Israel needs to ensure that the borders are clearly watched with PA and foreign troops monitoring the situation, and say they will withdraw first, and then discuss with the Egyptians and PA on how to have the borders dealt with, and then they will lift the blockade. They should demonstrate they have good intentions and a plan. Of course, there is a problem for Israel. The Likud will probably win, and Netanyahu probably hasn't changed much, and he will irritated liberal Jews in America even more and they will put pressure on Obama to put pressure on Israel. Netanyahu will try to stall instead of negotiate in good faith with Abbas and use Hamas as an excuse just as Arafat was used as an excuse by Sharon. They use the same play book basically to avoid coming to a final settlement. I understand that since it requires discussing the Palestinian and Arab demands for the removal of the settlements, and the politicians have little desire to do so, but Olmert knows that is what must be done. If someone wants to maintain large settlements, then they also want to maintain a state of war, because there is no possible peace in that kind of antagonistic environment. You simply can't have a viable, contiguous state otherwise. What is Israel prepared to do?
It is good that Israel ended the fighting temporarily and so has Hamas. I hope both sides will take sincere steps do ending the fighting in Gaza and the illegal blockade and the unhelpful rocket fire.

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for state and organizations we have less influence, right now we have Israeli election.

for activists here is my invitation:

If you are Israeli: work for Israel decision for removing the settlements, try not to attack the settlers but rather deliver the idea that we have door of opportunity to get to peace, bring in the description of a state of affairs that we live together with respect and freedom; imagine the life as a peaceful state and this is what Israel need to become. Talk with the Jewish community in the state - ask them to invest energy for the Omaba government to provide financial and logistic aid for the settlement removal. for israel view - we showed Hamas some of our capabilities, now we need to show the Palestinian our peaceful intentions. You do not look for election result nor you expect the public to dictate this, removing the settelments is a government decision any try to get it as result of electons or bring it to a public pole will bring tension and cause more risk.

If you are Palestinian: work for Palestinian establishment of modern governance. work on the act of forgiveness of what been done and seek ways to leverage the Israeli position. The donation money will disappear if we have peace, we need this donation to build Palestine and restore Gaza. If the donations will be used wisely there is expected prosperity in Palestine in time of peace. stop seeking relationship with Israelis, there is a great work within Palestine to create new reality.
find way to message your expectation of Peace to Israel, removing the settlements is as hard as unifying Hamas and Fatah movement. remember that the more you blame Israel, the more you make Israeli feel insecure, the less they can to remove settlements.

If you are American, European, Candian, Australian Jew: send to Israel a message that as you support or not Israel, you are not Israeli and not expect to be Israeli. you born in your nation and have all rights to see yourself a Jew without requiring to come to Israel. Judaism is universal religion, and no Israeli can tell you to switch your nationality. (BTW, if you wish to imigrant to Israel please do, the issue is to make Israelis understand that they are a State with Jews and not a state of the Jews) beside that work for clear Jewish voice that ask for change, for manifestation of Peace that include all. Tikun Olam.

If you are American, European, Candian, Australian: make sure that these countries support both Israel change and Palestinain change, The world can provide the financial aid, and positive support. avoid blame of Israel for now as we wish to cash the Israeli pride of winning aggressive Hamas and we seek change.

If you are Arab: Support the Palestinians, see Palestine as the new state of the Arabs that can show full potential of Arab culture as free democratic and successful country, a country which will change the Middle East from a global war zone into a peaceful tourist and religious hospitality of the 3rd millennium.

Yes we can
a nice post....
i hope peoples listen and act!

Can you explain this. I did not understand
"work on the act of forgiveness of what been done and seek ways to leverage the Israeli position."

and this
"The donation money will disappear if we have peace"



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