeli's who care about their country and who view the situation through humanitarian eyes. The killing must stop today.

I have a love for Israel and a constant aching in my soul for peace there. I deplore the actions of HAMAS and their rocket attacks.

It is these Jews of conscience and their counterpart Palestinians that we need work with to amplify their voices to our all people interested in Peace.

We must make haste towards focusing on a two state solution recognizing the progress takes oh so long.


This note is from a newly re-found friend Anne Stadler who is part of the Compassionate Action Network (CAN) - a "network of networks" that our NICO group is a part of. Note the highlighted values and principles of CAN

Dears! I encourage you to consider this! A friend whom I value greatly sent this link to me. Some conscious and brave young people need our voice and concern! Please view the short video and join me in signing the petition. Thank you. Love, Anne

Anne M. Stadler
18468--47th Pl.NE
Lake Forest Park, WA.
98155, USA

A World that Works for All is
a World of Love Made Visible!

"Starting from within, sharing in circle in a sacred manner, we develop and heal ourselves, our relationships, and the world"... Phil Lane, The Fourth Way
"many Jews are still so fixated on their own m,oral and cultural and religious superiority taht they think it demeans them to visit Palestinians".

Mazin, do you really believe the things you say? and you work in a centre for raproachment? Why do Palestinians have this habit of telling Israelis and Jews what Israelis think and feel? and where do you get this wrong information? Is there a web site of false information about Jews and Israelis that I need to read?

I don't visit the west bank because I am afraid I will be killed. Also it is technically illegal for Israelis to visit many areas in the west bank because of violence. Those are the only reason. I used to visit and even lived in the west bank for two months in the early 90s but with all the violence, today I am afraid.

I think the authors idea of visiting the West Bank (and Palesitnians visiting Israel) is a great idea. But very few I know in israel would go into the west bank out of fear of being killed.
I told you in the same message that we have Israelis and Jews here all the time and I invited all to come. Why do you chose to twist things. Come visit us instead. The time for talk is finished. If you say you want peace then work for peace. This is not to you personally but to all those "holdout" tribalistic Jews who calim humanity and peace. Stop parroting Nazi PR and come visit and speak with us Palestinians. We are willing and ready and we are the ones who do not have tanks, F16s, nuclear weapons etc. I have never seen individuals more honest and forthright than Jews who come here and I never sawe a more cowardly individuals than those who speak of peace and security while regurgitating myths to justify colonization and oppression. As the old civil rights statement goes: "free your mind and your ass will follow." Shed your fears, take a bit of risk (in this case none).. come join hundreds of Jews of conscience and visit us.
Roro, You are 100% right and Palestinian hospitality is well known in Israel.

Israelis did enter Palestinian territories for years, even during dangerous times. Saturdays were big shopping days. Sadly there were cases of Israelis being murdered. The second intifada really put the dampers on much interaction.
There used to be a joint Israeli-Palestinian Bird watching group, but this too stopped in that year..2000.

I am lucky. living on the West Bank I have had the opportunity of meeting new Palestinians in recent years as well. I am thankful for that.
I am so sorry about the murder of Israelis. I hate this. I still think there is hope if enough people BELIEVE and truly want to LOVE one another.
agreed. and when we move back to Israel, you all have an open invitation to our place. I make great shnitzle and majadara!
Maybe if everybody, if the Palestinians were free to do so, we could all get together and cook! There is something wonderful about hanging out in the kitchen making good food!
God, I am exhausted from all the hatred!
I KNOW for a fact you could come to Bethlehem and eat with my Palestinian family! They make really good upside down rice and my father-in-law makes the BEST Kaliya! yummmmy! Oh, and their hot tea is beyond compare with fresh mint (nah nah). GOD, I miss Bethlehem! I love it there!
I love makluba. My husband makes it really well- he is yeminite. What is kaliya? About shnitzl- I made a Palestinian friend from Jenin through OneVoice. we were talking about food and I asked how Israel or Jews have impacted on Palestinian food. He said there was no impact. Then we talked about shnitzl and he said he missed the shnitzle down the street from where he lives. He didn't even realize that shnitzl came with the central european Jews.I didn't realize that Palestinians ate it. It is eaten by so many in the region whether you are palestinian or a Syrian Israeli.

If thngs are safer when I come back, I will take you up on that offer to visit your family.

and you're right, this hatred (or for me, anger and frustration) is exhausting. I will take a break and go back to only saying positive things.



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