peder a friend of mine who I met on skype had brought my attention on the holocaust victims that perished there. I researched on you Tube films and saw many things that had happen in those camps but the out look of what I seen on these old film clips were horrible beyond all the cruelty beyond all the human mind were to see. beyond all recognition. but may I say every one was not single out of prosecution all minority's perished. I wanted to do a write up and I did but never published it. for other reason better unsaid . what brings us here is why that in many wars after the holocaust why" have any one has not learned from making war to create hatred why has it been from our historic path that we had not learned what had happen but still create unbearable atrocity's it in our paths?" Why We fail to learn as human beings what history brings us those of holocaust victims that told us what happen while they were subjected to see in humanism that horror. "why have people had forgotten and turned away what had happen 60 sum odd yrs ago and made what has happen ... with Palestine people cause of there religion. this is why we must not create any more wars or with any country I advise people wat ch these films of the holocaust victims that died there as many seen in horrible conditions for the simple reason what I had learned from the the clips search on you tube fog and night learn from it... then try to have it in Israeli government hearts to be more understanding as well for the Palestinians too " I am not being mean or using hatred in this but plz look what these clips. but in fact we had turned our back as governments and forgotten this this is why peace was never made during that each war broke out.

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