Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defense == Morally and legally

Israel's actions in Gaza is an act of self-defense both morally and legally.

The clip below is from from aljazeera, and also:appears elsewhere on this site.

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Basil Keilani you are quite correct that it is not possible for Syrian Jews to be closer related genetically to Ashkenazis then to Palestinians. You are also correct that for a large period of history Sephardim and Mizrahim flourished with great Hebrew literature and poetry as part of the Arab world; however, it can also be said that what we call " Arab culture " today in such places as Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, etc... has also been influenced by Jews, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Arameans, etc....The only thing is that with time most of the descendants of these people started to view their food, culture, music, being "Arabic". It is true that their have been middle eastern peoples who lived near Jews who converted and became part of the Jewish population but at the same time there have been larger numbers of Mizrahic and Sephardic Jews who lived in places like Damascus, Esfahan(in Iran), Palestine, who in the past converted to Islam, stopped learning Hebrew or Aramaic because they didn't go to Hebrew school, and they used Arabic everyday and became muslim so they started identifying themselves as 'Arabs'. Same goes for many Assyrians and Chaldeans in Iraq who became muslim. They stopped studying Aramaic at their Church schools. They would only speak Arabic, and in time they viewed themselves as Arab.

When Damascus was invaded by Arabic speaking Muslims in 636C.E. under Khaled Ibn Al Waleed, the native population of Damascus spoke Syriac(an Aramaic dialect) and did not call themselves Arabs. At that time in history their were Aramaic and Greek writings from Damascus that spoke of food and music from the area. In Iraq there was even more Assyrian literature of that period mentioning that Assyrians already having the Oud, most of the oriental instruments that are called "Arab" today. Hummous and Muttabel were already being eaten in the region as well as olive oil, flat bread,etc... That was already there before Muslim Arabs came up from the Gulf and named everything in Damascus, Jerusalem, Baghdad and Cairo as "Arab".
There was already an Aramaic speaking Jewish population(Mizrahim--not Sephardim) in Damascus, Aleppo, Baghdad, Cairo, before those regions even identified as being Arabs. Those Jews already had oriental music and food because they were oriental.

It would be wrong to say that Mizrahim "took" food, music, etc..from the Arabs. They never took those things. Those things were already there and part of Middle Eastern Jewish culture because they had never left. Most Mizrahim have ancestors( called Musta'arabim) who never left the Middle East prior to the Sephardi influx.
The Jews from Kurdistan still speak Aramaic and never switched to Arabic. We can't say that their art, cuisine and music is Arab when Jews in Kurdistan have pre existed the Arabic Muslim populations in that region. They already were eastern and who knows if Arabs who came to that region did not actually start eating their food and imitating their music.
They have always had these middle Eastern cultural traits. It is incorrect for us to call the art and culture of nations such as Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon as being Arab. It is just Middle Eastern.
And it would be wrong to say that Jews who never left the middle east took all their culture from "Arabs" when they were part of that culture before most of those people spoke Arabic.

Go to Syria, Iraq, and all the non Gulf region Arabic speaking countries and any historian will tell you that for the most part the populations of those regions were already rich in culture and then they were invaded by Arab Muslims who gave them the Arabic language(which was modified since the local populations originally spoke Aramaic mostly).

In Old Damascus I had Muslim friends who told me that they had great grandparents who were Aramaic speaking Christians who never called themselves Arabs. They called themselves Syriani. Their great grand children call themselves Arabs because they speak Arabic but in the old quarter of Damascus you will find that other then the exquisite Islamic Arabic calligraphy in laid in Bronze, most of the wood work( dominated by Syrian Christians), stone work(pre-Christian era), silk work( was dominated by Jews) and silver engraving(was dominated by Jews) were all there prior to Islam and Arabic.

Mizrahi Jews and Palestinians are from the same family but both groups(especially Palestinians) must realize that their shared music, food, art and ways of life can not be considered something that was passed on from "Arabs" to Mizrahim, when in truth the Palestinians' Aramaic-speaking ancestors and the Mizrahis' Aramaic-speaking ancestors both had the same culture for the most part prior to the Arabic language taking precedence.
Because many Ashkenazis in Israel have adopted Middle Eastern food and Hebrew music from the Mizrahim, that can not denote that the Mizrahim adoptednthose things...Those things were theirs from thew cradle of their existence.
The only thing that Sephardim and Mizrahim adopted from Arabs was their style of poetry. Prior to the Muslim invasion of Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia,etc.., Hebrew literature did not possess alot of poetry as during the later Islamic period when Mizrahi writers created a vast Hebrew poetry based on the style of the Bedawi. But let us not take the music, food and artistic influences of earlier civilizations and say it was Arab.
Basil you are right on!
Mizrahi and Sephardim have been influenced by Arabs. And people in the region called Arabs have been influenced by local Mizrahi and other influences(Assyrians, Greeks, etc..)

