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Suffering is a necessary condition for knowledge. Who can say of himself or of others who never knew the pain? As the Psalmist says: Answer me, Lord, for thy mercy is benevolent! (Ps 69 (68), 17).

Through the pain and suffering empty ourselves of ourselves so that we can fill ourselves with love and mercy.

It is preferable to the pain of purification than the pain of damnation.

The trials and even bitter and sometimes painful, God allows them, it is important to accept them because they lead us to maturity and spiritual growth. Through suffering we become more similar and have a new life.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. " The cleansing must start from the heart of man.

After a dark night comes the light of day with the dawn of joy.

How narrow is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and few there be that find it. The front door is mercy, who did not enter because she did not understand anything. Mercy is to connect with the heart next to misery: the poor and excluded. The "next" is the door through which we pass to find and love. The deepest human fulfillment comes from the joy of serving. And the first service that should be paid to others is to listen. Who is unable to hear his brother, just can not hear it yourself. Understanding brings the fortress, which feeds the spirit. Our hands are always extended to help those in need both material and spiritual support. And those true joys of life have deep roots in a loving heart.

The causes of many bodily suffering are the depths of the soul, without which the person is clearly aware of this.

The worst prison is the heart. The wounds, the trauma of the past and attachments are the chain that holds human beings and let them follow the path of perfection. We carry in our hearts the weight of unresolved cases, the grievances, the grudges that have not been forgiven and this is an opening to penetrate the dark areas of our being and try to dominate us, taking advantage of human weakness, seek to enslave and depress progressively person. However, the constant ups and downs that plague us, lead us to inner balance and self-mastery. Only forgiveness can terminate a particular situation, take our shoulders a heavy burden and make us free. Freedom is a richness that only when the value lost.

There is no harm nor hurt to endure with a gesture of forgiveness. Through faith, hope, confidence and perseverance are open all windows and doors of a heart.

The more the pain grows, the greater the hope of better days.

Where there is faith there is love, where there is love there is peace, where there is peace there is God and where God is nothing missing. The sufferings of this life can not be compared with the glory to come that will manifest in us.

In these circumstances, the person is caught herself without knowing how to get out of this situation. Only those who have gone through great tribulations know how heavy and difficult to comply with our obligations when the soul is in that state of inner torment. Discouragement, stress and fatigue in the choke. Physical forces subside, the mind is darkened and the person is simply a neglect of herself, of her physical, appearance, of their obligations, their activities, many do not understand this situation and do all kinds of trial, finding that the person is relaxed or careless.

The evidence, indoor try to dominate us. Everything around us seems to be from bad to worse and we ended up involving a lot with the problems that arise. Unpleasant situations, feelings of persecution, contempt surround us, and we ended up getting stuck going around and around in circles around ourselves or our problems. Let us not allow the difficulties to ruin our lives, leading us to the bottom. Let us be strong and know how to overcome the problems or rumors with dignity.

Life is too short, so we should not make it a battlefield against our brothers. With the court that ye judge ye shall also be judged: and with what measure ye mete, you also will be measured. The essence of true love is to accept the lapses of others. The essence of God is Love and Life. When we speak ill of others are feeding feelings of envy or jealousy, which are manifested in our being consciously or unconsciously. Jealousy is the weapon of the insecure, those who have not learned to love.

The spoken word is like a bee: it has honey and sting. May our words be sweet as honey and not burning and painful as a bee. The words coming out of our mouths are always constructive. Become a model for the faithful in the way of speaking and living, in love, in faith, in purity. Speak well of others is a virtue, a nobility of character. You should praise a person in his presence only partially, but in his absence should do it full time.

In today's world, we need more than ever to reassess our ability to love. The world never behaved so much depression, so much anguish, as today. When we love we are. Everything is done to complete, to be together, to live. Nothing is made to be alone. Who thinks about themselves, end up alone, without friends. No selfishness, far from the ideal to which we were created. In the human heart is a deep thirst to love and be loved.

In the turmoil of life, one should not walk alone, because there are many other pilgrims in search of that goal. Walking alone is not walking is going wrong. Do not live well, do not live happy when we isolate ourselves and avoid relationships. We are made for the meeting. Friendship is a need of the human heart. The true friend is one who loves and understands the other, especially in times of difficulty. To live this experience, we need to let it mature donated by love than by receiving. Is more blessed to give than to receive.

The human being is not born ready, comes undone. If we invest in our inner selves, our soul, we may be full human beings. The sign that our experience of light is true, is when it allows us to discover our shadow. Each situation of shade in our being conceals a divine spark. Through suffering, God always wants to show us something, we still need to see and thus we mature, we know better and treading the path of perfection. It is a sign of human maturity to accept the challenge of suffering.

The patience salvareis your lives.

We will not intimidate us with the adversities of life, but commit ourselves to transforming the world, be vigilant, as we await a new and different life.

I can admire the beauty, the purity of those who are like me.

Hevenu Shalom Alechem!

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