Impact of unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood

I have no answers, and not much content.  I will write more in due course, but wanted to see what the collective wisdom is:


What will happen in September 2011?


For a few years it has been known that the Palestinians intend to declare a state in September, to seek UN recognition.  However, it seems that only now is the world beginning to wake up to it - and slowly.  Even here in the land in question, it is only in the last few weeks that the media started to raise questions or cover the issues; and only recently have conferences and scholarly papers started to address the issue, of what will happen in and after September? 


Is it all a political game?

Will UN recognition have impact on the ground?

Is this move the best way to peace?

If not the best, is it a good way of breaking the stalemate, forcing the world community of nations to show their colours and trigger a breakthrough in peace talks?


Meanwhile the French have invited the parties to Paris to begin peace talks again over the summer (ironic as many of the "lines in the sand" that set up so much of this region's conflict where drawn up originally in the post World War I Paris Peace Conference) - would talks in Paris meet a need to kick-start the talks (and is that the best that can be hoped for), or simply delay further practical solutions?


Any thoughts welcome!

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James, do you have any ideas on what a practical solution would be?



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