Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defense == Morally and legally

Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defense both morally and legally.

The clip below is from from aljazeera, and also:appears elsewhere on this site.

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Hamas can only be destroyed by Hamas. Ideas cannot be killed. OTOH Hamas i doing a good job of proving to the Universe how it cares for human beings (the welfare of the Gazan people.).
The simple fact is, the brutal actions of the State of Israel demonstrates little more than barbarism. It is absolutely abhorrent that a state is able to get away with such disgracful acts of cowardice! This goes beyond the stupid arguement that Israel is merely protecting itself from the rocket attacks from Gaza. Oppression is a greater evil than killing, because those you oppress are merely the walking-dead. Oppression reduces a human to the lowest point and keeps them there. Its like holding somebody's head beneath the water and as they struggle to get free they hit your head, which you use as further justification to drown them!

I appologise for all the annalogy, but it is sometimes the most useful way to communicate a point. :)
the right to RESIST is for every individual and people ... facing genocide
facing human rights violation - every soldier can DISOBEY, REFUSE ORDERS
there is no duty to SLAUGHTER YOUSELF helping the oppresor

Watch the newly released movie "RESISTANCE" with Daniel CRAIG ...
the Bielski guerilla in West-Russia fighting NAZI occupation - saving 1200 lives from Jewish Ghettos
Liberation is in our best tradition - Remember NOW

Turn around the guns !
Revolution starts like this
Interesting analogies. Anything can, of course, be justified if one really wants to. Such analogies simply justify killing, including that of one's own people.
There is clearly a lot of anger at Israel on this list. Some revolves around the relatively light Israeli losses, but then Israeli soldiers don't shield themselves behind Israeli children as they shoot at the enemy, and the Israeli government spends a lot money on protecting the people with air raid shelters. How many air raid shelters did Hamas build for the Palestinian civilians ... well, they did build a huge and expensive network of tunnels and bunkers for their fighters, and bought lots and lots of missiles from the Chinese and Iranians to kill Israeli civilians with.

Let me ask you this, if Hamas rockets were so ineffective, what did Hamas hope to achieve? And what did they expect Israel to do? To sustain years and years of rocket attacks without doing anything? And if, as so very many have pointed out, violence achieves nothing and talking is the way to go, why is nobody berating Hamas for the violence that led to this, rather than how much they could have achieved through talk?

Lebanon was a clear indication that Israel will not tolerate her citizens being targetted ... Hamas had to know that this is exactly what would happen ... and possibly wanted to create a lot of martyrs to the cause. I don't know. I do know that Hamas spent years trying to goad Israel into this war, and finally succeeded. Be angry at Hamas for what they have done to the Palestinians ... they left Israel no options but to go in. The loss of life is heartbreaking, but being angry at Israel won't stop it, being angry at Hamas might. Let's face it, Hamas and its determination to destroy Israel is the greatest disaster to befall the Palestinian people. It's time to replace them with somebody who will talk peace, and invest in making Gaza bloom, in peace, not in death.
It is a perfect allegory.
Dear Adam,

As I too do not like the title and the claim for morality I invite you to consider that so far more Israeli solders killed by a friendly fire then by Hamas or suicide bombers . this is outcome of the war as the field of war is Gaza, all include Hamas expected that high number of civilians killed, and so many traumatize for a life time.

The action of war is deadly. and as I can argue for better ways, Israel is aware and reviewed International law.

At the moment the shortest way, which is not a fair way, to end the violence fast is by Hamas agreeing to the Egyptian proposal. This is more effective then trying to make Israel stop by claims of international law.

Sadly so many people who realy care for the civilians in Gaza do not call Hamas to accept Egyptian proposal; I guess they do not think that international public opinion can change Hamas insisting to win this war. how do you explain that?
I think that Hamas war is mainly in the public of the international community emotions, as for their abilities to fight Israel are very small.

so I think it is possible, but still the fact is that their are no many such voices which call Hamas to surrender its weapons.

I pray with you that it will be stopped.
Creation of a COMMON ENEMY is the constitution of idedtity (IDF needs Hamas, Hamas needs Izrael)
creating "the mass"-style de-humanization analog Goebbels propaganda for the German people (Albert Camus, la peste), so well "the mass" (not anymore individual human beings) is now ready for any crime ...

Imagine the very existance of non-Hamas Ghazatis: PFLP, Christian monchs, ordinary fishermen ...
Hey Aurora
super-clever investigation
please quote me the princples of MOSSAD..also
Aurora says "Israel is not against the existance of a state for the palestinians". Then why does not Israel withdraw all forces to within the pre-1967 border and negotiate on the phasing of handing over of control to an interim multinational peacekeeping force and elected Palestinian Administration? The multinational force would serve four functions:

-to maintain law and order within the Palestinian territory
-to guarantee the safety of the Palestinian territory from external attack by air, land or sea,
-to guarantee the safety of the Israeli territory from attack from within the Palestinian territory,
-to train and equip a Palestinian defence force to which the multinational force can hand over control when it is ready.

There should be negotiated adjustments to the territories from which Israel withdraws to ensure that the resulting Palestinian territory is viable and contiguous. Residents of each territory should have total freedom of movement within and between both territories and be treated with total equality in both territories
sorry aurora
u could not answer my question
but i will tell (even if You dont want to know it)
principles of MOSSAD include "...defend Israel... BY ANY MEANS::INCLUDUNG TERRORIST ACTION..)
ever heard bout an NGO named IRGUN ?



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