Hamas Torture Brings Gaza Reign of Fear - Jason Koutsoukis

Dalal al-Shoubaki remembers the day Hamas sent its dreaded Internal Security Service to arrest her husband Hamza last July. Three weeks ago, his tortured body was found dumped at Gaza's Shifa Hospital, with two gunshot wounds to the head. Shoubaki had been accused of collaborating with the government of PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, whose Fatah faction holds power in the West Bank. His fate is a chilling example of the terror inflicted on dissenters who have lived under the Hamas regime in Gaza since June 2007.
In December, Mrs. Shoubaki visited him at a security compound near Gaza City. "At first I nearly didn't recognize him. There were many signs of torture. He was pale and bruised and he had trouble walking," she said. He had been regularly punched and kicked, intermittently deprived of food and sleep, hung from the ceiling for hours on end - by his feet and his arms, and in one case from the ceiling for several hours by one arm. Mrs. Shoubaki said her husband had also been electrocuted. (The Age-Australia)

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Dear Basil,

Jews and Muslims are all humans, and the religious one share the same love to same one G-D which include us all.

as humans they also have strong groups who see religion as something the separate them from others, make them better then others ... even when the other stronger at war, or helpless under occupation. These humans are our brothers, they fail to see us all as one human tissue, and for that supporting aggression - I do expect this one G-D of us to love all his/her children, all humans and I do not think any one claim different when he see all humanity as one.

I am not religious but I can see it in all religious scholars and this consciousness that we are all one and that we share same reality slowly gets to anybody on our planet -

and still we have Israel and Palestinian people who do not share the same freedom and opportunity that the Israelis has, and we need to create a reality to enable that.

some of it needs to be done internally by the Palestinians, and by the Israelis but the outcome of new peaceful sustainable reality only can be achieved together.
Basil, I'm not sure why whatever I say, in this case a dsicussion about world views, the world being Europe, South America, Nth America, Australia etc, gets translated into "Israel bad Palestinians good" ... it's like a reflex reaction. The original discussion was about world sensitivities to various conflicts, and that there is a powerful, disproportionate focus on this particular conflict. That is the only point I made.

As to Ben Gurion and this tiny fledgling group struggling to exist in 1943, I really have no idea what your on about, they barely survived. What exactly could they have done about the Jews of Europe? A lot volunteered for the Jewish Brigade and fought in Europe, but beyond that ... what? Besides which, unless I missed something, it seems to have precious little to do with what we were discussing.

I actually thought that you would agree with me that it's terrible that the world is ignoring what is happening in Darfur and so many are dying in the genocide there. In fact I don't understand at all why you're not agreeing with me. Please explain.
for example of the conflict interests of the mainstream Zionists who attacked Peter Bergson for trying to influence the US to help the jews during the holocaust.

Most Americans—even many American Jews—believe that we didn’t know. Many assume that we couldn’t have done anything even if we had known. Meet Peter Bergson!

Until 1941 Nazi Germany had persecuted and sought to expel the Jews. But the doors of the West had remained closed to them. It was only then that the free nations of the world had faced a new Nazi policy: mass murder of the Jews of Europe.

A Palestinian Jew who had served with the nationalist Irgun organization in pre-Israel Palestine, Peter Bergson (born Hillel Kook, 1915-2001), had come to the U.S. in 1940. In America, this firebrand led what came to be known as the Bergson Group, whose strenuous efforts from 1942 to 1945 underscore just how much was known—and how much was attempted during those difficult years.

Vilified at the time—American Jewish leader Rabbi Stephen Wise reportedly characterized him as “equally as great an enemy of the Jews as Hitler,” while others castigated the group as fascist or terrorist—Bergson remains a controversial yet relatively obscure figure in the history of America and the Holocaust.

(source )

And here what he did:

David Ben-Gurion, later to become Israel's first prime minister, called it ''a group of self-appointed people who represent nobody but themselves.''
Unfortunately, another little publicized fact is that the mainstream Zionist movement (represented in the WZO) from 1939-1948 worked hard to ensure taht Western doors remain tightly shut against Jewish immigration. For example, the main Zinists of the US lobbied successfully to prevent increasing quotas for European refugees (including Jews) to America.



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