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Recently my Omma started experiencing hallucinations after getting a metal plate in her head. She would tell things like, “David you are going to find a lover right after I die.” She was predicting the furture. Sometimes with accuracy when it was the near future. I once was told by her that I would contract Phamonia from a child. One day a boy who I was working with sneezed on me. I thought nothing of it at the time… But a few mounths later I was so sick I could not keep down water. I vomited for days and was sick as a dog. I then heard her tell my mother who was visiting that she would nearly be in a plane crash. A few hours later my mother called me from the airport telling me that she had been takin off the plane for having discussed the idea that there was a bomb on the plane. Later on the news I saw that that plane had crashed and 20 passengers had died! Most had been injured. I and my father went to go have her brain scanned. When we had brain scanned the plate light up on the scan. We talked to a paranormal expert named Gary Smith. Gary Talcum said, “What you describing is very rare but does happen.” I told him, “This is tabloid fodder not real stuff!” Allan stated, “Are you sure any of this can be happening… This sounds like a world news weekly story which will be fallowed by Bat-boy gets Exploited by Porn Industry!” Gary explained, “there have documented cases of men and women’s neurology being altered by objects in the brain especially metal!” I told him a phenomena I had seen , “My Ommother will sometimes be near the TV and an older Netanyahu’s face   will show on screen, smiling and talking for a few minutes. I am afraid that nut case still is at it in the future!” Gary Talcum pulled out a device which appeared to be some sort of receiver and told me, “This is an invention I have been wanting to test for a while… You dislike the man to. So I will give it to you!”

I took it home and put my omma near the TV and attached the device to the TV. What came on was surprising and fascinating.

The future UN Channel 6 broadcasting reporter introduced the guest, “We now bring on comedic-erotic fiction writer Benjamin Netanyahu and former prim minister of the now  defunct state of Israel… Today we are not bringing him on for his erotic-fictional comedies involving lesbian military women of various states including the former state just mentioned. Today we bring him on to talk about the collapse of Zionism and the former Jewish State of which he presided over at the end of its existence before it and Palestine became a the entity known as the United Republic of the Holy Land.”

Netanyahu stated, “This is something we haven’t talked about since the end of Israel and the beginning of the URHL. At the time I romantically extolled the belief that Israel had been the victim of some global conspiracy. This was never the case and I actually knew it as much as we had always known the truth of The Nekba.”

“So what was the big mistake that killed the Jewish state!?”

“I would say that it began either with the attack on the Mavi Marmara  or the operation Cast Lead… Operation Cast Lead was a disaster because the name made people except our own who knew the Chanukah song its name was lifted from think of a total war and the stratigy of going crazy made us appear Hitler like genocidal… Which we actually were. It turned off most young Jews to us which led latter to the great American Jewish Anti-Zionist Revolt and Jews actually rioting with other anti-zionist at our embassies and setting them on fire! The Mavi Marmara because we pretty much killed execution style crew members and it was obvious and our people declaring ship-hold supplies common on such vessels, terrorist weapons all led to a loss of credibility due to the act of piracy. I think we did that because we believed ourselves to invincible and had a fetish for pissing people off and making them look like fools afterword. That had to Operation Dumb Fuck. Either one turned global opinion so far against us that many people would have cheered if Iran’s nukes had been real and they used them on us… And  I mean even Jewish people would have cheered! I think someone may have used inhalants in charge when that happened… It was so reasonlessly  savage that it bordered on pure evil! It killed our credibility. And all threatening Goldstone into changing his report was make people think we controlled the UN… Which we may have… But for my own comfortable delusions I will say the UN was fair and understanding that the holocaust was fresh in our minds!”

“So did calling Obama during his second term the most anti-Semitic president in history count as a mistake!”