I am interested in this part of the world because I lived in about 21 countries up till now. I am 29 years old and was always fascinated by different languages, music, etc..

The Middle East holds a special place in my heart because it is the cradle of civilization. I spent 4 years in Damascus from June 2005 till September 2009. I tried to find out as much as I could about the beginnings of the culture, cuisine, music, language, etc..of the region. It was so fascinating. Especially the old quarter of Damascus where all the renovations are taking place with the restoration of old Damascus homes(Most of the stone masons who do proper stone sculptures for these houses were Aramaic speaking people from Ma'aloula) You can see in old Damascus the various districts(Muslim, Christian/Armenian, and Jewish)that once held these populations in the same city living together in peace and harmony. It's too bad that Zionism destroyed all that. I do feel bad for Mizrahi too even though not as much as for the Palestinians. What I feel about most of the Mizrahim who came to Israel is that they can't go back to their former nations just like Palestinians can't do the same except for maybe Moroccan Jews in Israel. I heard it is easy for Israelis to visit Morocco. Of course now most Moroccan Jews in Israel have more kids and grand kids who were born in Palestine so there is no going back anyway. I do know for a fact though that it is impossible for Syrian Jews in Israel to return to Syria. My Syrian friends in Damascus told me that many of their Jewish friends would like to return to their villas in old Damascus but can't. The children of these Syrian Jews have a respect for Palestinians but they say that if they can't go to Syria then why should Palestinians in Syria be allowed to come back to Palestine. It sounds harsh considering that Palestinians were driven from their homes in such a short time; however a lot of governments in neighbouring countries from 1949 till the mid sixties collaborated with the Israeli government to bring Mizrahi Jews to Israel.
Was it not the Iraqi government in 1951 that told the Israeli government that they would take 100,000 Palestinian refugees if Israel took 100,000 Jews? How can we then say that Iraqi Jews in Israel have no right to be there?
Didn't the government of Iraq also made those Jews boarding the El Al planes sign forms relinquishing their Iraqi citizenship? And if the Palestinian refugees were so loved by their host Arab notions then why is it that none of them(except for those who came to Jordan prior to 1967) become full citizens of their new countries?
During the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 there were Iraqi refugees coming to Syria. Along with them there were refugees who had documents from the Iraqi government stating that they were Palestinians yet most of those Palestinians are grand children of people who fled Palestine in 1948.

First priority is to refugees who lived in the Holy land and were forcibly exiled by Israel Defence Forces.   Everyone else had some choice and already had a country to live in.

If Israel and Israelis are excused for what they have done, the door is open for anyone anywhere to do whatever they like - if they have the military power.



Lets not forget the Copts of Egypt, the Christians in Iraq and Indonesia and Nigeria and Sudan.


Why the need for military power when you can bomb or burn them out. Makes sense to me.

Tony, really. Why are you here ?



To enjoy the one sided conversations and maybe inject some truth, hopefully.

When Anwar Sadat showed trust and peacefulness the Israeli government refused to accept it.
It's true that the media propaganda that we are fed around the world(out of the Middle East) is so discriminatory against Arabs and Muslims in general when it comes to issues regarding Palestine especially.

I enjoyed my 4 years in Syria. I got to really know the kind, intelligent and cultured people there.
I also had many Palestinian friends in Amman(Jordan) and the same can be said for them.
It is sad that the many kind and friendly people I met from the mid western United States and even those from the west coast of the U.S. seemed to have such a negative perspective on Muslims, Palestinians and Iraqis. There is also a lot of ignorance on their part when it comes to their knowledge of Christian and Jewish beginnings(Middle Eastern).
It's too bad because when it comes to propaganda there is so much negative information in regards to the Palestinians.

It's too bad that the rest of the world doesn't know enough about the Arab world and Islamic culture. There is also a real ignorance to the fact that places like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine once had extremely good relations between the different cultural and religious groups. The lack of knowledge in this area is also prevalent in Europe as well.
I remember my uncle saying to me that 'Jews, Muslims and Christians are like water and oil---they don't mix.'
It is too bad he was ill informed because a look into Palestine 60+ years ago, and Iraq prior to the American invasion, show that they got along just fine.

I am thankful for my positive experience of 4 years in Damascus. Such wonderful harmony between the different faiths, and cultural groups. Such a nice and beautiful people. Nothing like what you hear on most international media channels. If only people could experience the Middle Eastern nations for themselves.



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