Apparently with Obama as the president elect, Hamas feels confident they can get away with terrorism. After weeks of no rockets or mortars, suddenly on November 4th, when it was clear to all who was going to win the election, 12 attacks occurred. The following week, 122 attacks went from Gaza to Israel with an additional 2 misfiring and landing in Gaza. Sure they used the death of their 'martyrs' who tried to sneak into Israel as a justification, but do you really think it is a coincidence that the collapse of even the mirage of a cease fire dissolves right when Obama won the white house?

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I think the dozens of Hamas people killed recently by Israeli forces are all strategically thinking that they are effecting the upcoming Chinese communist party elections plus Obama's behavior. Let us not forget about how that Barak HUSSAIN Obama is himself a member of Hamas. I think it is relevant to discuss Chinese decisions and Hamas as a global player. I also saw a dish in New York called Hamas (or was that Humas or Hummus.. now I forget). Anyway I think people being gunned down to influence international affairs and shaking the world events should extend to their influence on global warming (or cooling maybe as their bodies consume less heat when dead).
Mazin what are you saying?
I have never heard you say such nonsense!
How does the Chinese Communist Party have anything to do with this?!
I hope that this was just a joke
I think the won of Obama wont effect Hamas politics because the Rockets dropped much more b4 and what happens before the election is nothing according to thus rockets thrown before
but the points that there is upcoming events in Gaza when 7 of people were killed during aircraft attack in gaza and the prevention of supplying food and oil from the gates to Gaza that what degraded the peace contract in gaza.
There are several reasons as to why this happened.
From what I know, a bunch of Palestinians in Gaza were trying to make a tunnel from the Rafah crossing into either Israel Proper or Egypt (I forget which) to get some goods/supplies, since there is not a lot of food in Gaza due to the blockade that Israel has imposed on Gaza, allowing very few goods (including humanitarian aid) to enter. The Israeli government tried to shoot at them, and that lead to the cycle of the Qasams hitting Israel.
What an ignorant statement. They were Hamas terrorists digging a kidnapping tunnel into Israel, not a supplies tunnel. There are literally thousands of smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt, so much that they are running out of gas in northern Egypt! Hamas stages fake blackouts to protest the 'siege' even though over 75% of the electricity in Gaza comes from Egypt or Israel! People in many other countries are actually starving at the hand of their own government, yet people always complain about 'food shortages' in Gaza where I have not seen ONE death by starvation case since I have been paying attention. Gas is actually cheaper in Gaza (as of last week) than in Israel proper due to the smuggling tunnels. When you say very few goods are let through, do you know the actual numbers? Hamas has even been reported to sneak in army uniforms in the food shipments! Does this look like a starving land to you:

Here is a quote from an AP article today:
"Israel had planned to let in 30 trucks of food aid to replenish dwindling warehouse stocks. It also had agreed to let in fuel to power Gaza’s only electrical plant.

But Palestinian militants fired five rockets and two mortars at southern Israel early Thursday, and Israeli security officials said the border crossings would remain shut."
Why is Israel wrong here? Why do you not care at all for the lives in danger in Israel?
Also, why is it that no one complains of Egypt's 'siege' of Gaza which lets in much less than Israel?

Edit: I know this sounds as if I am upset and that is because I am. I hear people like you happily sitting there with know actual knowledge of the situation bashing every single thing that has the word 'Jew' or 'Israel' in it and it makes me very upset, especially when people are being terrorized daily by the people you intend on protecting.
You are right Stephanie
i think proceeding with the same rules and instruction by Israeli foces against people in Gaza will bring alot of troubles and Qasams hitting
and dont think that the continue of using the rockets is the solution for this war between two sides
i think Israel govenment should stop the punishment of Innocent people in Gaza. alot of people there just like me and you looking forward to live peacefully



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