“It counted as me being a egotistical nut case without a sense of decency! He despite me calling him that was not in anyway putting enough pressure on us to make us do anything and he actually should have been. I would go back in time and kill Foxman the leader of the ADL right now if I could for backing me up! That ass was so stupid it is a good thing he died of a heart attack! Although I was a dipshit at the time!”

“What would you say sealed Israel’s fate?”

“Vilifying Rand Paul’s dad and calling him a Nazi try to blackmail Rand. When he became president anyway he had turned from none-interventionist to anti-Zionist! Dragging his father through the mud during his sons presidential campaign made him turn anti-Zionist like we had caused Jimmy Carter to at the end of his life by calling his now forgotten book a Nazi rant! It also created the sympathy which elected him! We had made our economy dependent on ever increasing ad from the US and that sealed the deal. While he was not able to cut it in his first term he kept it from increasing causing our economy to stagnant. We were doomed at that moment!”

“Did the second term bring about more paranoia in Israel?”

“No the Paranoia was our own and had nothing to do with all our money being cut off. After that we began officially using WMDs against the Palestinians!”

“Was the problem related to poor communication?”

“No the problem was that we had a story of the birth of the Israel/Palestine conflict which was totally insane which we knew was false. We basically claimed that Palestinians had invented themselves because they hated Jews in the 80s and that all evidence of the Nekba was a invention, even Jewish sources. We also argued that our government never committed any atrocities and that all the videos of us committing atrocities were fabricated and part of some vast conspiracy. We argued that every human rights origination was secretly anti-Semitic even though most of them were run by Jews. We basically argued that it was The Elders of Araby! We looked totally insane! It was going overboard with making ourselves look like victims that caused the world to not accept our point of view!”

“So how did you feel when people started calling for your murder and telling you that they were going to destroy you?”

“On top of the world… It made my happy ass paranoid fantasy. I remember when some left-wing Jewish group tried to break into my limo while I was in it! I called it a attempted assassination, but they were just trying to make a citizen’s arrest. Later when an autistic extremist group fighting what they saw as eugenics threw a motnatoff-cocktail at me set fire to my limo in which the Miami police had to recue me, one of the good officers made a remark that it had happened because I was such a whiner! I felt like the whole world was out to get me and a lot of them were and I loved it so! When David Brinegar told me he was going to, “pick the world and drop it on my fucking head” I gave him some speech the about how Jews would be around forever. He was attacking not Jews but me. But I acted like he was attacking Jews as a whole!”

“So who was the enemy of Israel who brought it down? David, Rand or Dennis Kucinich!”

“None of them. David Brinegar had to many extreme views to be a threat. He would rant about the evils of technology on the internet sometimes and would tell us how cellphones and cars had caused human communication to break down. He actually blamed a cellphone for lessened time with his family in multiple instances stating that if they had used normal paper maps to find things and asked humans for directions! He was a little nuts and we could just dismiss him most of the time. Plus he was autistic and we could easily smear him with that… I mean in those days there was much more misunderstanding about autism and a lot of stigma attached to it so it was easy… He as you remember created Autistic Nationalism. He was hatful about nerotypicals and was very open that he thought they were insane so he alienated a lot of people! Rand Paul was a libertarian nut with a lot of views no one liked… He only got the vote both times because he got the Nazi treatment by us and that generated sympathy. We were what got him elected so he could cut off our money in the second term! Dennis just had the opportunity… No! NO! NOO! Was put in a position where the destruction of Israel was the only solution. None of them ever did anything which we did not cause them to do! I destroyed Israel with Olmart and Sharon.”

“So was there any conspiracy?”

