Halloween is the second major engine of the yearly flu epidemic in children and adults. The yearly weeks long sugar rush that children and adults get from doubling and quadruppling their daily sugar intake harms their immune function. Sugar is the greatest major suppressor of immune function in the western world which allow the yearly viral flu epidemics to manifest due to lowered immune function. It is sugar and the yearly loss of sunlight and vitamin D in children in the Fall that are the true causes of the yearly flu and cold epidemics. Viruses are only nature warning us that our own immune functions are dangerously lowered and need attention.s

This yearly sugar onslaught begins weeks before when Halloween candy goes on sale and adults and children begin to sample their Halloween candy meant for Halloween. Then the actual day comes and children receive another month long dose of sugar from their Halloween booty. And adults get a major sugar rush from the "undistributed candy" that they overbought and must now eat. And lastly stores sell at a discount after Halloween the unsold candy to unsuspecting adults to get rid of their excess sugar inventory. This yearly sugar orgy along with Easter and Christmas and other candy holidays costs national populations billions of dollars in health care costs and lost workdays from unwise sugar use and lowered immune function which allows flu and cold to manifest.

The first great engine of the yearly flu outbreaks is the start of school when there is increased stress and children go indoors all day to school and receive no sunshine. Sunshine is the major and most important nutrient of mankind and is little understood. In early September when schools start sunshine is near the end of the time when it is strong enough to make vitamin D in our bodies. It is now that schools should provide full spectrum lighting or 5000 IU of vitamin D3 supplements per day to offset this sunshine loss. But they do not and so children's immune function is greatly lowered and children begin to manifest colds and flu from lowered immunity from this unhealthy indoor environment.

Schools need to provide full spectrum lighting that is strong enough to produce vitamin D in the skin to offset this yearly sunshine loss and the complete loss of vitamin D from sunshine beginning this time of year. This major 6 month long indoor toxic school environment of improper lighting causes most all the winter health problems that occur in a nations school children. And homes, offices, and factories must do the same to prevent the yearly Winter health harm of flu, cold, heart disease, and cancer in the adult populations.

Recent research states that 77% of all cancers can be ended by a national program of yearly vitamin D testing and supplementation for optimal vitamin D blood levels. Vitamin D is the major hormone like vitamin which provide vigorous immune function in our bodies along with many other health benefits.

A simple thing as turning on the right kind of reading grow light bulb in Winter for children at home can insure their health and continued happiness. But few people know of the importance of full spectrum lighting in the months of Winter for children and adults. All nations and the world pay dearly for this ignorance and lack of corrective action to prevent it. Without this complete vitamin D nutrition in Winter only supplemental vitamin D3 at 3500 per 100 lbs of weight can prevent illness and provide optimal health and nutrition.

The drug companies know of this yearly cycle of immune function loss from sunshine and sell worthless drugs and vaccines to perpetuate the yearly Flu Hoax instead of addressing the real problems of full spectrum lighting and a national program of optimal vitamin D blood levels in all children and adults. But it is the public's ignorance of the real cause and the media's lack of informing the public that is the real cause of this yearly Flu Hoax. Trick or Treat.

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