Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defense == Morally and legally

Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defense both morally and legally.

The clip below is from from aljazeera, and also:appears elsewhere on this site.

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This, in my view, demonstrably is NOT a blame game discussion. I also believe that all members who are NOW in limbo and who are prepared and able to discuss issues rationally and with civility should no longer be undead.

To begin, please note that ever since Israel ceased occupying Gaza:
  1. Hamas's rockets aimed ONLY at CIVILIANS have killed and terrorized civilians ===> Clear WAR CRIME
  2. Israel's blockade of Gaza was intended to be limit Hamas's access to weapons ===> Clearly has not worked.
  3. None of those who smugly criticize Israel's disproportionate response, now or before, offer a viable proportionate response.
Most people of goodwill will continue to smugly ignore these inconvenient truths..
What is a viable proportionate response?.
I don't know.
Please peacemakers here!. Do tell us all what a viable (proportionate) response is!.

Another hudna? To fight again another day?
Yes. Of course. :-)

Paul never experience living in the situation where you have no state and people question your right for nationality. we have many self-claimed peace makers everywhere. They do not understand the the "Inter-National law" is agreement between nations that so far did not accept the Palestinian Nations as a full member,

This is way they bring International law smiling thinking thay "proved" to be supporting the just side of the conflict but actually deepen the gap between you and me with their activity in this site.

The situation in Gaza & WB cannot be solved throgh a "international law" and both sides try to use it to gain points .... while Gazans are being killed (so far 400, UN say out of them 100 civilians in Israel 4 civilians).

Due to the Gazan stateless situation the world have responsibility toward the civilians and need to create a level of civilian support and safe haven.

calling for safe-haven for Gazans
H Neri

How does Adeeb come into all this?

Be well...
Hi Neri,

We can just limit any related discussion to morality if you choose,,,

And I hope that we can agree that the current circumstances of most ordinary Palestinians in Gaza are despicable.


I deleted my comment because I new the answer that Paul will provide.

Few things in life never change and it seems that Paul is one of them.

I believe in peace and I do believe that the only solution is two states.

I do not hate Jews and I will never hate Jews. I hope that one day all of this will end and we all will live in peace.

Paul and many New York rejects make things difficult for all of us.

Like you Adeeb, "I hope that one day all of this will end and we all will live in peace".

How do I make things difficult? You'd be surprised by how much we really do have in common. :-)
Adeeb is it really (just the) the New York rejects who make things difficult?



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