Go to Palestine, Visit the people, talk to them, drink coffee with them

If I were Israeli I would make friends with Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. I would cross the boundaries and get to know the people there since they would not be able to come to me in Israel due to the occupation and the walls, etc. This way I would know for sure what their lives are like there. I would get to know them and feel as one with them. I would show them the I cared as an Isreali citizen. I would take a chance to go there. I did go there myself. I am American not Israeli but, I did go there. I love the people. You will never feel hungry or thirsty. They shower their guests with food and drink when you visit. They are such wonderful hosts, such amazing hospitality... The south (in the US) doesn't come close to their warm hospitality. Try it!

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Yes, I am taking a big 180 to focus on positive, healing words. Please stay in touch! You can also find me on facebook as Roro Faraj...
Myron: The Israelis who were killed over the years in Palestinian towns were either settlers or soldiers. To my knowledge there are no Israelis who are neither settlers or soldiers who came into any Palestinian towns to visit who were harmed (especially if they came as guests of other Palestinians). Of the over 5000 Israelis who came to visit us at the Rapprochement Center in the past 20 years (even during teh heights of the intifadas) not one had a negative experience. This is the fact.
Here is a list of terror attacks by Palestinians of Israelis:

The majority of Israeli civilians killed were through suicide attacks within Israel and soldiers or settlers killed (see lists in links above), but there are many examples of average Israelis killed in the West Bank:

Wichlav Zalsevsky, 24, of Ashdod, was shot in the head in the village of Masha on the trans-Samaria highway as he stopped at a garage for car repairs.

An Israeli youth, 16, from Ashqelon is found murdered in Ramallah. It is later revealed that he had been lured by a Palestinian girl, he knew from the internet to Ramallah, where he was ambushed by a number of Palestinians. (this one in particular made me lose faith in peace)

Motti Dayan, 27, and Etgar Zeituny, 34, cousins from Tel Aviv, were abducted from a restaurant in Tulkarem by masked Palestinian gunmen and executed.

Amos Tajouri, 60, of Modi'in, was shot in the head at point-blank range by a masked gunman in the Arab village of Na'alin, while dining at a restaurant owned by close friends.

Eldar Abir, 48, of Migdalim was killed when two Palestinian shot him at point blank range at the gas station near Migdalim in the West Bank.

Salman 'Id el-Hawashla, age 38, an Israeli Bedouin of the Abu Rekaik tribe who was driving a car with Israeli plates, was killed by three armed men driving a truck hijacked from the Gaza municipality, in a deliberate head-on collision.

Shalva Ozana, age 23, and Yitzhak Weinstock, age 19, were shot to death by terrorists from a moving vehicle, while parked on the side of the road to Ramallah because of engine trouble.

Ohad Bachrach, 18, of Beit El, and Ori Shahor, 20, of Ra'anana, were killed while hiking in Wadi Kelt.

Moshe Yohai, 63, of Ashdod, was found shot to death in Beit Rima, a Palestinian Authority-controlled village near Ramallah, where he had apparently gone on business.

There are also hundereds of examples of settlers shot/stabbed/kidnapped in their cars or at gas stations. If I come to visit some of the amazing Palestinians I have met through the internet, how does someone who wants revenge know I am coming to visit Palestinians and want peace?
you're right, the only way, Eva is that many israeli people like you go there... What your gov. can do if thousands of israeli people go to Ramallah evry day to speak with palestinian people and say "we don't support this war... This war is the result of the fear of israeli for Palestinians...
Like I said below- it is still in our minds. We have this simplistic, one-dimensional view of Palestinians (people who hate us because we are Jews and will kill us any chance they get). I don't believe this rationally but I believe it emotionally. The Palestinians have the same simplistic view of Israelis (greedy colonizers). You know what Israeli society is like- self-obsessed, paranoid, racist- it obviously influences even those (and there are many) who want to meet with Palestinians. So as part of this, I am asking Palestinians to speak out against violence (which many have) so we have more opportunities to tell our people 'you see, they want the same as us' and end this insanity for everyone's sake. The more people on both sides are able to point at the other side with positive examples, the quicker this will end.
My husband is Palestinian and he loves all people. He has Jewish friends as well. Just as our hands have five fingers (usually) no two fingers are alike even though they are from the same hand. This is a quote my husband often uses.
Groovy! If I were there I would hang out with you all over the place!!! hehehe What fun we would have! I miss Israel, Bethlehem, Jericho, the Dead Sea!!!!!!!
Your government wants you to be afraid and ofcourse fear is the strongestr human emotion. But simple logic dictates things. Over the past 8 years, over 8000 Palestinians were killed by Israelis and over 1000 Israelis were killed by Palestinians (most of the latter indeed in horrific suicide bombings). Logic would dictate that I should be 8 times more afraid to meet you than the other way around. I consider all killing abhorent (as simple as that, I do not try to justify anyone killing anybody). THere are 11,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails and oen Israeli in Palestinian jails. Again logic would dictate I should be more afraid. Ditto for homes demolished (10,000 in the past 8 years versus some damage to few Israeli homes). While I believe that some deaths are false flag operations, we won't try to quible since again the original post was about coming to meet and visit. I again reiterate, we have lots of Israelis who come visit regularly. It is safe in Bethlehem (this is not Gaza). Tourists are here also all teh time with Israeli tour guides. Peopel in Bethlehem are not stupid. They will not attack a person who comes to visit a Palestinain home. But if you are still afraid, we can meet at Talita Kumi (a Beit Jala school in areas C that is near the border with Jerusalem) where Mepeace regularly has peace cafes and lots of Israelis are in and out all the time.
If we can;t meet to talk peace then what we are left with is the point scoring of the David's and Paul's of the world. Then Haniyya and Netanyahu will inherit this country and keep fighting for ever :-{
What I am speaking to is the Israeli public's fear of palestinians. I am not trying to point score or say "we are the victim". I am asking for two things:
1. acknowledgment from any Palestinian that palestinians have killed/terrorized/hurt Israelis because they were Israeli, without a "yes, but..." (I am just as disgusted by those who see the corpses of Palestinian children in Gaza and try to give reasons). I say 'any' Palestinian because with the ratio of killed/suffering being 8:1, Israelis having an imbalance of power and the stubborness of Middle Easterners, I have rarely heard Palestinians say 'we have all done horrible things to each other'. I know many Israelis who say this daily. In that sense I am point scoring on this issue alone because for many on the Israeli side, we need to hear it. We need to hear this because we have lost trust (just as you have lost trust) and we need to feel we (Palestinians and Israelis) are able to make changes together and not just one side.
2. understanding that after 60 years of us dehumanizing each other, 60 years of violence towards each other, the situation is very complex for each group and it is not easy for Israelis to meet with Palestinians, The reasons are complex- fear (the attacks listed above are in our minds regardless of when they happened), guilt (for what we have done to your people), rage (for what your people have done to us), furstration (that we can't even seem to have a simple conversation without accusations of who is MOREguilty or suffered more). I acknowledge that your people obviously feel the same emotions (for '48, '67, occupation). We need to recognize that each side has a complex self-image even if we see the other as one-dimensional. Creating understanding is the first step to all of us moving forward and something that we as individuals can do.
i love you so much coz you are so sweet and god gave you huge heart,
you have seen the truth and am so proud of you coz you keep telling it to everyone no mater what
my family are so proud of you, me and them are so lucky to have you as a member of this family
i love you so much
keep going, god bless you



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