“No… There was a simple pattern of us going to far multiple times. First Cast Lead. Then Chanika Fire. Then finally Iron Menorah the nerve gas offensive. The problem was each one turn the world against us more and more till Russia threatened to Nuke us… When that happened most of the world was in agreement that we should be destroyed… Dennis is a hero for offering us the ability to merge with Palestine and have Truth Trials in which we just admit to all our crimes and be pardoned! I accepted because even in my delusion that there would be a second holocaust if I made any other choice… I admitted to my war crimes at the United  Holy Land Court and then became the head of United Republic of the Holy Land Minority Assimilation and Protection Commission and then started reading about Lesbians as part of the Job. After resigning I disappear for a while only showing up at Neo-Zionist events where people still believe that that Al-Dura boy was still alive and I told them that Israel had been the victim of a huge anti-Semitic conspiracy. And then reemerge as the most famous author of lesbian comedy in the world. I wouldn’t really have it any other way now. I am writing another lesbian comedy and a book on Jewish Moral Growth for the 2030s. In this lesbian novel I modify a joke from David’s Two Queens in which after an eating contest one character throws up while performing oral sex. In the Jewish Morality I explore the inherit evils of power and talk about now that we know that  there is hostile aliens that we should interpret Judaism in a way which recongnizes all humanity as people with rights and souls! We now have a lot of thing these days which we thought we bring about anti-Semitism open debate on weather the holocaust was exgerated or not, weather the Tulmud is evil and did Jews drink blood of the gentiles at one point but we don’t have any anti-semitism worse then it was back when Israel was around, and actually less! We really were kind of dooms day nuts who really did fantasize about a second holocaust!”

“Thank you next we have erotica watch with the mass legalization of Lolicon in the Mideast we now talk to some new authors of the literature with a Mideast flavor!”

I looked… ‘So it does happen the way I thought it would and everything turns out right in the end!’ I thought as it went out of focus. Well life basically is not really filed with the unexpected when we are undeluded.

This Fictional piece is by David Brinegar and is basically his prediction on the Middle East’s future! He is the author of Several unpublished works about vampires and is a freelance writer with conservitive anti-capitalist views. He lives in Florida.

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You're the same guy who came on MePeace to laud Patrick Buchanan's book entitled "Churchill, Hitler, and 'The Unecessary War': How Britain Lost It's Empire and the West Lost the World".  Of course, in your thoroughly mishappen way, you considered no alternate views.  Here's one, on the firing of Buchanan authored by Ron Radosh at Pajamas Media: "Why MSNBC Can't Stand Pat Buchanan".  Cited by Mr. Radosh in a discussion of Buchanan's anti-semitism are William Buckley Jr. and two articles by Joshua Muravchik.  In addition, the savage critique of Buchanan and brilliant commentary by the late social and cultural analyst, Christopher Hitchens, is not only cited but one particularly illustrative paragraph written by Hitchens is also quoted.

Your obscene commentaries here on MePeace, including the ridiculous "story" you've posted above, ironically under  "Compassion, Forgiveness, Forgiveness and Reconciliation", only allow members and other readers to recognize what a farcical forum  MePeace has, in fact, become because  MePeace appears to invite and entertain such degenerates as you!



Christopher Hitchens opinions are more diverse than you may be imagining.



Go read the citation in Pajamas Media as pointed out, Sussan.

I have read some of the critiques of Patrick Buchanan's book "Churchill, Hitler, and 'The Unecessary War', and generally agree with what is said - which is mostly an unfavourable criticism of Buchanan's work. 

when Autistic mentioned the title, he was mainly canvasing us for opinions on the book rather than saying it was correct.

I suspect Buchanan wanted to have a popular book, rather than a genuine piece of research.

I would have been more tempted to look at your pyjama thing if you had put up the link. Copy and paste the http: to produce links.

It is a storm in a teacup, something Hitch and Buchanan love. Anything bigger would be too much for them.

Accusing anyone of being an anti-Semite is a waste of time and space. No one cares.  Few people are anti-Semites. Those who are, are justifiably recognized at dumb racists.

However, many who are accused of being anti-Semites are, in fact, anti-Zionists.  The reason these people are labelled anti-Semite is as a deliberate attempt to besmirch the content of what they have said.

Name calling is just another way of demonstrating you have nothing meaningful to say.



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