Israeli Palestinian Conflict and Global Peace.
Let's Council the Holy Land. Let's Council the Whole World.
When in 1967 that war erupted between Israel and Arabic States my farther said: They are still, like for centuries, fighting for the holy land. But imagine Maniuṡ, imagine the globe, imagine the earth from afar. Drain the whole water from its surface, all you going to be left with is a dry, solid ROCK!, dry solid land!. Wherever you put your finger on, on any place of this one solid land, it is going to land on the holy land. Isn't? The holy land is everywhere.
The whole world have to learn and comprehend and accept it, especially people living in this particular area, people who live in Jerusalem, in the city of Peace. THE HOLY LAND IS EVERYWHERE! Not only in Jerusalem, Mecca or any other 'holy' shrine or place on Earth. Wake up people, wake up to the Truth, to the True image of The Holy Land. Stop living this distorted image our father's fathers lived for so long. Wake up and accept the Truth and Reality.

In Peace Forever

Marek Zielinski
Initiator of

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Mark the war between Israel and Palestine is absolutely not a war on the holly land, it is a war for independence of two nations.

the war in 1967 was about the independence of Israel and today there is a war for the independence of Palestine .

"They are still, like for centuries, fighting for the holy land"

it is just wrong , the war between Israel and the arab countries is nothing like the wars of the crusades (if that is what you are referring to)

now the holly land might be every where ( I don't really care where it is) but my land (not holly ,but mine) is Israel. like your home is the UK . and like the Palestinians home is in Palestine

The problem seems to be the same for centuries only Scenario has been changed.

Religions are like political parties, are like countries, are like walls. They all divide people. They all divide nations.
When it is possible to open borders and live a peaceful life /at last no war in Europe so it is possible with the rest of the world.
It is only a matter of time, when ... Even Italian PM Berlusconi said recently that Israel should join EU.
When remaining 165 countries join the European Union, perhaps not under the same name, the world will become a peaceful place to dwell within for everyone.
The Berlin's Wall was a dividing symbol of the divided nation. The Wall has collapsed. The nation reunited.
The time has come for Korean Wall, Israeli Wall and many other "walls" to be permanently removed.
So one day, WHEN all the borders between countries collapse, eventually, all nations will unite as one family under one Creator.

By the way, I was born and used to live in a country which were in quite opposition to the West at that time. Times have changed. Now my country is absorbed into EU living next door with its former enemies. Times change.
And my home is where my heart is. My home is Earth.
In Peace Forever
Here and there
When Israel will enter the EU I will maybe talk about giving it up...

but my family used to be in the "EU" the problem they were Jews in the "EU" and the nice Europeans in a very united way showed them where they think they should go.

so don't blame me for not wanting to be a part of the EU again. IF the EU will really change then maybe.

, but until then Israel is important .

we all see how the united Europeans treating the Muslims minority in their countries today, not to mention that europe is only rich bc of years of colonialism of Muslim countries.

there is no unity and Israel is maybe the most needed country in the world ,

at least the idea of open border by involving us " the weak" with the west "the power" is a little less hypocrite then some of the other one state solutions out there



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